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Do you guys remember Macushla? Those of you who started reading this site in the last year, this was Macushla:

2011-04-18-05-Macushla F2011-05-12-01

2011-05-28 (4) 2011-07-06 (5)

Macushla was one of Maggie’s babies, and he was beaaaaaaaautiful (Kar used to say he had supermodel cheekbones! Heh.). I got an email yesterday from Kristy, who said:

We adopted Macushla about a year ago, and I thought you might like to see what a big boy he is now. He has been such a wonderful addition to our family.

With Kristy’s permission, here’s Macushla today, with his BFF Aubie.

MacushalAubie (2)

MacushalAubie (1)

MacushalAubie (3)

MacushalAubie (4)

Didn’t he grow up to be absolutely gorgeous? I LOVE seeing pictures of my fosters all grown up, and happy! (Thanks, Kristy!)

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2012-06-19 (12)
I am sad to report that Russet and Norland’s eyes have changed from blue to green. Awwww.

2012-06-19 (9)
They’re still beautiful boys, though.

2012-06-19 (10)
If they could just figure out a way to chill out.

2012-06-19 (11)
SO stressed out.

2012-06-19 (13)
Take Valiums or something, you guys. Sheesh.

2012-06-19 (1)
Kennebec was all “Rawr! I am big and scary!” and Cicero was like “Yeah? Tell me more!”

2012-06-19 (2)
“I am terrifying! And you are scared of me!”, said Kennebec.
“Well, that’s interesting. What’s “scared”?”, said Cicero.

2012-06-19 (3)
“Scared is when you run away crying like a little bi- uh, I mean baby.”

2012-06-19 (4)
“Like this? Help! Help! I am but a wee kitteh and that big scary kitteh is scaring me!”?

2012-06-19 (5)

2012-06-19 (7)
And then Kennebec went to hide under the hammock while Cap’n Floof (aka Russet) was all “What’s going on here?”

Would you like to see Stompers in action? Here you go, here’s a video of him being so cute that after I watched it just now I had to go pick him up and kiss his little monkey face.

YouTube link

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2012-06-19 (22)

So, the story with the new Momcat and her kittens is that they were dumped off at a local area business. At least they were in a carrier, right? EXCEPT that after the (insert descriptive word of your choice) dumped them at the local area business, they opened the carrier. It could have been a very bad scene, except that Momcat is a good mother, and she stayed with her babies so that no one went wandering off.

2012-06-19 (21)

The babies are in good shape, weight-wise, but their eyes are goopy and one of the orange tabbies has a particularly bad eye. I’m putting ointment in them and they’re improving. Momcat is absolutely skin and bones, and I’m giving her extra snacks several times a day. So that she can actually get some food into her, I’m feeding her up off the floor because otherwise the kittens would be all over that food.

Momcat has some nasty scabs on her back. The vet believes that they’re from being burned by the hot underside of a car engine or something similar. They’re healing well, but slowly.

2012-06-19 (20)

She is an absolute angel. She loves to be petted, she’s super friendly and sweet, she keeps a close eye on her boys. She lets them totally take advantage of her, and doesn’t complain about it at all.

Her boys are absolute hellions, and I mean that in the nicest way. They scream at me until I sit down, and then they climb all over me, digging their sharp little claws into me. Then they catch sight of their momma and they think “I haven’t eaten in at LEAST thirty seconds! Momma! Momma! I AM STARVING!” and they gang up on her and take her down in mere seconds. She totally puts up with it, and did I mention what an angel she is? She totally is. She’s an angel, they’re little demons. It’s like a Dan Brown novel in there.

Now, for the introductions.

2012-06-19 (17)
Momma’s name is Brandywine.

2012-06-19 (15)
Here are Caspian and Wellington (don’t ask me which is which – I have no idea. I am in the process of getting colored collars for them.)

2012-06-19 (16)

2012-06-19 (14)
Dingwall Scotty (who is black, but has white on him, though you can’t tell from this picture).

2012-06-19 (18)
And Mr. Stripey.

2012-06-19 (19)
Did I mention that Brandywine is an absolute angel?

In case you hadn’t guessed, they’re all named after varieties of tomatoes, and will be known collectively as the ‘Maters. Thank you to SC Amy, who suggested it a few weeks ago!

Also, interestingly, I just added their names to my spreadsheet of fosters, and found that I am now at 186 cats fostered – and 100 of them were males.

I’m thinking I very well might possibly hit the 200 mark this year!

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2012-06-19 (23)
Just in case you felt that there wasn’t quite enough orange tabbiness in this entry. Sugarbutt was my very first orange tabby foster, almost 7 years ago. (He had a brother, Smitty, who looked almost exactly like him.)


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6-19-12 — 90 Comments

    • I second the names-of-apples motion. Naturalhub.com has pages of excellent ones (and mouthwatering descriptions). Macushla is a fine figure of a man, and how great is it to see him with his great friend?! So Kennebec and Russet can’t get no respect from the mighty Stomper, eh? Perhaps Suggie will eventually set him straight. Last, what a beautiful mama Brandywine is, and I’m so happy that her past neglect hasn’t affected her wonderful nature. Go, Maters — and fingers crossed for the Noms!

      • How about pears? You could have sweet little kittens named Anjou, Bartlett or Forelle!

    • Well, since tomatoes were once known as “love apples,” that’s appropriate! β™₯

  1. Wow! It’s been a year already since Coltrane got hit? πŸ™ Maybe that’s what’s up with all the orange tabbies! Every orange tabby I ever met was a total love bug.

    Has Cicero become Stompers full time? He’s adorable and I want him but distance and my 2 cat apartment limit won’t let me come get him.

    I love torties! Yesterday when I first saw the new kitties’ picture I said aloud, “Mama Tortie!” I’d come and get her too. Maybe that two cat limit is so that renters like me won’t become crazy cat ladies and fill the apartment with kitties!

    • Yeah, I can’t believe it’s been a year already – I still sometimes see Newt in the distance and think he’s Coltrane.

      Cicero has totally become Stomps and Stompers all the time. This morning I opened the door to the guest bedroom and that little monster didn’t hesitate – he stomped right out the door and down the hall. I don’t know where he thought he was going, but he had PURPOSE. πŸ™‚

    • Ha! I got an image of Coltrane curled up on a sunny porch in heaven thinking up ways to play jokes on Fred and Robyn! Sending wave after wave after wave of orange boys would certainly fit that scenario!

      R.I.P. Coltrane… and send more orange boys. Robyn still doesn’t have enough!


      • I was thinking the same thing. These little bits of orangey-goodness are from Coltrane πŸ˜‰ When we adopted our lab, Charlie, I was absolutely positive that he had been sent by his predecessor, Grizzly, as a joke on us. “One gigantic goofball coming up!” Thing is… I needed the laughs desperately.

        • I’m convinced my late Alistaire sent me Murphy, immediately after Alistaire left this life. Murphy is a big black talkative kitty, just as Alistaire was.

  2. That looks like a Big owie on Miss Brandywines back… Such a pretty girl- those eyes !!

    • I hope she heals quickly. It’s too bad that [insert bad word of your choice here] didn’t get her spayed so she could have a chance to grow up and gain some weight.

      Sorry, Cicero, Brandywine is my new favorite! Thank you for taking her in, Robyn!

  3. Phew, now that’s a bunch of kittens! Oh man, those Taters are so funny.

    Brandywine is a doll – I’m so glad someone rescued her and her family. She deserves a lot of pampering and SNACKS!

    Mmmmm…Taters and Maters together, yummy.

  4. Macushla! He’s so lanky and handsome. Glad to see him.

    Nice to meet Brandywine and her chilluns!

  5. they are (all) adorable!

    My family lived up north in Dingwall, Scotland so you can probably guess which name is my favourite.

  6. I believed you on all of the other Mater names, but I’ll admit to using The Google to verify Mr. Stripey. That’s just too perfect for an orange tabby cat! So happy that Mama Brandywine has landed in the Crooked Acres paradise. She can heal and get some help managing that passel of wild boys.

    Stompers looks like such a BABY in comparison to the rest of the Taters! And my Norland still looks like a grump… πŸ˜‰

    I’m shooting to upload the first post of my blog tomorrow morning. Somehow I always forget that life gets faster once the kids are home for summer vacation. I haven’t had three spare moments strung together since last Wednesday (or was it Tuesday?) Anyway once I get it looking the way I want it, the writing will be fast and easy.

    • I am so looking forward to reading your blog! πŸ™‚

      And we call Norland Grumpy and Grumps all the time now!

    • My understanding about blogging is that it’s best when it’s fun! After all, it’s not like anyone’s getting rich by blogging!

      Take your time, Kelly, and enjoy your kids. They’re not going to be this age forever — which might be a good thing!!!


      • Thanks, Doodle Bean. I have a feeling that I will enjoy the writing and picture taking immensely. Just right now it’s the work of trying to figure out how to make things work on a blog page, which isn’t necessarily my “thing”. I’ve almost got the look to where my perfectionist self will publish it. Then the fun stuff begins (and I figure I can always update and improve the look as I learn more).

        About the kids… Ha! I was just saying to my youngest that I had already experienced the angst of 11-years-old twice so she should just skip over it. πŸ˜‰ They’re all in odd-numbered ages, and for whatever reason the odd-numbered ages have always been more dramatic. Next year should be easier πŸ™‚

  7. Welcome to the ‘Maters,I’m looking forward to seeing more of them and their gorgeous Mama (she almost looks like she could be a daughter of Miz Poo).Or more like a great great granddaughter πŸ™‚

    Also,I can’t believe it’s been a year since Coltrane left for the Rainbow Bridge.I hope he’s having a wonderful time over there,maybe with Mr.Boogers.

  8. Wow, today’s post was full of all kinds of kitteh deliciousness!!!!! Love them all! I don’t know how you do it! I love kittehs and all but cleaning their litterboxes is the bane of my existence….

    My neighbor has outside cats but he always left his garage door open a little so they could come in and eat/drink/sleep and now he stopped doing it… So as a result, his cats are hanging out at MY house, spraying my front/back doors, spraying my carpeted porch, pooping under my front porch, etc. It’s sooooo nasty! Today, one of them was trying to balance on the side of my pool to get a drink of water and I”m terrified one will eventually fall in!

    • Rachael,

      If you have the time and money, it might work out well if you get the cats neutered. Depending on where you live, there are low-cost spay/neuter options through local rescue groups. Depending on the neighbor, it might not be a problem at all and would definitely make your life easier… and prevent more unwanted cats!

      Just a thought.

  9. I feel the kittens sucking me west towards Crooked Acres. Brandywine’s got the biggest ears I’ve ever seen on a tortie! And she’s gorgeous! Looks like a couple of wounds on her back. What a brave and good momma she is keeping her family together and giving her boys everything she’s got. I’m so glad she’s got a foster home like yours to be safe in and take care of her boys while getting care for herself. I think her name is my favorite of all of them.

    Cicero kills me. When he rolls over and bares his belly in that video I was having a hard time not talking baby talk in my office at the screen!

    • Momcat has some nasty scabs on her back. The vet believes that they’re from being burned by the hot underside of a car engine or something similar. They’re healing well, but slowly.

  10. I adore all those orange tabby babies. One of our cats went missing for a week last week, and I was ready to drive from Virginia down to Alambama to snatch up Norland. Not that he would have replaced my Joey but he certainly would have made me feel better! Lucky for us after much searching Joey reappeared suddenly, I think because he was very hungry, but we are glad he is home. I still might come and get Norland, I just love his floof.

  11. Momma Brandywine is gorgeous and SUCH a good momma. I’m so glad she is in a safe place to raise her babies now. I got a little teary-eyed when I read her story — about this time last year my cats went nuts when they saw an emaciated (but plump in the belly) black cat wandering down our street. I started feeding her, eventually trapped and spayed her with the help of some wonderful TNR folks in the neighborhood, and we discovered that she had had kittens recently (we thought she might have been pregnant). She led us to her five babies, two of whom we were able to trap, foster, and, a few months later, send off to a wonderful home (together! Yay!). I haven’t seen her or her one surviving kitten in months, and when you live in Brooklyn that’s probably not a good thing, but I always think of what a great momma she was. And how plump and happy and friendly she got after some feeding! My hope is that some other cat rescuer recognized how lovely she was and gave her and her daughter a great home.

    • I hope that, too – and good for you for trapping and spaying that momma and finding homes for a couple of her babies! πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, I noticed a fur ripple back there. Was she in a fight or was that just a bad combing experience.

      • Brandywine has some nasty scabs on her back. The vet believes that they’re from being burned by the hot underside of a car engine or something similar. They’re healing well, but slowly.

        • I’m a little teary thinking about what she’s been through. Burns are painful and she’s so skinny and she was dumped like trash and she has hellions crawling all over her…

          Give her extra tons of love please, Robyn! And treats! And snacks! And the highest calorie food you can find! And then more love!


  12. Dingwall Scotty! I loves it! My suggestion made it!

    Brandywine is be-yoo-ti-ful. Those eyes. That coat. I’m sure she’ll blossom in no time.

    Macushla…OMG, how handsome. And long.

    Kennebec: RAWR! Cicero: That all ya got?

  13. So lovely, seeing the adult Macushla all grown up and looking awesome!

    Thanks for fostering and taking good care of all the rescues.

  14. That little Cicero is keeling me! When he rolls over and that tuumy shows, then he has trouble getting turned back over…..to die for! And the little butt wiggle before pouncing….so adorable.

    Brandywine sure is a looker, and she has frootbat ears! So glad her and her babies are all okay.

  15. Wonderful kitteh-ness! Welcome to the Maters-may the next nine weeks progress VEEERRRRRRYYYY slowly so we can all enjoy you lots and lots!

  16. Poor Brandywine! But she’s gorgeous anyway, and such a good mama, knowing that she couldn’t let her babies wander away from the carrier. I’ve got a soft-spot for torties (and tuxies), so it’s a good thing I’m too far away to adopt her (and Cicero, of course!)

  17. Aw, it brings a tear to my eye…my orange cat (my heart cat – he was my BFF) was a Stripey (well, I spelled it Stripie). He was the BEST cat!

  18. Just float it out in the universe and, voila, a kitten to name “Dingwall Scotty”! How perfect!! I hope Dingwall’s parents-to-be understand that no name changes will be allowed and that the Greater Love-And-Hisses community will expect to be updated, a’la Kristy (Thanks, Kristy!!)

  19. Well good lord Robyn, what do you feed those kittens? Macushla looks positivley gigantic with the long legs and longer body. I just saw Jack and Percy (the former Starsky and Hutch – the kittens in the cups on your banner) and they are both 15 pounders. Not fat but just very long legs and bodies. I am doing a spot of cat sitting while Jen is on vacation. What is in that water you are pumping out of the ground now???

  20. Oh poor Miss Brandywine! I could hardly bear to see those sores on her back. What kind of f***t**d leaves a carrier holding a mama and babies at a business AND THEN OPENS IT? What an amazing girl to keep all of her babies there. (Of course, she is their food source, but still…)

    I have a new appreciation now for orange tabbies. I really do. And that little Stompers–what a tough guy!

    Macushla is Looooooong Cat! Hahaha.

    Dingwall is an amazing name for a kitteh. I would never ever ever ever change it. Ever.

    • I have to admit I’m now curious as to what t**d stands for!

      It’s o.k. You don’t have to tell me. I’m enjoying thinking up new and more horrible words that fit it and applying them in my head to the a**h*l*m*****f******gj*******b******c***f****scum who first failed to get Brandywine spayed, then failed to feed her enough and then abandoned her with her kittens!!

      I’m going to be charitable and assume the burns were an accident. That kind of thing can happen to the best-loved and best-cared-for of kitties.

      • I got all of that but the j******* – and I might have the last f**** wrong, unless there’s an asterisk too many. I have such a potty mouth, lol! I could tell you the missing letters in the t**d constellation, too, but that might be A wRong thing to do…

        • oh! Duh. I was thinking of everything but that!

          Both the f*** and j***off had one too many asterixes. I lose count when I’m angry!

          As for swearing, it has been shown to reduce pain better than any alternatives, so swear away!


        • Ah, yes, f***t**d. Since Robyn is also a fluent “French” speaker, I figure she knows what that whole word should be, too.

  21. You’ve had so many cute baby kitties (and lord knows me I love me some Loony Jake too) but omg, Cicero is probably the cutest one EVERRRRR.

  22. Yay for Maters!!!! When I saw the name Brandywine, I thought apples at first, too. But I’m so happy I got the theme name for this batch! (with black kittehs, too!) I look forward to watching them grow (and mama getting some weight and lovin’ on her). I’ve never been able to grow tomatoes, but kittens I do pretty well! πŸ˜‰

    Romper Stompers!! I am smitten with you and your plump little tummy tum tum. And yes, I too believe this crew of orangey sweetness is a gift from dear Coltrane…

  23. Oh Brandywine. If I was even remotely close I would swoop down and take her home in an instant, what a beautiful girl! And a good momma. I hope those nasty injuries on her back heal up quick. πŸ™

  24. Macushla was a cute kitten but boyoboy did he turn into a gorgeous adult!

    Mr. Cicero Stompers kills me dead. He’s dangerous. I hope you use him for good and not evil.

    Brandywine’s kittens look rather large to me. Is that an optical illusion because she’s tiny & skinny or are they close to an age where they can be separated to give her a break? I’d like her to fatten up a bit real soon.

    • I think they could be separated, but the issue is that we don’t have a separate room to keep her in at this point. We’re talking about giving her a break for a few hours this weekend and seeing how it goes (she can go in Fred’s room during the day, I figure.) She is definitely getting lots of extra food – I’ve given her four cans of wet food today, and she may still get a fifth can. She eats it up, hopefully the calories going in are now exceeding the calories going out!

  25. That video is precious! What a sweetie!
    Poor Brandywine! You know she must be in pain and yet she’s being such a good mommy! So skinny! Love the names by the way!!
    Stinkerbutt, I mean Sugarbutt, is giving you the stink eye there isnt he? MOL

  26. When I saw the name “Brandywine” I thought the litter was going to be named in honor of Ray Bradbury’s passing, after some of his characters or worlds/place names, perhaps. It’s taken me all day to remember that what I was thinking of was “Dandelion Wine,” not Brandywine.

    I could get behind the idea of a Cthulhu-themed group of babies, except for the fact that no one would be able to pronounce any of the names… or spell them…

    My heart breaks for Brandywine; those burns must have been so painful, and then to have nursing kittens on top of it all… poor sweetie.

    • I think that given what Brandywine’s been through so far, there must be an amazing home waiting for her in a few months!

  27. On Wednesday night at 11:00pm we opened our front door to find two cute little fluffbabies on our doorstep. It’s YOUR FAULT that I brought them in to my house, dug the old cat carrier out of the attic, moistened some cat food with my husband’s half & half, and made a litter box out of a box lid. It’s all YOUR FAULT that I took them to the vet the next day and spent $175 (which I don’t have) for their exam, initial vaccines, leukemia testing, and boarding over the weekend. I was on my way out of town and the rescue group that Petco referred me to said they had no room. What else could I do? It’s YOUR FAULT that these two darling cutekitties are wreaking havoc in my house right now. My friends and family think I’m crazy, and I know I am. There are MANY things I need to spend $$ on besides 2 baby kitties I can’t keep. But, if I try to explain to them that it’s YOUR FAULT, then they’ll really know I’ve lost it. So – I just smile & say “Thank You” when they tell me that was the stupidest thing I’ve done in a while. I don’t dare tell them that some lady I’ve never met has so much influence on me, she made me do it.

  28. Robyn, please give Brandywine a big hug and kiss for me. She looks like my Rootie. I’ve always had a thing for Torties.. πŸ™‚

    As for the pencilneck (I’m being nice) who left her and her babies…well….as Dad always said: “What goes around comes around.” πŸ˜‰ They’re so lucky they’re with you and Fred!

    And that little Cicero (“Stompers”) is a jewel!

  29. OK Brandywine is lovely. What a beautiful patient mom she is. Evidently before the, um, twit left her off, she hadn’t been treated badly or she wouldn’t have responded to you so quickly. Poor girl. I hope she finds the absolute best home.

    • Very true – clearly Brandywine and her kittens had been very much handled at some point. Those kittens weren’t scared of me for one minute, and neither was she!

  30. You better go pick Cicero up and kiss him again! Such a little monkey! and Brandywine and her boys are gorgeous. Welcome to happy cat land, you guys.

  31. Cicero = <3

    Brandywine…what a beautiful name. "God, please heal her back quickly and without scars and may she feel no pain. As for the person who did this to her and dumped this precious family…well I leave it up to you. Amen."

  32. That video!!!! You really should post a warning that the cuteness is dangerous to watch. Also the SQUEAKING!!! Soooooo adorable. My cat, Abby, and I were watching the video and I said we needed one. She stomped off in a huff.

  33. Brandywine’s ears are beautiful. Are they really as large as they appear in your photos?

  34. Brandywine looks like she could have some Oriental Shorthair in her with the big ears and small face. I love torti cats…their coloring is so amazing. How many kittens does that make in-house now?

  35. OMG, I am so in love with Baby Stompers! He reminds me so much of feisty little Gary from Pitter Pats. And Cicero is so teeny that the other kittens look like a bunch of Godzillas next to him!

    Macushla is indeed gorgeous! Isn’t that Clove snuggling with him? Adorable!

    And welcome, Brandywine and her boys! Poor sweethearts – but you’re in the best of hands now!

  36. Cicero is the cutest thing I have seen in quite a while. He makes me seriously consider getting another cat. Thank you so much for sharing that video.