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Fred has taken to picking up Kara and walking around the downstairs with her. Yesterday, he let her out into the downstairs hallway so she could walk around. Miz Poo was in the vicinity. Kara sniffed around and then rubbed on Miz Poo, and then she apparently realized she was rubbing on Miz Poo, and started a smackdown.

Poor Miz Poo.

So Kara has decided that she’d like the freedom of having the run of the whole house, pls, and so she sits at the bottom of the stairs and occasionally howls and I blame Fred for this annoying turn of events. If I could trust that she wouldn’t kill any of the cats who looked sideways at her kittens, I’d be more inclined to let her run free. As it is, for now she’ll get short periods of freedom.


Sleepy kittens, waking up.

I don’t know what was going on here. She’d just woken up and she got in this position and just sat there like that.

You put a basket down, you’ve got to expect that everyone wants to sit in it.

I like how she’s posing prettily, but he’s all goofy-faced.


Sugarbutt disapproves.


2007: It’s his default expression.
2006: No entry.
2005: No entry.


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