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First thing: Agata was adopted Friday night!

Still no adoption love for Razzie, but I think that means the universe has someone super-awesome-special for her, and they just haven’t made it to Petsmart yet. Lisa (who was doing adoptions Saturday) had Razzie out in a harness and on a leash, and Razzie had a great time exploring, knocking things down, and meeting dogs (one of whom needed a pat on the nose from the Razzie Paw o’ Doom). She’s such a sweet girl. I wish her people would hurry up!

Fianna and Kennebec are still waiting for their forever homes, too. Lisa reported that Kennebec sucked on her shirt a little, purring like a crazy man, and just hearing that made me need to go pick up a kitten and squeeze him!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Before you start reading this, please know: it does not have a sad ending.

Friday morning when I walked into the foster room, I couldn’t find Tony Rocky Horror Pickle. The door to his cage was still closed (when we went to bed the night before, Fred had pushed the door closed, but not latched it so that if Tony RH wanted out, he’d just need to push on the door and could get out that way. I walked all over the room, looked everywhere, and then called down to Fred (who had the day off from work) to ask if he’d come up and help me look. It took a few more minutes before Fred realized that Tony was still in the cage. He was behind the cat bed, laying cold and still, in a puddle of urine.

We truly thought he had passed away. Fred picked him up, and then Tony’s mouth opened. I wrapped him in a warm blanket, and brought him downstairs, where I sat on the couch with him. He was so cold and still and barely breathing, that we both believed it was only going to be a matter of time. We discussed what to do and decided to try to get some fluids into him. I didn’t think it would do any good, but it was certainly worth a try. So I syringed some Pediasorb into his mouth, which he swallowed. And then I syringed some more in, and he swallowed it. I held him on a warming pad on my lap, and at one point he cried out and arched his back and I didn’t think it would be long. I think it was about an hour and a half after we found him that all of a sudden he rolled onto his stomach and looked up at me and said “What?”

So he is still with us. He’s eating, his diarrhea is much improved, and he’s irritated by the fact that he’s now in a cage that he can’t escape  – the litter box thing isn’t really clicking with him 100%, and while I’m letting him out into the room when I’m in there, I find it easier to keep him confined rather than continually stepping in puddles of urine or piles of poop. When he’s gotten a bit bigger and can demonstrate that he knows what litter boxes are and how to use them ALL the time, then he can stay out of the cage.

I check on him constantly, even getting up every few hours during the night to see how he’s doing, and he seems to be doing fine.

He was SO loud and vigorous and full of life Thursday night that it never occurred to us that there was going to be a problem overnight. This crash took me completely by surprise, and I am truly hoping that it doesn’t happen again. When we found him Friday morning, I would have said there was no chance that he was going to make it. Now I am cautiously optimistic that he will. I wish he’d bulk up (I’m pushing food at him constantly, and he eats pretty well for a little guy), and I’ll be glad to see him feeling well enough to play, but for now he’s hanging in there.

Also, regarding Tony Rocky Horror Pickle, I know he’s a little odd looking. He’s got a high forehead (a fivehead!) and a pointy nose, and he kind of looks like a character from a Tim Burton movie, or a rat. Is it just because he’s so emaciated, is it genetic, will he grow out of it? I don’t know. I do know that he’s the sweetest little monkey and I cannot stop (gently!) kissing his tiny little head.

“Who you callin’ funny-looking?”

“What’s a “gremlin”?”

“This are my slappin’ paw.”

Why the long face, Tony Rocky Horror Pickle?

What a kitten gonna do? He’s still growin’!

Second best cat toy: camera lens cover. (BEST cat toy: camera strap.)

Ping pong balls are cool, too.

Percy looks like he’s trying to figure out who to toss the fuzzy ball to. “Go wide! GO WIDE!”

Polly, keeping an eye on her brudders.

Hydrating time.

Joe Pickles is a lap sitter. The instant I sit down, in my lap he goes. Get used to seeing my white, freckly legs behind his head.

Petey Pickles likes to make sure the toys are kept clean.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today, we focus on Wellington!

You’ll have to forgive the small number of pictures of Wellington which were obviously all taken at about the same time. Wellington appears to be somewhat camera shy, at least when he knows the camera is pointed at him!

Wellington’s favorite place to hang out is the cat tree in the guest bedroom. The morning sun comes through there, and he likes to warm his furs while watching birds and assorted bugs go by. If I can’t find him, he’s either on that cat tree, or the one in the front room. Wellington is a tree dweller, is what I’m saying.

Wellington is SUCH a tree dweller that on Saturday he headed up the steps in the front room that lead to the platform over the couch… where Stinkerbelle was! He was halfway up when he heard her growling, and instead of thinking “I should maybe not go up here”, he thought “Hey, who’s that?!”, and when I came in to rescue him from his certain doom (Stinkerbelle was growling at him and she meant BUSINESS) he was standing on the top step, his front paws on the platform, looking at her with great interest.

Like the rest of his litter, he’s sweet and charming. He’s closest with Dingwall Scotty, and they can often be found near each other. He’s the quietest one of this litter, and he chooses his meows carefully. He doesn’t speak ’til he’s got something to say, then he says it, he repeats it in case you weren’t paying attention, and then he stops talking. He lets the other kittens do all the talking, and he watches to see whether they get what they want. Whether they do or they don’t, he files it away to ponder later. He’s the quiet observer of the bunch, and I bet you anything he’s secretly got a blog somewhere, where he spills all the tiny details of his day and calls for revolution.

Today the lady opened a can of tuna. I thought we might get some – Caspian and Sungold were spinning in circles trying to convince her that we should get some, but we didn’t. The man ate it on sandwiches. One day we will be free of this tyranny, and we will eat all the tuna we want.

Though he is a tree dweller, Wellington will come down from on high if he sees that there’s a human about to take a nap. He loves to curl up on my chest or if I’m laying on my side, he’ll drape himself over me at waist level, front legs hanging down on one side of me, back legs hanging down on the other, and he’ll purr us both to sleep. He’s not one of those kittens who moves a lot in his sleep – once he’s asleep, he’s OUT.

He’s a playful boy, and his favorite toys are those that have feathers. Or I guess I should say, his favorite toys are the ones that start out with feathers. He likes to chew the feathers off, and play with whatever the feathers came off of. There’s a fuzzy ball with feather-nubs sticking out of it that’s his absolute favorite, and he can play with it for long stretches of time. He’s fond of feather teasers, but actually prefers to watch his brothers leap after the feathers rather than do it himself.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On Saturday, Fred took Da Bird out to the back yard and played with our cats. I got a bunch of pictures, which I will share all week long!

This might have been better if I’d gotten Elwood’s head, but I think it’s funnier that I didn’t!

Newt says “I’ve got it!” (but he didn’t).

Here we have MORE than half the Crooked Acres permanent residents in one picture! From left to right: Tommy, Elwood, Kara (running over from the other side of the yard), Joe Bob (way back at the end of the walkway, in front of the cement patio), Alice, Sugarbutt, Corbie (in front of Sugarbutt), and Newt.

Alice, Sugarbutt, and Newt, keeping an eye on Da Bird.


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8-13-12 — 42 Comments

  1. I think Tony RH is infinitely more beautiful than odd-looking — and I’m so happy you and Fred managed to save him last week. What a story. Hopefully he can pack on some ounces and make strides on the litter-box front. Congrats to Agata’s new family and to Razzie on her new skill. And might Wellington be a CIA contender? Or perhaps he’ll stick with being a member of the TIA (Tuna Intelligence Agency). Love that Fred took Da Bird outside for the ostensible grown-ups. Thanks for a great Monday update.

  2. Tony! You get healthy and strong soon, little man! No more sleeping in your pee, and scaring the Lady. And the rest of us.

    I love seeing the Big Kitties all in a bunch like that. 🙂

  3. well if Little Tony ends up half as well padded as your PR he’ll be one cuddly little fluffball!!

  4. Ha ha—I LOVE the one where not all of Elwood attended the photograph!

    I’m so grateful the story about Tony started with the part about it not having a sad ending. That must have been so scary.

  5. Wow, I get so used to seeing the healthy monkeys playing around with no problems that I forget that every once in a while things get really scary really fast. I hope that Tony Pickle picks up weight and gets back on track soon. I know you and Fred will do the best that you can for him. He is a lucky boy to have come to you when he did. If he was still at the other house I doubt they would have been experienced enough to rally him. I bet it was scary as heck and I know I would have been panicky. Tell him for us that he has a really big long name and he has to grow up to fit it!

  6. I seem to recall just a few days ago a discussion about how the people who originally kept HRH Tony (yes, that’s how I choose to use his initials) probably couldn’t handle a delicate kitten and how he was much better off there with you. Hypothesis proven…. and thank goodness he was at Crooked Acres when the crisis hit.

    Seems that Wellington is like my foster Henry… except that Henry detaches mouse tails instead of feathers… and I have yet to find any of the tails. Yes, I now detach them myself before giving them to him.

    You go, Elwood!! Fly high with your chunky self!

  7. When you introduced Tony to us last week I wondered what would happen if you tried getting Brandywine to take him on. Is she still making milk? Do you think she would accept a new baby? I sure hope he gets stronger one way or another!

  8. Now Tony RH Pickle, don’t be scaring us like that again! We need you to eat up and get big and strong like your siblings! *kiss kiss little man* (And hugs to you Robin, I know that must have been hard on you!)

    Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching so much Olympics, but I can hear Wellie’s little tuna dialogue being said in a British accent!

  9. Glad Tony Pickle made it through. I had a kitten I feared would die for the longest time; all her litter-mates died (the vet never did figure out why). I wouldn’t name her, I was so afraid she’d die — so her name ended up being “Kitten.” Which was funny when she grew up to be a hugely FAT cat, one of the largest I ever had! May the same happen with Tony Pickles!

  10. What a frightful ordeal with little Tony Pickle! We hope little Tony will bulk up and stay healthy.

  11. Oh Tony you little munchkin with your high forehead, I hope that this was just an isolated spell. Thank you for watching him like the mama cat you are Robyn and Fred.

    I love Wellington. He’s just a sweetheart and cheeky monkey.

  12. Yes, thanks for telling ahead that the story didn’t have a sad ending! So glad you were able to revive the little guy, and here’s hoping he just picks up steam from here on out.
    Nice news on Agata too!

  13. This post is so full of goodness – including Tony’s recovery – that I can’t stand it! I’m incredibly glad you started Tony’s story with the assurance that it wasn’t sad in the end. I’m also glad he pulled through. Yikes, that must’ve been scary!

    Surely Razzie’s harness and dog skills should make her attractive to adopters. I hope her family shows up soonest. In the meanwhile, it’s great to hear she is getting attention at Petsmart!

    And the jumpin’ adults photos are great! Who knew Ellie Bellie could get that far off the ground? Cats are amazing critters!

    Keep up the good work and keep the photos and stories coming!

  14. I love love love all the kitties outside on the green green grass. I miss green grass darn draught.

  15. Is it possible that Tony was going through a seizure? I lost a foster kitten once (Oscar), and he was having seizures that sound close to what you described. Keep a close eye on that boy (I know you will). He sure is a sweet looking fella.

  16. I just got through watching the Nat Geo Wild show about The Cat House on the Kings. 700 cats on 12 acres. In comparison, your back yard seems almost bereft of cats. Yours makes me smile, though. The other one makes me uncomfortable for some reason.

  17. Oh Tony, you dramatic little Bat Boy! If you need attention, just ask! I hope that this is just a bump on the road to the full bloom of health. Seriously, this must have been very scary and I’m so glad he’s okay.

    I’m glad Agata was adopted. Always had a soft spot for her and her gorgeous topaz eyes. But I’m with you: I wish that Razzie’s people would get on the stick!

  18. i was so hoping Agata and Fianna would go to the same home. They were such a pretty little pair.

  19. I too am thankful you started the story with it wasn’t sad. I almost didn’t believe you when you mentioned the urine..

    Sounds to me like he might have had a problem with low blood sugar.. if it happens again *knocks wood* you might want to consider getting a glucometer and testing his blood sugars. It can happen with little kittens if they aren’t able to consume enough food to sustain them calorie wise. it can also happen if there are internal problems. I once met a kitten who was diabetic. The vet who treated it ended up adopting it and he didn’t live very long after that. *knocks wood*

    On a side note, I’m going though kitten withdrawals right now.. give me one of yours!!

    • The low blood sugar thing was my first thought too…
      My friend had a Pomeranian puppy that would just play and play and then almost go comatose… The vet told her he needed more frequent feedings as he was just too little to store up glucogon for energy !!
      Who Knew ?!?

  20. In 1969 I was at Summer Camp when we found a kitten so emaciated that his little belly had swollen, his hair had fallen out and he was chewing his tail. His much healthier sibling was standing guard, both were very small. Ordered by the elderly camp owner to “leave the kittens alone” we formed the Underground cat committee and kept Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldran (yep that Summer) alive with mashed potatoes and gravy. When my father showed up a week later with a cat carrier he was so sure that Baby Buzz would die on the way home, he tried to steal himself to comfort a crying daughter; but Buzz made it.

    He was so small he fit in a tea cup and for two years did not grow much, my Mom called him “Buzzard Bate” Niel grew up, became a very independent outside cat and one day just didn’t come home a couple of years later. But at age two, Buzz started to grow, and grow and grow! By then end of it he looked just like Morris!

    He lived to be 15 or 16 and had a long an happy life, first in California and later in Mississippi.

    Funny looking kittens don’t always stay funning looking and even when they do, they are always cute!

    • I love that story! and I would have totally joined the Underground Cat Committee!

    • Your Dad was a good man, coming with a cat carrier. Love that your folks agreed to bringing home an extra souvenir.

  21. That picture of Newt standing on his hind legs made me laugh, it’s like he’s showing off some sweet ballroom dancing moves and the other guys are admiring his skills!

  22. I love how you captured the little funnel of water in the “Hydrating Time” picture…I always thought they just lapped it up, but then I read they create a funnel that kind of sucks the water up…interesting, huh?

  23. Huh. I commented, but it hasn’t appeared thus far. Let me just say Robyn, that I too appreciated you letting us know first thing that the story about Tony did not end sadly. It is an indication of how much you care for your readers.

    Thank heaven you knew what to do to help the little tyke. I am sending good thoughts that he start bulking up and growing into a gorgeous cat!

    Thanks for the Wellington profile (I love his sunstruck ears) and for da pictures of da permanent residents with da bird!

    • “Sunstruck,” that is a lovely word. I thought the sunlight filtering through his ears was particularly beautiful.

  24. I so wish I lived closer. I would love to take Razzie’s home, but South Dakota is too far away!!

  25. I’m so glad little Tony is doing better. He has the best “Mom” and “Dad” to take care of him, that’s for sure. And thank you for telling us this wasn’t going to have a sad ending! Please give him an extra kiss for me….

  26. PS I absolutely LOVE the picture of the profiles of Dingwall Scotty and Wellington on the cat tree, it is fantastic!

  27. Oh Tony RH, please don’t scare all of us ever again like that, and especially your Mama and Dad! Keep eating, little punkin’ and get stronger, so your sweet little bat face fills out. I want to see pictures of you as a full-grown adult, all beautiful and shiny, and wonder what we were all worried about in the first place! Even though you gave us the note that the story ended well Robyn, I still teared up when reading it. I can’t imagine how much your heart must have hurt when you were holding him before he perked up. Thank you for the love you show to every kitty that comes into your life. You make my heart happy.
    P.S. Loved the pictures of the other bitty kits too. Wellington and DS are so very pretty, and so sweet together…..even if Stinkerbelle doesn’t think so!

    • P.S.S. Tony’s little bitty toenails in the one picture are killing me dead! So cute.

  28. Oh my gosh, Elwood! For a big guy, you got some height there! Love seeing all the perms out there with da bird!

    Tony is a little alien, he was hibernating and communicating with his home world when you woke him.. Glad you did though, we don’t want him flying back to where he came from, not when we can have all that cute on this planet!

  29. I’m so glad tiny little Tony is doing okay, but low blood sugar occurred to me, too. When you get up and check him in the night, you might give him a tiny little snacky, too.

  30. Poor Tony. So glad you found him! The first thing that occurred to me, too, was that his blood sugar dropped really low, and he just avoided a coma. Maybe very frequent feedings will keep it up until he gets bigger.

  31. Speaking of Da Bird, I want to thank you SO much for recommending it so strongly! My two scaredy cats don’t have that many toys because they’re scared of anything that makes noise (crinkly balls, toys with bells, toys with rattly beads inside, etc.) and it’s harder to find silent toys that are also interesting to them. We have one that looks like a koosh ball on the end of a semi-flexible wire with a wooden handle, but they’ve never taken that much interest in it. I was at the pet store the other day, and on a whim I decided to look at the cat toys to find them a birthday present, since it’s almost their birthday. I couldn’t find any that don’t make noise until I saw Da Bird hanging there. Remembering how much your cats like it, I got it for my kitties, and so far it’s a hit! They do this weird thing where they’ll play intensely for a few minutes, then freeze and stare off into the distance and reject all my efforts to get them to play, and then a few minutes later they’ll just start playing again. But overall, they seem to like it! Thanks, Robyn. 🙂