1-20-17 Friday

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Are the owners/operators of Challenger House retiring? What brought this on? You may have mentioned it before, but I don’t recall the reason.

Two years ago Susan and Sherry decided to start scaling back intakes since they’re not getting any younger (I did NOT just call them old!), and any cats they took in could very well be returned in 10 years and then live another 10, so they had to start thinking ahead. The end of 2016, they decided it was time to stop intakes completely. I appreciate that they’re thinking ahead, but it’s still kind of a bummer. (I know, I know, I’m whining. I’ll get over it eventually. Maybe!)


Joe Bob was originally Moonman? Forgot or didn’t realize this, and yeah, how’s that “no, we’re not adopting him” going?

Yes, Joe Bob was originally Moonman – he and his sister Moondance came to us in January of 2007. We nicknamed him Joe Bob pretty quickly, and Moondance became Myrtle to us. Myrtle was with us for about a month, and then she went to Petsmart because she was NOT a cat who liked other cats and I could no longer stand the middle of the night hellcat screams. Joe Bob was with us for nearly a month longer, and then he also went to Petsmart.

So that “no, we’re not adopting him” went pretty well, actually. He went to Petsmart, was adopted, was returned (might have actually been adopted and returned twice, I’m not entirely sure), and then went to the shelter. We didn’t adopt him until Spot passed on a year later. SO THERE, SMARTYPANTS.

I will point out that I wanted to keep Joe Bob instead of returning him to Petsmart, but Fred wouldn’t have it. That was when we lived in the previous house, before we moved to this house and Fred lost his mind and began demanding we keep every cat we see. In the previous house, he was the voice of reason. In this house, it’s me. IT’S NO FUN being the voice of reason, FYI.


Prince Dewey in his castle.

Oh, look. There’s the court jester!

Two jesters! I don’t remember what they were all looking at. Probably Fred.

Fred called Dewey “Timmy Twinkletoes” the other day and it made me giggle, because that’s a good name. When the cats kind of prance through a room lightly, we say they’ve got the twinkletoes –

(it might surprise you – or not – to hear that Kara is the twinkliest of the twinkletoes)

– and Dewey’s got himself some twinkly toes. Fred’s also taken to calling him Twinkleberry, which I kind of like. We are continuing to call him Dewbs and Dewber. I think this cat is going to end up in the midst of an identity crisis if things keep going this way.

Lately, Dewey is chafing at the idea that he should be locked away upstairs for part of the day so that the older cats can go out into the back yard at will. He is far too interested in the outside for me to be comfortable leaving the back door open when he’s got the run of the whole house, but when he sits on the stairs and meows his sad little Dewey meow, I can’t help but let him have his way. (SPOILED is what he is.)

You know, we decided to make Dewey a permanent resident not only because he was still so skittish and I couldn’t stand the thought of him at Petsmart, terrified, but also because he loves Stefan so much. I had no idea that he and Jake were going to turn out to be such good friends. I’m sure I’ve mentioned in the past that Jake will pick up a toy and walk through the house keening at the top of his lungs – and that boy has a VERY piercing voice (see video below). Nowadays, if Jake picks up a toy and starts keening, no matter where Dewey is in the house, he runs to find Jake – and Jake quiets down. I’m not sure whether Dewey comes running to tell Jake to hush up, or if Jake is distracted by Dewey, or possibly even comforted by him – but I think it is very very sweet.

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Oh Joseph Robert (aka Joe Bob), you are just the prettiest boy!


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  1. Oh my gosh…I just played your video of Looney Jake on my iPad and my cats came running from all directions of the house looking for him…cutest thing ever…

  2. Aw, that is the sweetest thing ever!! I remember Gandalf would to that with Malcolm when he was a baby. If he’d hear Malcolm cry or meow too long, he’d come running to see why his kitten was making noise. Oh, and he also disapproved of Malcolm jumping on the kitchen table to look out the window, so he’d jump up, grab him by the scruff in his mouth, and proceed to JUMP OFF THE TABLE WITH MALCOLM IN HIS MOUTH. (Why yes, I am in fact screaming in caps lock.) Yes, I’ve had a few cardiac episodes in my time.

    Better keep an eye on that cat bed situation, Robyn. Looks like you’re running low, and it’d be a bitch if you couldn’t find anything for them to recline on.

  3. Just remember, Robyn. Good things break apart to make room for something even better. If nothing ever ends, then nothing can begin. I’ll admit that I am the kind of person who embraces and needs change to be happy, but it can be tough to live like that. I have complete faith that another organization has all the fosters you could want.

    And remember, what fostering organization wouldn’t want to work with a foster mom with a well-followed kitten blog? It gives them an extra audience and a voice, and gets their kittens and cats out on display in a way that a formal website never could. A foster mom with a popular blog is very valuable to organizations like those.

  4. My Zowie keens like that with toys, to the point where we’ve had to put all the toys away before bed so that she doesn’t wake us at 3am 🙂