10-17-17 Tuesday

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Note: I am in Myrtle Beach this week with family, but have pre-written and scheduled posts to go live each day at the usual time. I’m sure I’ll be posting (non-kitten) pictures from Myrtle Beach on Instagram (which will auto-post to the L&H Facebook page), if you’d like to follow along.

While Mercury sniffs around under the door, Hubble checks out the tree.

“I am such a good tree climber,” he thinks proudly. “No one climbs trees better than me!”

Then SUDDENLY the tree tipped over on him, and he COULD HAVE BEEN CRUSHED. “But I am so quick-thinking that I got my legs out of the way before that could happen!”

Hubble thinks he’s pretty awesome – and luckily he’s right.

“That was close!”


SOMEHOW (we were not paying attention) DA BAYBEE ENDED UP UNDER THE TREE.

“Mama! Mama! Help me!” cried Telstar. But Mama did not hear his cries.

(Mama was awfully close, maybe she was just pretending not to hear his cries. But we won’t judge.)

“Hubble! Hubble! Halp me, my favorite brother!” cried Telstar.
“Yep, that’s a tree on top of you,” said Hubble. “I almost got trapped under a tree just like that one, but I am too smart and quick and got my legs out of the way. I guess you’re not smart and quick like me.”

“Right, Mama? Aren’t I the smartest and quickliest and cutest kitten ever?”
“Child you are, without a doubt, in the top five in this entire room.”
“Mama!” cried Telstar. “Hubble! I am weakening! Someone halp me!”

Finally, Mercury realized that there was a situation that required her attention.
“Mama! Thank you so much, you finally came to help!”

“Ooh, a packing strip,” said Mercury. “These are SO tasty.”

“I could use a nap,” said Mercury, as she ambled across the room.


I love it so very much when Dennis lays on the bed and drapes one leg over his head. We call it “gorilla arm” because his leg looks weirdly long when he does it. Isn’t he THE most beautiful boy?


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10-17-17 Tuesday — 7 Comments

  1. LOL… this story would make for an adorable entry in a children’s short-story book… Robyn, I think you need to start collaborating with someone!

  2. Dennis is such a handsome boy, and that tum-tum looks inviting…

    Lol, so how did Telstar get out from under that massive tree? Did he squirm his way out, walk 15 ft in the unforgiving wilderness to the nearest bowl of Baby Cat, then proceed to give Hubble a beat down for abandoning him in his time of need?

  3. But what happened??? Do we have to wait until you get back from vacation to find out? I can’t work or function until I know. I guess I will wander over to the bowl of People Food and comfort eat.

  4. I love the stories that get told on this site. Robyn you have a way with words as well as kittens.

  5. This post needs to be included in the all-time favorites.

    Shorter term: I hope you’re having a great holiday, Robyn!