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Do we now know the source of Elwood’s extra girth? He’s hanging out with the raccoons on the front porch, raiding the cat food bin! It’s good to have friends with thumbs!

We have actually blocked Elwood from getting over the fence – at least for the time being, until he realizes that he can climb the fence in other areas and then we have to block THAT part of the fence, too – and he’s really only gone over the fence a few times. Which is to say that Elwood seems to have gotten sizable via the high-quality grain-free food that he gets inside the house. It’s his metabolism, I tell ya!

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I think she [Logie] will end up looking rather like Coy and Joy from this site …and you can adopt these two if you are near Central California.

I suspect you’re right!

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Oh. My. Goodness. The Skitten videos KILL ME DEAD with the cuteness!!! I can’t believe the change in just a couple days? It’s like one day they just wake up & decide that it’s OK to come out of the box? For the first 4 weeks they will not leave the box, and then one day – BAM! They’re running around the room.

It is really amazing how they hang out in the box and hang out in the box and you think “Oh, they are NEVER going to come out of there” and then suddenly one day they’re all over the place. These days, they’re out of the box – they like to sleep in the middle of the rug – more than they’re in it.

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Are they old enough to be interested in the laser dot?

I gave it a try, and thus far, they’re not interested in the laser dot.

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Does Darwin stand around like that very often? How soon until she takes off on a two-legged walk???

2012-04-03 (5)

That’s actually the only time I’ve seen her standing like that. I’d love to see her head around the room on two legs, but despite my encouragement she’s not having it. YET.

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Aww, is that Darwin with the zipper?

2012-04-03 (12)

That is indeed Darwin. I’m afraid to know what’s really under that kitten costume!

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You wanna see a handful at bath time? Check out this Savannah mom and her kit.

And I thought Emmy got some sass from her kittens! That is way too cute.

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He may hiss at me from time to time, but the camera loves Joe Bob. This is my favorite picture of that people lover ever! (Let’s face it, a photogenic feline like me can afford to be generous…) Signed, Il Corbione

Corbie, who’s running the mouse for you when you sneak onto the internet? Also, why won’t you snuggle with me? Whyyyy? You used to! You used to be a huge snugglebug, and now you’re all “Talk to the paw, lady.” Hmph.

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Apparently five weeks is the age when the kittens are not so interested in sleeping curled up next to Mama anymore. Yesterday when I walked into the room, the kittens were curled up either in the middle of the rug or on the cat tree, and Emmy was curled up in one corner or another. There’s not much sleeping in the box anymore (I really should take it out of the room and clean it, but I’ll leave it for now).

A few people have asked about Emmy and whether she’s allowing us to pet her. She does allow us both to pet her, but she has a limited tolerance for that, and after a few strokes from me, she tends to snap. She lets Fred pet her for longer periods of time, but once she’s decided she’s done with that, she’s DONE and she’ll snap at him, too.

When I say she snaps, I mean she kind of bites at our hands, she rarely makes contact and she’s not aggressive about it unless you keep going past the point when she wants you to stop (you will please note that I stop immediately. Someone else presses his luck, and Emmy has drawn blood a few times.) We cannot touch her at all when she’s eating, because she’s food-aggressive (toward humans, that is – her babies can crawl through her food, and she has no problems with that). I imagine the fact that she’s still too thin and the babies are still nursing, so her body is working hard at producing milk, has something to do with her food-aggressiveness.

We seem to have hit this certain point, where she’ll grudgingly allow some contact, but no matter what we do, we haven’t been able to get beyond that point. Sometimes when I walk into the room (and I always, always speak to her before I open the door so she won’t be taken by surprise), she’s fine, and sometimes she hisses at me.

My plan is, once the babies are completely litter box trained and eating on their own – so, it’ll be a little while, in other words – to separate them from Emmy. We’ll have her spayed and then get to work with her one-on-one, and hopefully we’ll make more progress. She had such a rough start and has been such a good mama to those babies that I really hope we can turn her around and get her to trust us.

Luckily, despite all my initial concerns, the babies are perfectly friendly and always happy to see me when I walk into the room!

2012-04-06 (1)
If you look very, very closely, you can see a piece of litter in Newbery’s mouth.

2012-04-06 (2)

2012-04-06 (3)
“Dat was yummy.”

2012-04-06 (4)
I have kissed this face one thousand and thirty-three times, and intend to do it another million times. He puts up with it, but he doesn’t LIKE it. Yet. He will.

2012-04-06 (5)
Darwin and Logie, snugglin’ in the box.

2012-04-06 (6)
Front to back, Razzie (obv), Logie (obv) and Darwin.

2012-04-06 (7)
Newbery, having just awoken from his nap, tries to decide whether to stay up or go back to bed.

2012-04-06 (8)
Razzie’s just about the size of my foot, it appears.

2012-04-06 (9)
Something startled Razzie – I don’t know what – look at the fur on her tail!

2012-04-06 (10)
This cracks me UP!

2012-04-06 (12)
They love to bite this blanket.

2012-04-06 (13)
Darwin and Razzie, going sideways at each other.

2012-04-06 (14)
Checking to see if the coast is clear.

2012-04-06 (11)
Emmy gets a moment to herself.

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Noms video! This video kills me dead, it’s so cute, but first a few notes from me: (1) at 12 seconds, when she jumps up at the outlet? She looks like the frog on Frogger going ::SPLAT!::, doesn’t she? (2) I call Darwin “Little Bit” because she’s a tiny little thing. (3) After she crawled out, I put the toy in the closet where they can’t get to it, because I don’t need them getting STUCK.

YouTube link

I’ve got another video or two that I’ll post this weekend!

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2012-04-06 (17)
Fred calls Corbie “Chester.”

2012-04-06 (16)
I was like, “Why are you calling him Chester? What’s that about?” Fred said, “He walks like Chester Cheetah!”

2012-04-06 (15)
I had to go to YouTube and watch the commercial, and then I laughed and laughed.

Corbie TOTALLY walks like Chester Cheetah. I’ve GOT to get Corbie walking on video, so y’all can see for yourselves!


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