Kara & babies – 6-25-08

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Kara and the monkeys are enjoying having the run of the upstairs all day long. Inara figured out how to climb over the gates (I was only putting the one across the top when I left the house; otherwise I just had two up with a gap at the top) so we’ve gone to keeping all three gates up during the day. Kara will occasionally come to the bottom of the stairs and check out the situation. Sometimes she just meows at whatever cat is there, and sometimes she hisses and flies at the gate. Fred has taken to, every now and then, picking her up and carrying her around the downstairs. So far she’s calm as long as he’s holding her, but I’m waiting for the time when she catches sight of the wrong cat at the wrong time and leaves tracks up one side of Fred’s face.

I made a movie of the kittens at 9 weeks old – well, I made two of them, I’ll post the other one on Friday. This one is what they’re like when they’re relatively calm.

YouTube link

Kaylee would like you to know it’s a rough, rough life.


Inara, being picked on by both her sisters as River smirks in the background.

Rough life.

“Hey! I said no pictures!”

He always looks like he’s smirking.

“I am just a poor, sweet, innocent kitten and I would never bite someone. Not me!”


“Bleh. Does this foot taste funny to you?”


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