8-13-10 – The Bookworms and the MMMs.

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Just a few more pictures of the animals I got to bond with while I was in Pennsylvania:

Julie is NOT sitting on the table. I just photoshopped it to look that way.

Felina and her chew. She tried to hide it in my mouth later that night.

Waldo. He’s such a sweet boy. He cracked me up, because he LOVES Trey, and he follows Trey around, gazing at him with eyes of devotion.

Felina has her own chair, with her own blanket on it, and when she’s not sitting in Shirley’s lap like a little princess, she’s curled up in her blanket.

And one last shot of Maddy.


So THAT’s where it is!


“Oh, were you gone? I hadn’t noticed.”

Released: pictures of the crime in progress!

Unfortunately, Elwood fled the crime scene before Homicide Detective Maxi’s backup, Detective Coltrane, rolled up onto the scene. Rumor has it he was off rolling around in catnip. Has a ‘nip problem, that one, and you’d better believe Internal Affairs will have a field day with this one!


“HEY! YOU! Where’d you GO? That GUY doesn’t kiss me nearly as much as you do! I can’t believe you’d leave him in charge!”

“You know I need my kisses. I can’t sleep if I haven’t been properly kissed!”


Tommy, hanging out in the back yard. This platform (which Fred made, specifically for the cats to hang out on in the back yard. It looks like the fence is very close, but it’s not at all – they can’t jump from the platform over the top of the fence, believe me.) is about eye-level for me. Tommy seems to think I can’t reach him when he’s up there, so if I need to give him medicine or clean his eyes or whatever, he flees to the platform. Then he’s AMAZED when I grab him.


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8-13-10 – The Bookworms and the MMMs. — 10 Comments

  1. I myself have crossed the Rainbow Bridge many times. God is apparently a big fan of poutaine and chocolate smarties. 😉

  2. They are all cuties – but seriously who wouldn’t want to just give Martin tons of kisses – that face it sooooooo cute! And I love that Tommy just doesn’t remember that you can reach him up there on the platform – it must make it easy to catch him when you need to!

  3. Who knew there was such crime rates in rural AL! Welcome back and thanks for the photos.

  4. Let me preface this by saying that you, Love-and-hisses, are not responsible for waht I am about to say.

    Sophie’s family needs a serious talking too. (I was gonna say something else, but I refrained). Thank goodness an organization that cares stepped in. If only people would spay and neuter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That Martin is adorable!! I will kiss him lots!

  5. Just wanted to say that I love your website and I visit many times throughout the week. All your adorable kitties (big and small) instantly put me in a good mood. You’re a great kitty mom!

  6. @Sarah: *poutine (Sorry, I must defend our honour! :P)

    Re: Rainbow bridge: BWHAHAHA! FEAR US!

    And more seriously, Robyn, thanks for all the work that you do. From reading yours and many other foster blogs, I have been inspired to investigating fostering myself when my life situation allows for it, even though I know it’s not all smiles and kisses.

    Also, I totally want to come steal Martin. His little face has totally killed me from the first day you posted a pic of him! 😀

  7. I know this is not related to your post but i need help!!! Please!!!
    I’m dealing with a pair of orphaned 2 weeks old kittens. The bigger brother keep on suckling on the little brother’s underbelly, making the fur there very thin and sparse. I’m worried that the little brother might develop skin infection.
    They are very regularly fed and cleaned, so it’s not because he’s hungry that he’s suckling.
    Also, they had been abandoned since around 1-2 days old…
    Is there anything i can do to prevent the suckling? Thanks tons!!!

  8. CY, if you can put something on the kitten who’s being suckled to make it unpalatable, the other kitten might stop. I’ve tried Bitter Apple (it comes in a spray bottle) in the past, and it works pretty well. If that doesn’t stop the behavior, you may need to separate them for a few days.