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Kitten movie! This one is just of them hanging out. At the end, Zoe sniffs the plate of food Kara is eating, then scratches at the floor to cover it. CUTE. You get to hear someone covering and covering and covering something in the litter box. And the reason I say “Did you come over here to wipe your butt on me?” is because earlier in the day, Kaylee had used the litter box then run over to climb on my leg, thereby wiping her butt on my leg in the process and leaving a streak behind. GROSS.

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I left Kara and the babies out of the foster kitten room all day yesterday – even left for half an hour to take a trip to the recycling center – and no one died. I do need to get another baby gate to make sure the entire doorway at the bottom of the stairs is covered and no one can climb over. I wouldn’t want to see THAT carnage.

Their favorite place to hang out seems to be in my bedroom, whether playing under the bed, chasing each other up the back of the recliner, or napping on my bed. They seem a little more willing to be cuddled these days, as long as I don’t try to do it for too long. They kill me with the cute, these kittens.

Inara and the camera lens cover.

Sleeping Kara.

“Okay, seriously? They’re almost nine weeks old! When does my body become MINE again?!”

Actually, I think Zoe’s 9/10s of the way to being weaned. She didn’t get much nursing in before Kara stood up and went along her way. Also, after eating baby food for the last several days, Zoe has now moved on to eating a mix of baby food and canned food. I think she also may have eaten a few pieces of hard cat food. She’s definitely hungry in the morning and at night when I give them their canned food/ baby food combo, so hopefully she’s ready to get moving on to the crunchy stuff.


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