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Update on Puff (I think we’ll call it a Puffdate! Ha.)

Tonight I took Puff into the bathroom so Flynn could go eat in peace and I could feed him too. While I was in there playing with him Flynn started sticking his paw under the door. Puff decided he wanted to play and they were batting a ball back and forth. I took that as progress even though there was an occasional hiss still! But overall I would say we’ve had another good day!

I had Puff out for a while when Flynn was on my bed napping.

Flynn keeping an eye on things. Puff was in there resting.

We should totally start up a pool on how long it is before Flynn and Puff are discovered (1) playing and (2) snuggling with each other! 🙂

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I’m just not sure how her neck can support those big ears!

Yesterday I was watching TV, and I kept hearing the very quiet sound of a kitten meowing. I’d pause the TV and listen, and wouldn’t hear it, so I’d turn the TV on, and then it would happen again. It turned out that Ruth was hanging out on one of the platforms and apparently had an opinion on the Real Housewives of NJ. (She thinks they’re all crazyyyyyy.)

Scorch catches some rays.

Ruth thinks Tommy’s tail is the BEST toy EVER.

Please note that Norbie is peeking out from between the pillows. While Ruth was going after Tommy’s tail, Norbie was going after hers.

Then Norbie FLUNG himself out from between the pillows to go after Tommy’s tail.

A closeup of Scorch’s pretty, pretty eyes.

Norbie gives me the Eyes of Skepticism.

Norbie, watching birds.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I don’t know why, but I love doing this to the kittens and then asking them where their ears have gone.

Hodor hanging out in the cat tree condo, and Arya watching birds.

Jon Snow, having just received a kiss, awaits the next one. He always looks drunk when I’m kissing him.

He is such a pretty boy!

Arya shows the track toy what’s what.

Checking out the bricks and the mirrors.

“WHO is that beYOOOOtiful kitten?!”

“What? Just hangin’ out with my dishpan full of toys. The usual.”

While checking out the dishpan full of toys, Jon Snow is distracted by the wonderful and amazing ceiling fan.

Hodor thinks the ceiling fan is pretty special, too.
“Hodor,” he says, seductively.

On Sunday, I put the barrier up across the end of the hallway and opened the door so that the Starks could have more room to roam. They now have Fred’s room and the bathroom to explore, in addition to their room. They thought it was pretty interesting, and lost no time in climbing up on Fred’s bed.

Yesterday they got their 9-week vaccinations. That usually makes them sleepy for a day or so, so after I let them have their day of rest today, I’m going to let them have the rest of the house to explore starting tomorrow. They’ve had some limited interactions with the Dragons (pictures tomorrow) and while there was hissing and floofing, it went pretty well. Time to step it up! I’m hoping to come upon a Hodor/Scorch/Stefan snuggle pile one day. A girl can hope, right?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Stefan. Darling. Can I suggest some teeth-whitening strips and a good lotion?
(This picture is actually from a while ago; his chest doesn’t look quite that bad any more; it’s mostly healed, though he has some scar tissue.)(His chest was in pretty rough shape when he came to us; the vet said he thought it was an allergic reaction to something.)


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  1. I think the hissing is just Flynn being nervous….but the fact that he is so curious and is already playing under the door….he and Puff will be friends in no time (speaking from experience).

    Norbert is just too darn cute!! Love him peeking out from behind the pillow.

    Ahhhh…adding Scorch into the Stephan kitty pile would make for a great pic.

    Arya and Jon Snow would be all mine if I could. *sigh*

  2. We do the same thing to our cats (push their ears back so their faces are earless and pulled tight) and then refer to them as aliens. It’s best to do it when you’re lying down in bed and they’re on your chest (best for the effect, not for them. They don’t care for it no matter what). I have a theory that all those people who believe they’ve seen aliens really just saw their cats’ faces at night. Jon Snow has a great alien face!

    • Hilarious. “I was probed by aliens.” ” Nah, you just got swatted by a Siamese.”

    • This brings back memories. I used to do this a lot with Max, but I’d follow it up by bringing my thumb and finger to the outsides of his ears and pushing them in. I called it “alien faaaace – bunny ears!” Still cracks me up thinking about it – he was sooooo patient.

      • Er, I don’t, and it’s too late to start now. (Fellow L&H-ites, I feel so alone now!) Robyn, may I demand more Brandon coverage? Thanks in advance, and your check’s in the mail (the Brooklyn Bridge, too).

        • You could always start anew with a new little kitten.. a Jon or a Hodor perhaps.. if those aren’t to your liking.. why I see you eyeing that Brandon model.. as luck would have it he is totally available.. but really you should take two, they are small..

          • Alas, my younger cat Chester would prefer to keep that status after the following experience: I adopted the best kitten in the world for him and my older cat, but Chet went on a serious hunger strike and had to be force-fed for some time. Once peace, plenty, and fun ensued, BKitW alas gave everyone in the house ringworm. (Kelly knows my pain.) But yes, I do fantasize about Brandon and Scorch and Hodor and Leia and Buttercup and so many others.

  3. What adorable furbabies! I’m in love with all of them. Thanks for the great posting! I look forward to reading more about them.

  4. Flynn and Puff are fighting/playing/being rough little boys as I read and write this! Puff isn’t backing down and there is no hissing!!!! I think Flynn is loving it even though he is still acting all annoyed! This is really their first interaction with me just standing guard and not in between them. I will send more pics soon!

  5. Ruthie is so right. Those housewives are cray-cray! Or maybe she was hearing Theresa’s whiney voice and trying to do an impression.

  6. LOL, I do the same thing to my guys, pull their ears back while I ambush them and kiss their little foreheads.

    Uncle Tommy sure is tolerant!

  7. Hodor looks like an ad for Bright Eyes cat food. So pretty! Arya looks like a cat commercial too, so playful and cute!

    Norbert continues to steal my heart.

    I missed it, when did Stefan become an indoor cat? I thought he was still doing the mysterious loner who comes and goes by his own agenda?

    • It’s been a few months. It was a slow process, but now he’s inside more than out – and if he’s outside and we’re not fast enough to let him in, he can climb over the fence and come in the cat door. He’s a smart boy. 🙂

      • It sure didn’t seem like a slow process. For a month there the only pictures you guys had of him was him melted in a different cat bed around the house. 🙂

  8. Kitten ears are mostly air, so they are lightweight! I would say the same about their heads, but I have it on good authority that they are filled with marshmallow fluff.

  9. Regarding the ear thing, we have a game we play with our cats that’s similar. We call it “Yoda?” “Bunny!” I’ll have to get a photo of it. We flatten their ears like Yoda, and then push them up like a bunny. They don’t seem as amused by it as I am.

    This game has carried outside the house too. We have one old, beat up Prius that we call Yoda because it’s green. So when I got my new Prius, I called it Bunny. My husband thought that was lame, but I don’t care. 🙂

    • We do Yoda ears too! Oddly enough, the kitties seem to be tolerating it and not enjoying it. Curious.

  10. Puffdate! LOL, I love it. I’m guessing by the weekend they’ll be fast friends!

    LOVE the “where’s your ears” photo and total look of “you are so weird lady” look you are getting back..

  11. You know all this recent talk of eyes made me look at my two and I realized that Jack’s are gorgeous orange/brown. He’s pretty much that color himself, so he matches very nicely. Of course that meant I spent the next couple of hours trying to get a decent picture of his eyes to send you… to no avail. it was night time so the flash always screwed it up and/or he blinked a bunch. Still working on it. Little Smudge’s are a pretty green, but not nearly as striking as my Jack’s.

  12. Hee! I do the “gently hold kitty’s ears down and ask her where they’ve gone” thing too! I say to her in a high pitched voice “Where are your ears?” and then as I release them one by one I say “Boop!” “Boop!” It provides endless entertainment for me. I don’t think she minds it too too much but she does start to get annoyed after about the 27th time I do it. 😉

  13. OK so Robyn, you might think I have better things to do with my life than demo the “Yoda?/Bunny!” game, but I do not. Here it is!


    The boys look like they’re having a blast. Don’t they? DON’T THEY?? 🙂

    Thought you might like it and after all the videos you share with us, I figured I could go outside my comfort zone and share my voice…

  14. I also like to hold my cats ears down and ask them if they are sealions 🙂 Because without their ears they do look like sealions 🙂