8-13-09 – The True Blood Kittens.

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The kittens are now meeting me at the door. I guess they’ve learned the sounds that mean I’m walking down the hallway to their room, and there’s always at least four of them sitting there peering up at me when I open the door.

The other trick they’ve learned? Climbing up the back of my shirt to perch on my shoulder. Only Sam does it regularly, but every once in a while one of the other kittens will see him doing it and think “Hey! I can do that too!” and join him in the climbing.

It hurts to feel their needle-sharp little claws sink into the skin of my back, but they’re SO proud of themselves when they get to my shoulder that it’s pretty much worth the pain.

I have fallen head over heels for these little monkeys. I always do.

2009-08-13 (16)
How can you not love that sweet little face?

2009-08-13 (17)
Sweet Bill.

2009-08-13 (19)

2009-08-13 (20)
What I’m beginning to think is that Sam just likes to sleep with his elbow propped up.

2009-08-13 (18)
Terry. Oh, how I have to fight not to squeeze the stuffin’ out of this little guy!


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8-13-09 – The True Blood Kittens. — 2 Comments

  1. Oh they are all so cute – and I can sympathize with the kitten claw climbs – Barney does that to me when I stand at the kitchen counter because he thinks it is dinner time – up the leg, then if he makes it the back. Those tiny kitten claws are much sharper then on the big cats.