A few weeks ago I realized that I’d earned enough Fresh Step “Paw Points” to get a “snuggle sack” for the cats. So I ordered it, it came a lot faster than I expected, I took it out of the package, and left it on the floor near Fred’s desk until I could decide where to put it (probably the kitten room, I’m thinking).

Now, the Snuggle Sack has some of that crinkly stuff in it so that when a cat climbs in, it crinkles.

It sounds exactly – EXACTLY – like someone opening a bag of chips, and without fail when I first hear the noise I perk up and think “Who is eating yummy yummy chips, and why is no one sharing with me, and OH I hope they’re sour cream and onion!”, and then it is with great disappointment when I realize what I’m really hearing.

“I are not a bag o’ chips, muthah.”

* * *

Spanky giggles evilly about his thievery of Sugarbutt’s favorite place to sleep.

* * *

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