5-18-09 – Beulah & Bessie.

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Beulah has finally, FINALLY hit two pounds. I’ll be calling in a little while to make her an appointment to be spayed later this week. And then, assuming there’s space at the pet store, she and Bessie will be going off to be adopted!

Those of you who mentioned that Beulah’s got big ears and maybe she’ll end up being a big cat after all – who knows? Sugarbutt was the runt of his litter, and you can’t by any stretch of the imagination call him a little cat.

And those of you who wanted to know what Fred thinks of Beulah now that she’s grown up a bit? He still says she’s ugly. But I’m pretty sure he’s only saying it because he knows it’s RUDE and OFFENSIVE. She’s clearly grown into a gorgeous little thing, and I’ll be surprised if I even get her into the cage at the pet store before there’s a riot of people wanting to adopt her.

2009-05-18 (11)
Doesn’t she look evil?

2009-05-18 (10)
“I shall take over the worrrrrrrrrrrrld!”

2009-05-18 (9)
Tellin’ secrets.

2009-05-18 (8)
Bath time!


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  1. On, Beulah isn’t ugly at all! But then I have to admit I have a thing for the funny-looking little torties (two of my six are torties)

    Just found your site and have been having a wonderful time reading through. I used to do foster kitten care back in college (my roommate and I always got the orphans so we were on a pretty regular bottle feeding schedule every 4 – 6 hours for about four years straight). All your stories and adorable pictures are making me really miss having all those tiny little babies around.