1-19-17 Thursday

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From Susan at Challenger’s House (you may have already seen this on Facebook) :

It’s been two years since Challenger’s House decided to start downsizing and would not be taking any animals other than those adopted from us that had to be returned. We have been very successful in our endeavor and are now at the next phase of the plan. As of February 1, 2017, Challenger’s House will no longer be housing cats at Petsmart and will be turning over the adoption center at the University Drive location to Forgotten Felines.

We will still be Petsmart partners and may, on occasion, be holding adoptions on a limited basis at Petsmart but it will only be when Forgotten Felines can spare a cage or we can set up in another part of the store.

Please consider adopting from Forgotten Felines when you are ready to add another previously homeless cat or kitten into your life. They are all looking for their forever homes and need your help.

We appreciate your support over the past 16 years that we’ve been at Petsmart and hope that you will continue to support Challenger’s House as we continue our transition from an active rescue and adoption organization into a sanctuary for those cats that remain at the shelter. Additionally, we will always honor our promise to take our adopted cats back for any reason if they need to be returned throughout their lifetime. They will always have a safe place with us.

If you’re interested, Forgotten Felines is on Facebook here.

To answer the questions you surely have – yes, Challenger’s House has still taken cats/kittens over the past two years (you’ve seen some of them here), but beginning two years ago, they seriously limited how many they were taking in. Now, as mentioned above, they’re moving from a rescue to a sanctuary for the cats who are still in residence at the shelter. One of the things I have always appreciated about Challenger’s House is that they will take back cats for the life of the cat – so if in 10 years someone needs to return their Challenger’s House cat for whatever reason, there will be a place for them to go.

This does NOT mean an end to kittens for Love & Hisses. Just bear with me – we’ve fostered for Challenger’s House for nearly 12 years, and I HATE change (GOOD LORD DO I HATE CHANGE), but one way or another, there will be fosters in this house, I promise!


How Sheriff Mama (Kara) spends her days.

Stomping through the back yard.

And keeping a vigilant eye out for troubledoers.

(Most of these pictures were taken during the summer; things are not nearly this green currently.)

Keeping another vigilant eye out for troublemakers. (This comprises a large part of her day.)

Retiring to her office for a snooze – UM, I mean to catch up on administrative tasks!

Keeping an eye on the lady wielding the camera.

And taking dust baths to keep her uniform sparkling clean.

I did report Newt to Sheriff Mama for invasion of space…

And Archie for destruction of property…

YouTube link

She said she’d check it out, but I got the distinct feeling she wasn’t too concerned about those particular crimes. Hmph.


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1-19-17 Thursday — 13 Comments

  1. Ok, I hate change, too. Are the owners/operators of Challenger House retiring? What brought this on? You may have mentioned it before, but I don’t recall the reason.

    Kara is just so fabulous! I really love how the top of her eyes have this straight across brow bone look (See the “Keeping an eye on the lady wielding the camera” photo). She looks so stern even though she is a doll.

    Dennis and the towel….bwwwaaaahhhhhh….

  2. There will always be another organization seeking fosters. You’ll find someone to foster for. I’m starting to think towards fostering myself, but not until a couple of my own older babies have crossed the bridge. They wouldn’t deal well.

  3. There will always be kittens and cats needing fostering (and pregnant mama kitties too!), so I’m sure there will be many more babies coming through your doors!

    Wow, how pretty are the Sheriff’s eyes?! (No, Officer Kara, I’m not trying to get out of a ticket by saying that. Yes, I know bribing an officer of the law is a serious offence.)

    It’s too bad she has no use for kittens, because I think an Auntie Sheriff Mama would be such a cool influence on the little hooligans.

  4. I’m glad Challenger’s House will remain a sanctuary. I have grown fond of so many kitties there and still have hopes of the perfect families finding them. (Go Pepsi Challenge 2017!!) Maybe you can devote a day or two a month on the blog to update us on the kitties there? Surely they wouldn’t mind the exposure and so many of us have contributed to them over time. 🙂

  5. How can you not be impressed by the Sheriff’s dedication and ability to prioritize her workload? I know I’d feel safe with Kara patrolling my territory!

    LOL, Archie. I think he’s fantasizing about what he’d like to do to Stefan if he could get his paws on him!

  6. good luck to the Challenger’s House ladies….and we have no doubt there is another rescue that will be lucky to have your fostering skills (and yes, change sucks)

    Oh Sheriff….we aren’t too sure you should be letting those boys off the hook

  7. Oh man…CHANGE???? No!!!

    Thanks for keeping us posted. Wishing Challenger’s House the very best, and hoping that Forgotten Felines (or whoever) jumps at the chance to work with you. (They’d be CRAZY not to be thrilled!) I can’t imagine my day without Love and Hisses!

    Loved seeing a Day in the Life for Kara. She’s such a pretty girl, and clearly very accomplished too. 🙂

  8. Crazy! I sent you an email the night before this posted, with an passing note about another foster/rescue coordinator in your area. Du-du-du-du, du-du-du-du… [cue the Twilight Zone theme music]