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2012-06-20 (13)
Our boy Kennebec always has a complaint to lodge.

2012-06-20 (14)
“That little stomping brat always steals all the attention and I DON’T LIKE IT!”

2012-06-20 (12)
Sweet Miss Fianna needs a kiss.

2012-06-20 (11)
At least she’s comfy.

2012-06-20 (1)
Stompers (aka Cicero) checks out the hammock. That little smirk on his face kills me dead.

2012-06-20 (3)
Fianna also has a complaint.

2012-06-20 (2)
“You only gave me one kiss! A girl can’t subsist on ONE tiny little kiss!”

2012-06-20 (5)
Cicero under the hammock. Agata was on the hammock, and they were smacking at each other.

2012-06-20 (6)
Exhausted from the smacking.

2012-06-20 (10)
Pretty boy Kennebec in the sun.

2012-06-20 (9)
“I likes me some sunshine.” If you look closely, you can see that his eyes are starting to change color from the pupil outward.

2012-06-20 (8)
Agata snuggled up in a cat bed on the people bed. In the background, Fianna in her favorite spot.

2012-06-20 (7)
Cap’n Floof (Russet) likes to curl up in this basket in the kitchen.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-06-20 (21)

2012-06-20 (20)

2012-06-20 (19)

2012-06-20 (18)
I don’t think I’m ever going to get tired of taking and posting pictures of nursing babies.

2012-06-20 (16)
Mr. Stripey’s eye is looking so much better than it did last Thursday.

2012-06-20 (15)
Caspian, Wellington, and Dingwall Scotty.

2012-06-20 (17)
Dingwall Scotty has one single white toe. It’s seriously adorable (he also has white patches on his tummy and chest.)

2012-06-20 (22)
This is how Brandywine eats her multiple daily snacks. The kittens can’t quite figure out how to get to her, so they mill around on the floor and wait for her to come back down.

2012-06-20 (23)
“Seriously. These little monsters always want SOMEthing.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-06-20 (24)
Kara, Tommy, Elwood, Spanky, and Corbie. Just a fraction of the permanent residents in this house. ::SIGH::


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6-20-12 — 41 Comments

  1. May i just say I am in love with Brandywine? Such a lovely mama….please give her trats, snorgles, and more treats for me!

  2. Oh dear goodness, Robyn…. WHY AREN’T YOU KISSING THESE BABIES MORE??? If I lived at Crooked Acres, my lips would be covered in cat hair. It would be circus-type freaky.

    Add Brandywine to the list of the cats I plan to gather up in my nighttime raid. She is gorgeous!

    And (a little shameless promotion) I am officially a blogger. No babies here yet, so we’re starting with a few introductions. I’d love to have you all stop by… http://whiskersinthewindow.blogspot.com/

    • Kelly, the blog looks great! I love the stories of Stein and Griz. It wouldn’t be a morning on the blogs without me tearing up… Will you please let us know when you get your first fosters?

  3. Wait a minute — Cap’n Floof is in a basket where? Does he get the run of the house now?

    • Fred promoted the Cap’n to Major last night. And yes, Grumpy (Norland) and the Floof get the run of the house. They seem to spend about half their day in the guest bedroom with the rest of the Taters, and the other half running around the house. They spend some nights in the guest bedroom, some nights snuggled up to me. Wherever they wanna go, that’s where they are. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I just want to somehow wrap Brandywine in a comforting blanket of pain-relieving ointment and skin-penetrating calories! I know it’ll take some time to put some meat on those bones, but it just looks so painful to be her right now.

    I also notice that in all the nursing photos you’ve posted so far, she’s lying on her right side. I’m just curious if she does that each time she’s nursing or if that’s just your choice of photographs.

    If the former, she might be protecting the burns that way. I’d be interested in knowing your impressions, Robyn.

    • You know, I hadn’t noticed, but you’re right – she does tend to lay on her right side. I don’t think it’s because of the burns, though – they don’t appear to bother her at all, and in fact sometimes (when I don’t have the camera on me, naturally) she’ll lay on her back if the boys are being particularly violent when fighting for a nipple. I’m wondering if mama cats just tend to prefer laying on one side or another.

  5. Love those momma cats. We will feed above the kittens too and it can be funny to watch them all stand around yelling at her to come back!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Lovely pictures as usual. Russet looks so rusty in that basket picture. It’s probably the lighting but is he more reddish than Kennebec? Kennebec looks more golden. Oh and Robyn (and others) you HAVE to watch this commercial! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDmGQsuxguU
    I saw it last night on TV and it appears that Cicero (aka Stompers) is now famous. How come you didn’t tell us? LOL!

    Kelly-I’m excited to check out your blog. Going there now. Congrats!

    • Stompers could TOTALLY be a superstar. He’d have Hollywood wrapped around his little paw in no time flat. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Love the babies!! And the mommy! and the perms! Well dang. I just love them all.

  8. PRINCESS Fianna on the bed looks like she’s about to complain (loudly) about feeling a pea beneath the mattress.

    Brandywine is such a good mommy. She needs a spa day and a day of pampering. Those black boys are so pretty though. Sucker for fuzzy black kittens. And sleek black kittens. And marmalade/creamsicle ones. Kind of like the calicos too…

  9. Please give us an update on the Noms! Would you check on them to see how they are doing?

    • I’ll mention this in tomorrow’s post (I meant to in today’s, but forgot) – I saw them yesterday (was filling in for the Tuesday morning cleaner). They’re fine, not happy about being in a cage, but they were glad to come out and play and climb in my lap. Of course, I forgot to take the camera with me!

      None of them have been adopted – adoptions were very slow this week, so they may be there a bit longer!

  10. I’m having kind of a lousy time lately–depressed over news, politics, and the state of the union, stuff that doesn’t usually get to me–and the ‘Maters and ‘Taters are just what the doctor ordered! So much cuteness. Miss Brandywine has an absolutely beautiful face. I love her ears and eyes and markings.

  11. I’m at work and just got an email from a customer whose email signature includes this quote…

    “One cat is a companion, two cats are entertainment, and six cats can bring down a government”

    I thought of you.

    • I wonder if I could find this on a tshirt anywhere. Love it! (Am feeling moderately safe because I have only five cats at the moment. Serious kitten fever, though, so who knows…)

      • I bet you could get custom shirts at cafepress or zazzle.

        I only have one cat but truly – I would like to take over maybe two countries…with Stompers leading the way.

  12. I have a question for those of you who’ve had a cat spayed. Maggie has fully recovered: her spay incision looks like a scar, no stitches visible at all after a month, but she has gained a layer of fat on her tummy, almost like quilting. I avoided picking her up for a long time because I didn’t want to hurt her tummy, but recently I did pick her up and was surprised by the heft she’d gained. My husband put it bluntly but accurately: “She’s got titties.” She feels like a nursing mother. Is this a normal post-spay reaction? It feels like fat, not milk, but it’s in a distinctive lumpy configuration. She’s due for booster shots, and I was going to ask the vet about the weight she’s put on, but thought I’d ask here first.

    • Hi Noelegy… You mentioned “lumpiness” and my heart sank a little because we had a cat who had mammary cancer — I first noticed it when I was picking her up and felt that she had a large, irregularly shaped, kinda hard lump with distinctive edges on one side of her lower belly. BY NO MEANS do I want to cause panic here because it definitely sounds like whatever is going on with Maggie is related to her spaying (and if she’s gained weight then I doubt that anything too serious is going on since Snack lost weight when she got ill), but I’m curious about the consistency, nature, and location of what you are feeling. Again, I don’t want to cause any worry, but I would say get thee and Maggie to a vet sooner rather than later if you are concerned. We waited longer than we should have with Snack and it’s a huge source of guilt for me (that said, she lived another two years happily with both diabetes and cancer — after we had the tumor removed — until she passed away at the relatively ripe old age of about 15).

      I’m sure someone else probably has a much better, less freak-out-inducing explanation than I do! Good luck.

    • I’ve not had that happen to any of the cats I’ve had spayed, and it kind of sounds hormonal to me (just off the top of my head). I don’t have any words of wisdom here, but I’d definitely agree with Alexandra that she needs to be seen by a vet – which I know you were planning on doing anyway! I’ll post your question in Friday’s post because I’m curious to know if anyone else has seen that before, but do let us know what you find out at the vet!

    • Nothing of particular use here, but one of my cats gained weight in a similar “Whoa! Cat boobs!” as she grew; none of the others have done so, and hers was gradual, not rapid onset. Your cat may just be predisposed to weight gain in that area, but please do get her checked – and if Robyn doesn’t mind, maybe post what the vet says here? I may need to take Cambria in too – I never thought of it as being other than her stout figure. (c:

    • they use dissolvable sutures for the internal structures they have to cut through (abdominal wall, etc) that do take some time to actually dissolve. They can often be there or be felt after the external incision has healed up (which is usually glued shut)

      Could be you are just feeling the healing, or it could be that she is having a reaction aka inflammation from the sutures dissolving.

      If she is eating and happy and doesn’t seem to object to you feeling around in there then it is probably pretty normal and nothing to rush to the vet for, but going and having it checked out wouldn’t be unwise.

  13. Dingwall Scotty’s white toe kills me dead! So does his name! They all do actually!
    If you’re having trouble giving those kittens enough kisses, I volunteer to fill in for a while.. Of course, I’m sure I’m not the only one who would volunteer for that.. MOL

  14. Among the many cute and beautiful things on today’s page, may I point out Kennebec’s impressive whiskers?! Am loving the Taters and ‘Maters, but I can’t imagine how you can ever get ANYTHING done, Robyn. Ever. So many kitties to kiss, cuddle, and comfort… And we all know that your sigh re the number of Perms is a great big con! And speaking of perms, could we see another pic of Rufus soon? Many thanks.