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Kittens are doing fine. Kara, on the other hand, is about to drive me batty. She wants OUT of the upstairs, she wants IN the rest of the house, so she sits at the bottom of the stairs and howls. She has a VERY piercing meow. I blame this on Fred, who lets her out for a trip around the downstairs every time she meows. Damn him. We let her out of the upstairs last night, and there were some tense moments, but she stayed out for a few hours, and no one died. Progress!

The kittens, cute as ever. Here they are in the second part of their “9 week old kittens” video. Now that they’re 10 weeks old!

YouTube link

What a difference 10 weeks makes, huh?





Rough life.

SUCH a rough life.

It’s a Zoe in a basket.

Sleepy Zoe, up close.

Sleepy boy.


Goofy boy.

Love those whiskers!


Newt keeps an eye on the goings-on.


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2005: I mean, I have NEVER dealt with a cat in heat before.


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