1-23-17 Monday

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Saturday evening, at bed time, Fred said “There’s a strange cat out there!”, meaning out in the side yard. As it turned out, it was an orange cat – a boy – who was likely the same cat Archie chased off a couple of weeks ago, as mentioned in this post.

This picture, though very blurry, is an accurate representation.

Boyfriend has got things to SAY, and he has a very piercing voice.

Sheriff Mama (behind the fence) is all “I’m going to need you to keep it down, son.”

He let Fred pick him up and hold him, and he purred like crazy.

He’s a very pretty boy.

Love those markings!

We’re calling him Malachi solely for the fact that I was reading something on Tumblr that involved a user name that wasn’t quite Malachi but was close, and then Fred spotted the cat, so it seemed apropos.

Maxi ran him off Saturday evening, but he was around yesterday morning when Fred went out to do his morning chores, then wandered off. I’m not sure where he’s spending his time when he’s not here, but I suspect he’s been hanging out over at the church next door. None of the neighbors know who he is, and so going by the shape he’s in (he had fleas and was looking pretty ragged), I’m going to guess he was dumped. Hopefully he’ll be around this morning, and if he is, our plan is to get him to the vet for vetting, and then Susan agreed to take him as a Challenger’s House cat.

(Yes, the foster room is empty, but I’ll be painting it this week and I’d rather get this cat out of here before Fred gets attached, and Susan is willing to take him, so. Bye, kitty!)


Is a rough life, is what Dewey would like you to know.


Kathie gave us a couple of these condo/cat trees a few months ago. I put one in the foster room (actually, at the moment it’s in the corner of Fred’s room) and put the other one next to Fred’s desk. I figured the permanent residents would ignore it, and eventually it would go upstairs in the foster room, too, but Jake likes to occasionally stuff himself in the condo part, so I left it there. Also, there’s a toy that dangles from the platform at the top, and Stefan likes to play with it. Dewey likes to stand on the platform and eat out of the bowl on Fred’s desk, too. Who knew they’d love it so much?


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1-23-17 Monday — 16 Comments

  1. “Dewey likes to stand on the platform and eat out of the bowl on Fredโ€™s desk…”

    Really? There’s a bowl of food on his desk. And you wonder why all these kitties flock to Crooked Acres. You guys are like the couch at Central Perk.

    Lol, Kara’s expression is hilarious. She had the zip-ties ready, I bet.

    • That bowl of food showed up at some point for Maxi, so she wouldn’t have to go into the kitchen to eat out of the food bowl (on those rare times she deigned to come inside). Now it’s become a fixture, and the favorite food bowl in all the house, OF COURSE.

  2. Hee! Hi there you handsome thing, Malachi.

    Yakky cats are both wonderful and horrid to live with. I have two, and occasionally play Meow-co Polo when one wants to know where Mommy is.

  3. LOL… I bet Malachai was all “HI! I heard this is the place to come if I want some lovins and a home. Can you help me out?”

    Kara’s stern squinty face as she eyes him is HILARIOUS.

    I love that kitty will get processed quickly so that Fred has no time to fall in love. Cuz, you know, it’s too late for me already!

  4. Awww, sweet Malachai ๐Ÿ™‚
    My Pandora was a squawky, squeaky orange girl and it definitely made life interesting. I have a soft spot for the chatty cats.

  5. Wow, Malachi is certainly a handsome boy. I love orange squawky kitties. Our Hamilton is a big ole chatty boy and I love it. He seems to actually answer my questions with a real answer. Love it.
    We got our Crooked Acres calendar and I love it. The picture of Alice has the same color as our kitchen walls and looks like it was chosen specifically for us. Is there a list of which cat is the cat of the month. I confess some of the tabbies are a little hard for me to tell from each other. I am a horrible person.

    • There’s not a list, but I will make a point of announcing, on the first post of each month, who’s on the calendar. (I meant to put names on all the pages, but was in a rush to get it put together, and flaked on it.)

  6. Malachi certainly sounds used to people, otherwise he wouldn’t let Fred hold him in like that, let alone purr his head off.

    What kind of idiots would dump a love like that? Idiots. Thank you guys for making sure he’s going someplace that will take care of him!

    And thank you, thank you Susan!

  7. It is funny how cats can pick out houses with other cats as potential homes. 3 of our 7 current resident cats just showed up at our doorstep. And our very first “foundling” many years ago came through the cat door and just sat on our couch one day. He became our guard cat for the next 8 years, until he passed away of old age.

  8. It’s good the new kitty is handleable.. I’m sure he’ll get a home in no time.

    And of course they like the new things, because you clearly told them they wouldn’t.. so now they have to