8-11-09 – The True Blood Kittens

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Someone noted in my comments yesterday that I can apparently tell Bill and Hoyt apart now. I actually spent a good part of the weekend staring back and forth between the two, and now I can’t believe there was ever a time I couldn’t tell them apart.

Now, kitten by kitten, meet them all.

This is Terry. He has a diamond on his nose, a hernia on his tummy (it’ll be fixed when he goes to be neutered and doesn’t bother him at all) and a wonky paw (I thought it was polydactyl, but it just formed so that he’s got three “fingers” on one side, and then two “fingers” on the other). He’s a mess, but he’s the sweetest little lover boy you’ll ever meet.

2009-08-11 Lafayette
Lafayette. He has crossed eyes, and also is the only black kitten of the litter. He loves eating, and if anyone else gets too close to his food, he slaps down the Paw o’ Doom.

2009-08-11 Sookie
Sookie. I couldn’t get a good shot of her looking at me, because she’s got better things to do than be sitting around looking at me. That’s a mink tail she’s playing with. She LOVES it. She’s the only girl, and has a lot of white on her face, which is how I can tell who she is without looking at her back end.

(Regarding the mink tail – someone gave my sister a package of mink tails for her cats a few years back. Her cats were completely uninterested, so she gave them to me. I have yet to have a litter of kittens where at least one of them is not IN LOVE with the mink tail. Sometimes they get all possessive and growly when they’re carrying the mink tail around.)

2009-08-11 Sam
Sam. At first, I got him mixed up with Sookie a lot, because they both have a lot of white around their nose. He’s got more, though, and that adorable little freckle. Also, her stripes are darker and more defined than his are. He’s a sweet little cuddler.

This is Hoyt. He’s the biggest of the bunch, has HUGE paws, and is the snuggliest snuggler there ever was. I can now tell him apart from Bill because Hoyt has just a wee bit of tan on his face, and only has one squinty eye.

2009-08-11 Bill
This is Bill, who I couldn’t tell apart from Hoyt for the longest time. He’s got a lot more tan on his face than Hoyt does, and he’s got squinty eyes. Also, he’s cross-eyed. He’s a sweet thing, and despite the squinty, crossed eyes, he’s an observer. He watches his siblings closely.

2009-08-11 Hoyt

2009-08-11 Bill2


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8-11-09 – The True Blood Kittens — 4 Comments

  1. Their eyes all look a thousand times better than they did in the first set of photos! And each of them is just adorable, quirks and all. I just want to reach through the computer screen and lubs them up!