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Today’s kitten movie is only about a minute long. You’ve got Zoe scratching around to cover something, Kaylee kicking River’s ass while Inara watches, and then Zoe falling asleep. Tomorrow’s movie will be the last one of the kittens at 6 weeks old (they turned 9 weeks old today), so I suppose I’ll need to get to shooting some more footage, before they’re completely grown.

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I finally got to Wal-Mart yesterday to buy a third baby gate. This means that I can leave the house for a longer period of time without worrying that Kara climbed over the baby gates and killed all our cats, or Mister Boogers climbed over the baby gates and went running upstairs all “Let me show you who THE MAN IS!” and got his butt killed. With three baby gates, I can block the doorway completely.

There have been a few instances of the kittens venturing down the stairs and looking through the baby gates at Miz Poo, who likes to lay at the bottom of the stairs. They’re mostly curious, not really scared, though last night when we were wrangling kittens Kaylee ran out the foster kitten room and came face to face with Tommy; they hissed at each other, and she puffed up to twice her size.

Now that they’re spending so much time hanging out and playing on my bed, when I go upstairs to visit, they’re a little more willing to be cuddled. They’re also a little more willing to bite my face. It’s a fair trade-off.


Such a pretty momma.

“Who, me?” The picture of innocence.

Zoe checks out the situation.

She made me so nervous, teetering there like that, but when the pillow began to tip over, she just casually jumped to the floor and sauntered away.

Hanging out near the bed. In a minute, she’ll go under the bed and start sharpening her claws on the underside of the box spring.

Not impressed.

Snuggly sisters.


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