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Today’s Puffdate!

The SWEETest video of Puff taking a bath:

YouTube link.

And this is what was going on yesterday morning while Selena was getting ready for work! Lots of annoyed looks, but no hissing. I think Puff is learning the skill of being the bratty little brother.

YouTube link.

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The Floofening.

Look at Scorch, getting all hissy with the babies.

Hodor does not take kindly to hissing Dragons.


“Hodor!” he says firmly.

Wearing his Stranger Danger Floof, Jon Snow follows Scorch into the closet (where the litter boxes are kept.)

A shot of Hodor’s Floof Suit from above.

Scorch was evicted from the premises for being a big ol’ Drama Queen, and in came Ember. Who immediately took up the Drama Queen mantel. Hodor was hiding behind the cat tree, and Ember did not care for that sort of behavior.

“Hodor!” he said floofily.

Ember was all “YOU LOOKIN’ AT ME?!”
Jon Snow said “Um, no ma’am.”

Arya was minding her own beeswax, hanging out with her basket, and along came Ember, hissing at her.



Jon Snow said “Garsh, you are pretty, and I like me a Wildling ladycat who’s been kissed by fire.”

“I can stand in my basket! Aren’t you impressed, pretty ladycat?”
“You know nothing about impressing ladycats, Jon Snow. Though I’ve heard rumors…”

Jon Snow stumbled backward and fell out of his basket.
“I meant to do that!” he said.

“Baskets are a tasty form of nutrition.”

Hodor has no idea what’s going on.

Ember gets hissy with Jon Snow.

Then she gets hissy with Hodor, and they both raise their Paws o’ Doom.

Hodor gives Ember a Hard Look.

“Now THIS one I like!” Ember says. “Not much of a vocabulary, but he’s got tons of personality.”

My apologies for the fact that there’s no Brandon (and not much Arya) in today’s post. He was off playing and completely oblivious to the fact that there were strangers in the room.

Yesterday Fred said “Why are we waiting another day to let the Starks out to run around the house?” and I said “Good question!” and opened the barrier at the end of the hallway so that the Starks could roam the house. All four of them made it to the bottom of the stairs in record time, and spent most of the morning running up and down the stairs, and around the bottom floor. Arya, especially, had NO FEAR and didn’t hesitate to explore every inch of the downstairs. I let them run around for a couple of hours, and then put them back upstairs for most of the afternoon. Things went so well that I’ll probably let them have the run of the house all day today, and if that goes well, then they can run around the house during the day all day, every day.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Miz Poo taking her daily sun bath in my room.


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8-14-13 — 26 Comments

  1. Jon Snow said β€œGarsh, you are pretty, and I like me a Wildling ladycat who’s been kissed by fire.” – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Puff is gonna do just fine with his big brother!! Thank you Selena for the Puffdates!!!!

  2. Best caption-photo pairing for me: ‘”Hodor!” he says firmly.’ Though of course they’re all gems.

  3. Haven’t Puff and Flynn hit pay dirt with Selena?! — I love it when Robyn’s graduates end up in such obviously caring, fun homes. Great to see Miz Poo looking on excellent form.

  4. Oh I am envious! If I only I could snag me a puff muffin! Not that my current cat isn’t nice, but I can dream of more πŸ™‚

    Is it just me or is Ember about the same size as the Starks? Scorch seemed significantly bigger but not Ember. And is Ember softer/sleeker than the Starks, or is that just me too? πŸ™‚

    • She’s about a pound bigger than they are (they’re just over 2 pounds, she’s just over 3), but in her case it’s all legs and ears. Compared to the other Dragons, she certainly doesn’t look much bigger than the babies!

  5. Thanks Selena. I agree that your kitties have landed in the second best place on Earth, after Crooked Acres of course. I can tell you are having a blast with the kitties. I predict less than a week before they are besties.

  6. Robyn, you are so very lucky to get updates & pics from the nice families that adopt your graduates of the “School of Miz Robyn”.

  7. I love me some floofed-up kittens! I know I shouldn’t laugh, ’cause they’re just babies and all scared and stuff, but I find them HILARIOUS.

    I agree, Ember looks to be about the same size as the Starks. I suppose the camera angle could have something to do with it, but since she is the smallest of her litter, I’m guessing she’s quite a bit closer in size to the Starks than her litter mates.

    Love the Puffdate. Especially the video with Kohle/Flynn!

  8. bwaaahahahaha….. That Hodor. πŸ™‚ Love when the smaller ones get all bent out of shape. (there was one last night at the shelter when I was volunteering that everytime someone came near him, he puffed up and shrieked…..the noise made MY hair stand up).

    Oh -and it may be time to update the sidebar for the Starks. MOL

    • Oh, I know. I can hardly believe they were ever that tiny – though they still seem really tiny to me! I need to add Stefan to the permanent residents, too. When it comes to the sidebar, I tend toward being a slacker. πŸ™‚

  9. It bothers me that Puff and Kohle are not in a cat-friendly environment. No cat toys, nothing to explore and hide in, no soft comfy places to sleep in not to mention their movements are clearly restricted.

    Yeah right, we should all have such a hard life.

    Hodor cracks me up with his stranger danger suit. Really hard to find that intimdating. Ember and Scorch clearly felt so too. Amd Jon is such smooth player, not.

  10. So I have to ask, what did Scorch do to get evicted besides general hissiness and an excess of drama? The last update we get is that he goes into the closet with Jon Snow and then next thing you know, he’s out of the foster room. Inquiring minds want to know!

    • He was sniffing around the litter boxes, and I thought he should go use one of the numerous litter boxes in the rest of the house instead of befouling the litter boxes of those wee babies. πŸ™‚

  11. HODOR!!!! That whole sequence just made me laugh and laugh – I love the Stranger Danger Floof Suits! And even funnier, Banner Roulet showed the floofed-up picture of one of the ‘Maters to me this morning, too!

    Love the Puffdates! It’s so nice to see the two boys getting to know each other!

  12. Can we get details on the tube things in Selena’s videos? I’m thinking my cats would either love or hate them – it could go either way, but it’s worth a shot…

    • I got the green one at our church yard sale so I have no idea where it originally came from! The blue tunnel and cube combo came from Petsmart. I bought it shortly after I adopted Flynn and it’s a little worn out! I need to get a new one that isn’t falling apart. Flynn loves running through them and now Puff enjoys “hiding” in them!

    • That is the ToyShoppe Pop-up Play Tunnel and Cube. I have the tunnel and a cube on each end. My 5 & 6 month old kittens love it. My boyfriend teases me that we’ll have to buy a new house if we keep adding to that tunnel (there are velcro fasteners on all ends, so that you can add multiple tunnels). They are on sale at PetSmart right now!

  13. Robyn! I need the Tubby Meh picture and I can’t find it! Where’s Tubby’s pictures?

    OK – I guess I can’t IM the picture to my co-worker as a response to her Meh reply. Tubby may be gone, but he’s never forgotten.

    Time to get back to work.

  14. Ember looks about the same size as the Starks but she’s a little more than a pound heavier. Must be all in her ears.