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The final kitten movie from when they were 6 weeks old! Warning: May cause cavities due to the sheer utter adorable cuteness.

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I love the look on Kaylee’s face like “Oh, UGH. Smells like HUMAN! How can they stand that smell?”

Closeup of nursing NINE WEEK OLD kittens. Momma didn’t put up with it for long.

All four kittens are present and accounted for – if you look behind River (the gray tabby in the middle), you’ll see Kaylee’s legs kicked out. She’s actually underneath him. I have no idea how that can be comfortable, but that’s always been her nursing position.

Oh, and for comparison purposes, here they are at five days old:

Bath time!


I don’t know which is funnier, Zoe’s face like “HE’S STICKING HIS FOOT IN MY FACE!” or River’s aghast face like “SHE KEEPS SNIFFING MY FEET!” You can really see the stripes on Zoe’s legs. She’s such a gorgeous little peanut.

This is so sweet, it’s killing me. Between Kara diligently cleaning Zoe, Zoe’s attitudinous little face (“Mooooom! I was CLEAN already!”) and the gorgeous stripes on her rear leg, it just kills me.



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