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The kittens have gone from running to hide every time the door opens, to running over to sit at my feet and howl for lurve. As I walk around the room scooping litter boxes, they follow me around and howl at me until I sit down. They they crowd around me, climb up onto my legs, and demand that I pet them. Terry’s gotten to be a real little prince – he sits on my leg and demands that I pet him. If I pause for ONE moment, he meows a sad, demanding little meow. Oh, he’s so spoiled but he is SO sweet.

2009-08-12 (8)
Sam loves to sleep like this.

2009-08-12 (7)
Stretching and complaining.

2009-08-12 (6)
“I HATES IT when she puts ointment in my eyes. HATES IT.”

2009-08-12 (5)
Bill with the mink tail. They LOVE that thing.

2009-08-12 (4)
Wild things.

2009-08-12 (3)

2009-08-12 (1)
“I am the little prince, and you must pet me.”

2009-08-12 (2)
Terry’s wonky paw. It looks like he’s got an extra thumb going on over there, but actually there are three toes on the left and two on the right. He’s able to put the smack down with it quite well, thank you. (Note that he’s licking my finger. SO SWEET.)


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8-12-09 — 5 Comments

  1. Gah! They are just too adorable. Terry is such a little sweetcake! I want him. 🙂
    I’m glad to hear they’re coming around for you now! Didn’t take very long.

  2. That’s Hoyt on the stretching picture, isn’t he? Imitation of a lion, well done! though he has to work on the size issue…

  3. Oh I am in love with Terry’s wonky paw. It is adorable! Oh, and as a person who has had a lot of experience with putting in the eye goo (of various types but always ointment) can I recommend a bribe – we have one cat who hated it but once I started giving him a treat afterwards he would sit like a good boy and take it knowing he got a treat. I am lucky with the others that have had it because they don’t really mind it (Barney has gotten it pretty much every day since we got him in June. Catching him is tough but that is because he is too busy playing – once you have him he is fine with it.)