8-12-05 – Rambo & Jodie.

The thing about kittens is that they don’t quite have that whole cleaning thing quite right; as a result, we had to go after Rambo’s butt with a wet wipe a couple of times, because the STINK was killing me.

Good thing he’s so cute.

I’ve noticed that our cats – specifically, Mister Boogers and Miz Poo – are more interested in playing with Jodie than Rambo. Miz Poo was actually running up to, sniffing, and running away from, Jodie this morning, and at one point Mister Boogers was playing with her, too. I wonder if it’s because she just looks like a fluffy little cat toy?

Looks like he’s got something smart to say, doesn’t he?

“Hi, hi! HI!”

If you look closely, you can see the hummingbird at the feeder Rambo’s looking at.

Jodie examining my desk.

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