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Last week, Val said:

OK – I’m getting sweet Dorothy and Alice confused. Can you please post comparison pictures so I can get them straight in my head!!

Sure, twist my arm why don’tcha? 🙂

2011-05-18 (1)
Dorothy: discovered in our neighbor’s driveway the day after the tornado swept through our area. Sweet little torbie, about 10 weeks old.

2011-05-18 (10)
Alice: discovered eating from the food bowl on our side porch a few days before Christmas. Evil little calitabby, will be a year old on June 6th.

2011-05-18 (5)
Dorothy: likes to watch the birds through the side door.

2011-05-18 (6)
Alice: ditto.

2011-05-18 (14)
Dorothy: sweet little handful who loves everyone.

2011-05-18 (2)
Alice: more than a handful (I really think she’s going to be close to normal sized rather than the tiny little morsel we originally thought she’d be), and loves her daddy with a passion. If Daddy isn’t around, I’ll do. But really she prefers Fred. O HOW SHE LOVES HIM.

2011-05-18 (4)
Dorothy: Not a permanent resident.

2011-05-18 (12)
Alice: Permanent resident, because no one shall ever tear her away from her beloved Daddy.

2011-05-18 (1)
Dorothy: Inside only.

2011-05-18 (8)

2011-05-18 (9)
Alice: Recently figured out the cat door to the back yard.

I had to put this one in here, because I can’t believe Spanky’s putting up with this. They slept together all afternoon!

If I were quick enough with the camera, I’d have a picture here of Dorothy smacking Elwood on the head and then chasing him down the hall. She puts those boys through their paces, and has no fear at all.

Actually, that’s another way Dorothy and Alice are alike: they’re small, but they have NO fear when it comes to the other cats.

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And yesterday, Alice asked: Robyn, I don’t think you ever gave us the full story on Jake and Elwood (or maybe you did and I just can’t remember!). How did those two ever come to you, anyway? They’re so full of character, I just love them. 😀

In 2009, about six weeks after Mister Boogers died, we spent a Saturday on a road trip up into Tennessee. We were gone until early in the afternoon, and when we got home, we found two gray kittens playing around our side stoop, and a Cool Whip container full of cat food sitting on the steps. We brought them inside, and we got permission from the shelter manager to make them Challenger’s House cats, but it was probably less than 48 hours after we met them that we decided they were staying.

They looked so much like Mister Boogers that Fred was sure they were little troublemakers sent by him from the afterlife to wreak havoc, and of course one cannot look gift demons in the mouth as the fire and brimstone of their breath would singe your eyebrows right off your face.

The day we met them, August 15th, 2009.

I think keeping them was a really good choice on our part, because they make us laugh just about every day.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Hallo. I am Macushla. I am not, as That Lady likes to call me, ‘Koosh ball.’ I don’t know what a Koosh ball is, but given the way she snickers at her own wit, I suspect it’s not a compliment.”

“I am very talented, and so I would like to show you my talented tongue. First, the simple slurp move.” ::thlurrrp::

“And then, I can make my tongue very very long. See?”

“Also, wide. Isn’t that a wide tongue? How do I fit it in my mouth? It’s a mystery!”

“Now, NOT wide. It’s like magic, first wide then not wide!”

“Now NO tongue! Where’d it go? I don’t know!”

“Snake tongue!”

::thlurrp:: “Thank you very much. That was my tongue. And I am Macushla. Good day.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I lub my Corbie. (Yesterday, Fred was about to leave for work, and Corbie was sitting in the back yard by the fence, and Fred said “Corbie’s very pretty. Look at him, sitting in the sun. No, look! He’s really striking, isn’t he?” and I was like “Have I not been TELLING you this?” Like, DUH. I KNOW how beautiful he is, I’ve been saying it and saying it, right?)


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