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Never fear about 11 fosters, you’ve done it before: When the 5 Cookies moved in, you still had the 4 Wonkas, and Terry/Sookie left over from the True Blood 6…. that’s 11 right there. Easy Peasy, right? …………Kiddin!

I think you’re right! (Dear Universe: this is NOT me asking for another kitten so I can break my own record!)

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Awww, Tony looks like a bat in the first picture!

That is exactly what I said – and he totally does!

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Awwww — love little Tony RH Pickle!!! Still not getting the Rocky Horror reference, but he’s a cutie!

Tony Rocky Horror is a character in Pulp Fiction who is referred to, but never seen. He got thrown out of a window for giving Marsellus Wallace’s wife a foot massage. Vincent (John Travolta) and Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) talk about it – and Tony Rocky Horror – at length.

Fred’s been wanting to name a kitten Tony Rocky Horror for years now – at one point we talked about naming a whole litter of kittens after characters in TV and movies who are referred to but never seen – and after we got the four Pickles on Monday, I told him that next time we had a single male kitten, we’d use that name. I don’t REALLY think that our little black kitten counts as a single male since he DOES have a litter, but rather than fight it, I gave in.

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I wondered if you ever got kittens with diarrhea and how you treat them. I have only been reading your blog for a few months. It seems at least 50% of my foster kittens get here then two days later they erupt with the big D. Do they think he has parasites and how are you treating him? any meds? specific food? It is so much work to clean, crates, floors, bedding & kittens when this happens. Sometimes it goes on for a while and with worming of various meds some still don’t work. Just curious as how you treat. Looking for tips.

I listed all the remedies I use in this post (scroll down past Zombie Alice), and Connie left a great comment yesterday, which you can see right here.

I have news about TonyRocky Horror Pickle and his diarrhea, which I’ll cover down in the Pickle section.

I can tell you that I know of exactly ONE kitten I’ve fostered who never had diarrhea, and that would be Cindy Brady. All her siblings had terrible diarrhea, but even though she was tiny, little Cindy Brady never gave me a single moment of worry. Her intestinal tract must have been made of Teflon.

Every litter of kitten I’ve gotten has either arrived already having diarrhea or developed it exactly three days later. (Oh, look. Yesterday marked three days since I got the Pickles, didn’t it? RIGHT ON SCHEDULE.) Though the bigger Pickles had a fecal done while they were being Combo tested – and the fecal showed nothing – I started them on dewormer because I knew there was NO way those kittens didn’t have worms, and now I can tell you definitively that they had worms ’cause I’ve seen them myself.

If you’re ever tempted to utter the words “Maybe this litter won’t have diarrhea!” out loud (or even think it), please be aware that the universe takes that as a challenge.

So ANYway, to answer the question – what I do is start dewormer as soon as I get them, I add Forti-Flora to their canned food snack, and I take them back for a second (at least) fecal if the dewormer and Forti-Flora don’t do anything.

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I have a question for you – my almost 4 month old kitten is OBSESSED with people food. She’s turned into a huge food thief, sneaking up and grabbing stuff off my preschooler’s plate when his back is turned, snagging bites from my husband’s plate when he gets up to get a drink, running to the fridge and HOWLING when I open it.

I am not encouraging this behavior! And she has PLENTY to eat at all times AND gets morning and evening snacks. I have never had a cat act like this before – my dog, sure, but a kitten??

Is this normal? Will she outgrow it? Will I be guarding my plate forever? She out eats my 22 pound tabby, and is HUGE for her age, btw, so maybe she’s just hungry?

You know, I think you might add a mid-day snack to her feeding schedule and see if that helps. The one thing I would REALLY strongly recommend is to put a stop to the stealing of people food, no matter what it takes. If spraying compressed air or squirting water or shaking a can of coins at her doesn’t stop her from stealing food from your plates, then put her in the bathroom with the door closed while you’re eating. I think it’s really important to stop that behavior, as soon as possible, because otherwise it’s going to turn into a lifelong issue.

The cats in this house know that I DO NOT share my food with them. Permanent residents know that, and don’t even try. Fosters always give it the ol’ college try, but my handy can of compressed air puts a stop to that quickly. I tell them “Look, I don’t come scream at YOU when YOU’RE eating, so knock it off!” I know I spoil them in lots of ways, but on this I’m firm. I’m protective of my food. 🙂

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This makes me wonder if you’ve ever had a Rocky Horror litter. I need to see a kitten named RiffRaff 😀

We haven’t yet, but it’s definitely on the list of potential future litter-naming themes!

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Dingwall Scotty has the cutest name EVER and I hope whoever adopts him keeps it! Can you imagine the nick names? Actually, I bet you can, how many does the little man have by now? Aside from Dingwall Wally?

Someone in this house might occasionally call him “Dingbat” and “Dingus.” I can neither confirm nor deny that it’s ME.

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Sugarbutt reminds me of my baby Malcolm (who’s 3 and not a baby he’ll have you know). How much does Sugarbutt weigh?

The last time I weighed Sugarbutt – earlier this year – he weighed just over 12 pounds. He’s a very solid boy.

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Robyn, I saw a photo of yours at one of my favourite food blogs.

It was so strange to see this crossover between two of my favourite, though entirely unrelated, blogs.

How funny! And the funniest thing is that though I made those ice cream sandwiches from scratch (Nance and I both made them for a post at Dinosaurs Can’t Eat Pizza (warning: occasional bad language)), I really wasn’t crazy about them. They do look good, though, don’t they?

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I suspect that Brandywine is feeling the need to start weaning as well, sometimes when they are spayed, they never do; letting whichever kitten becomes their life time companion nurse until old age (it is very silly looking). But usually they get around to weaving about the time they would have gone into heat if they had not been spayed and this is about the right time for that.

Brandywine has become very serious about weaning the monsters lately. And perhaps as a reaction to that, Caspian has become a bit needy. I’m sure he doesn’t understand why his beloved mama won’t let him nurse, but she is NOT kidding about cutting them off. And I don’t blame her one bit!

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We also have 14 cats. How do you deal with the horrified looks of people who find that out? You’d think we were cooking meth instead of loving us a bunch of rescued babies. Anyway, I believe the ratio is 6 cats = one medium dog. See? Not so bad. 😉

For the most part I either avoid the question or start throwing numbers at them in an attempt to confuse them. “Well, I have 25 in my house right now but OF COURSE they’re not all mine, there’s a mama and five kittens and then five more kittens” and then I’ll tell a cute story about one of the kittens to distract them.

On the other hand, I’ve also told the occasional stranger that I have too cats (as in, “too many”.) Is it my fault that they misunderstand it as “two”? I think not!

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Well I’ve finally succumbed. Our first fostering responsibility just arrived today. A terrified lady-like calico just separated from her kittens. Thanks for the inspiration, Robyn.

JessicaD, how’s it going? We want details!

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And this bugged me enough to come all the way back to the computer: That song has always annoyed me anyway, because of that line. (The way I’ve always heard it, it goes) “Brandy wears a braided chain made of finest silver from the north of Spain/A locket that bears the name of the man that Brandy loves.” WHAT kind of egotistical [expletive deleted] would bring an expensive gift from distant lands to the woman he loves/who loves him but whom he will not commit to, and has said expensive gift engraved with HIS OWN NAME?

I suppose it’s engraved with “Brandy and Sinbad the Sailor, true love forever except until it comes time for Sinbad to commit” or something, but seriously. SERIOUSLY. SERIOUSLY?!?!?! A locket with his own name on it?!?! That’s right up there with, “Remember my name, you’ll be screaming it later.” DUMP HIM, BRANDY! Find someone who’ll be able to provide you the kind of life that will let you get a job in an office or something instead of serving booze to pox-ridden waveboys all day. If you pick up roots and move clean, you’ll eventually get over Sinbad, because he won’t be popping back in every few months for a (probably crab-intensive) roll in the hay and more emo moping about how he just can’t leave the sea. He can damn well leave it long enough to come tumble you every so often – if he can’t leave it for anything more long-term, maybe he should just not leave it at all!

I WANT to like the song, but the staggering egotistical cluelessness of a man who would give someone a – HIS OWN NAME. I mean, come ON! Ugh!

This seriously made me LOL. Elayne, you always crack me up!

(But I still like the stupid song, hee.)

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He reminds me of a Beulah when she looked like a little furry alien.

Oh, DEFINITELY. Same bulging eyes, same big ears. TonyRocky Horror Pickle actually weighs just a teeny bit more than Beulah did when I got her, believe it or not. Here’s Beulah, not long after I got her litter (The Seven) :

2009-03-27 (2)

I’m going to have to position TonyRocky Horror Pickle in the middle of that same track. We’ll see if he goes along with it!

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Once again, y’all will have to forgive me – yesterday was another busy one, and I didn’t get to sort through my ‘Maters pics to do profiles of Sungold, Wellington, and Caspian. I PROMISE I will get to them next week! I do have pictures of the ‘Maters playing on the cat tree in the front room to tide you over, though.

That toy mouse hanging on the string has got to be just about the most beloved toy in this house.

Hmm. I guess that must be Kennebec down at the bottom, before he went off to Petsmart, keeping an eye on those crazy ‘Maters.

And joining in!

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So, about TonyRocky Horror Pickle. Yesterday morning I went in to find that the litter box in his cage was full of diarrhea. I also found out that he wasn’t IN the cage. That little monster is small enough that he can squeeze out through the bars of the cage! He was curled up with Polly and Petey, sound asleep.

Though he’d eaten just fine the night before, TonyRocky Horror Pickle wasn’t interested in eating at all. Nothing interested him – he’d sniff at whatever I offered him and then turn away – and when I weighed him, I found that he’d gone from 10 1/2 ounces to 9 ounces, overnight. I offered him some formula (he wasn’t interested), and finally syringed some chicken baby food into his mouth. He swallowed it – and kept it down – but after 3 CCs, he started fighting me. He drank some water, and then climbed into a cat bed to lay down. I put him back in the cage and shut the door.

I had some errands to run, and when I got home an hour later, I went to check on him. He was in the litter box in his cage having really watery diarrhea, and I decided it was time to make a run to the vet. I called, and they told me to bring him in.

Long story short, the vet didn’t really find anything. They did a second fecal, didn’t find anything, and ultimately they gave him some subcutaneous fluids, I got PediaSorb to give him at home, and I got a broad-spectrum antibiotic for him. I’m giving him that, continuing with the dewormer, and we’ll see how it goes. She did say that he was very vigorous, which I think is always a good thing.

When we got home, he started screaming at me. It turned out that His Majesty was hungry and wanted a touch of food RIGHT NOW. I fed him, and he ate pretty well. It turned out that pretty much every time I went into the room and woke him up to give him some PediaSorb, he wanted to follow it up with some food. So I obliged, because I’m nice like that – and I do NOT like seeing a kitten’s scrawny, bony little shoulder blades sticking up.

Yesterday was the day that the rest of the Pickles decided to start with the diarrhea. It actually got a little better as the day progressed (one of them pulled the ever-popular (poopular!) move wherein he used the litter box, stepped in his diarrhea, stepped out of the litter box and shook his foot so that litter-covered poop went everywhere.

And you thought this fostering thing was all glitz and glamour!

So I think that TonyRocky Horror Pickle will continue to do well. He’s the friendliest little thing, and loves to be held and petted – as do all the other Pickles – so I’m spending as much time in there as possible.

Oh, Petey Pickle. You look like SUCH a little Gremlin!

Sweet Percy Pickle needs a kiss.

Joe Pickle spends a lot of time in my lap.

Pretty, pretty Joe.

Nice of Polly Pickle to put her foot AND her tail in Petey’s face, isn’t it?

Percy Pickle would like you to know that he’s got a delightfully spotted belly.

“You no touch da belleh.”

TonyRocky Horror Pickle checks out this strange new world.

I think that Petey (the gray one) looks like a bunny here.

Though I know it looks like he has a bare spot next to his mouth, that’s a combination of wet fur (I’d just wiped off his face) and the camera flash. There’s no bare spot there, believe me. After I saw this picture, I went up to check. Kelly keeps trying to give me ringworm, but I won’t have it, Kelly! Stop that! 🙂

Once he’s filled out a little and is over this phase where he needs a bath at least once a day (he is such a sweet little mess, that one), I think he’s going to be gorgeous.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all? If you say one of those little upstarts upstairs is more beautiful than I, I shall poke you in the big glass eye.” (He never claimed to be a poet!)


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8-10-12 — 41 Comments

  1. Uh, the cat’s name is Freckles, and she’s a bossy, demanding pain in the neck! She went from being completely invisible (hiding behind the bed) to being all, ‘Anywhere you can be, I can be better…and louder’ in a matter of hours. When she’s not loudly complaining about something (her catchphrase is, ‘And ANOTHER thing…’) , she’s muttering (which actually cracks me up because she sounds like a cranky old lady). Or she’s lying sweetly next to you on the sofa as if she’d never dream of being a nuisance. You know, either one. She loves to ‘snoopervise’. I could hardly even get her new toy out of the box for all the help I was getting. We’re used to our neighbour’s cat, Ted, who’s a quiet, undemanding, absolute gentleman of a cat, so we weren’t really prepared for the force of personality we’d invited into our home. Neither was Ted, by the way. They were staring at each other through the French doors the other day, when Ted tentatively put a paw up to the glass, whereupon Freckles went into an apoplectic rage. The common refrain now heard in our house is, ‘Poor Ted.’ That, and, ‘WHAT, Freckles?’

      • You know, I feel a bit bad for complaining because since she came home from being spayed, she’s been a different animal. Still snoopy, and still fairly chatty when she wants something, but much, much more laid-back. I think either she was going into heat before she was spayed, or perhaps she was calling for her kittens (she had just been separated from 8-9 wk olds when we got her). She still has a conniption at the idea that any cat but her exists in the neighbourhood, but otherwise, she’s a sweet, sweet girl. I’ve got a few pictures of her sprawled out on our bed like the tart that she is. 🙂

  2. Can I just say I love the instruction to “scroll past zombie Alice”? LOL.

    Glad Tony RH Pickles’ testing came out all right – sometimes the little ones just get this stuff harder than expected. Here’s to a quick recovery for all of them!

    Its just so cool to see Brandywine playing with the kids? Super sweet.

  3. Oh, Brandywine. I hope someone sees how awesome she is when it’s time for her to be adopted. I love the photos of her playing on the cat tree. It looks like those babies are almost as big as she is at this point.

    That Percy is a cutie. They’re all cute, duh…

  4. Sugarbutt’s a “solid” 12 lbs, huh? Wow. My Malcolm tipped the scales at ::cough:: 23.5 lbs ::cough:: at his last checkup. He’s uh, big boned, like Cartman. He’s down to 21 lbs now, and still on his way down.

    Those Pickles are seriously cute.

  5. Poopular for the win!
    I was talking to a work colleague yesterday. Asked what she and the hubby did the night before. They had a lovely evening out for dinner. Came home to find their retriever dog in the front yard. Not where he should have been. So they did the check the house for burglar thing and discovered they had left the front door standing wide open when they left. All was well after they laughed it off. Next morning my friend comes downstairs and finds hubby cleaning the carpet. Seems retriever dog has a touchy stomach and had eaten something the night before when he had escaped from the house. And then had diarrhea all over the living and dining room carpets. Oh, did I mention that the day before they had had the carpets cleaned? Yep, doggy was very poopular!

    • My hubby once had the misfortune of transporting his sister’s Weimaraner several miles in a Dodge Neon, and the poor dog had diarrhea all over the car. Neons are small cars. She’s a large dog. She definitely was poopular.

  6. If you do decide to name a litter after referred-to-but-never-seen TV characters, COULD you name one Gladys? This goes ‘way, ‘way back (I’m pushing 175 years old!) to the days of black and white shows. There was a sitcom called December Bride, starring Spring Byington (you can look her up if the name doesn’t ring a bell). I was a small tot, so I can’t remember the premise, but she had a garage rental property that she’d rented to a young couple, Pete and Gladys. Pete (this shows how long ago it was) was played by a very young Harry Morgan. We never saw Gladys, but he always had stories of her wackiness. Later, they did a spin-off, CALLED Pete and Gladys, and Gladys was finally seen. She was played by Cara Williams, I believe. Even as a kid, I could see that it was pretty cheesy, and it didn’t last too long.
    I just had another thought. There was a SERIOUSLY weird sitcom (also very short lived) called Where’s Everett?. It had an invisible baby. I can’t remember what it was, something to do with an alien visitation, but could that be possible in the late 50’s/early 60’s…that an alien would impregnate a human woman? I must have myself confused, but there WAS an invisible baby named Everett.
    So my nominations for a litter are: Gladys and Everett.

    • I probably wouldn’t use Everett, since I had Everett Peppers last year, but I like the idea of naming a little girl kitty Gladys! 🙂

  7. I am in LOVE with Brandywine..I just want to hold her and kiss her and snuggle…She looks so comfortable and happy…what a nice turnaround for her. Will she stay until the Maters leave for Petsmart or will you keep her with them?

    • It all depends on when there’s room at Petsmart, but usually mothers and kittens are kept separately. Brandywine is ready to go now, actually, so it’s possible that she’ll go to Petsmart before them. Or if there’s room for them all at the same time, she’d go in one cage and they’d go into another. Otherwise, I imagine those boys would pin her down and nurse all day long! 🙂

  8. So that sidebar of yours is needin’ an update <3

    I love kitties, but I'm not home enough to foster kittens, and my old man Pumpkin would rather be an only cat. He's stuck with the girls, but I promised him I wouldn't bring another cat into the house until after he crosses the Bridge. He's 13 and an old Crankshaft and he's earned that right.

  9. – at one point we talked about naming a whole litter of kittens after characters in TV and movies who are referred to but never seen

    From the 60s-70s (ouch… I’m dating myself… ;-D)

    The Mary Tyler Moore Show: “Carlton, Your Door Man.” Or are you too young Robyn?
    Charlie’s Angels: Charlie
    Mission Impossible: The guy who gives them the ‘mission’.

    • Oh my goodness, Carlton the doorman was one of the best characters on that show. I think it was Rhoda though, after she “spun off” and moved to NYC. ((And before I date myself, I will only admit to seeing the show on Nick at Nite))

      • Carlton! I loved him. 😉

        I vote for Maris, for a skinny kitty. Niles’ wife from “Frasier”. Never did see her! I love how the stories about her could be so wacky because there was never a real person for us to see and say “that can’t work, she isn’t THAT skinny” or “THAT mean” etc. 🙂

        • Maris! And yes, that’s a PERFECT name for a cat! Of course it also works for potatoes–Maris Piper.

      • I think it was Rhoda, but I am old enough to remember seeing the original. Also Wilson would be a good name, Tim’s neighbor on Tool Time. You always saw part of him but never all of him. And Norm’s wife from Cheers – Vera?

  10. Have you had a Star Trek or Star Wars litter? Either would be fun, I can see Uhura (the dark pretty one), Spock (the one with the ears) and Kirk (the cheeky tabby).

  11. I can tell Rocky will be a real beautiful kitty and I can’t wait to see him grow up! I’m so jealous of your clowder but I’m pushing it at 3 in my apartment. I’ve actually told my wife we need to move out of DC and get a house just so I can foster!

  12. Geez, Robyn. I was trying to **share** 😉 That darn ringworm has to go somewhere… out, out, out of my house! ((Actually, it’s almost completely gone but I won’t admit to having eradicated it just in case the universe hears and Porter pops another spot. As it was, the last time I got cocky, one of the kids got it. That spot’s almost gone too))

    And while we’re speaking of taunting the universe, just a couple weeks ago when I was at the end of my rope with the kitten spots (sounds so much cuter like that, doesn’t it?) I found myself saying “Well, at least they don’t have the diarrhea like Robyn and Connie’s kittens get.” The very next time I walked into the kitten room… explosive splat across my floor. Glad I found it with my nose before I walked any further into the room and stepped into it. Still not sure who did it or why. Haven’t seen it again since. But I’m just going to keep assuming that they’re all going to start exploding with it any minute now to keep myself safe.

    I always tell people I have two cats, because that’s the truth… only two of them are mine. The other six are just visiting.

    • The bagger at Kroger has totally noticed that I buy more cat food than should be necessary, though. But then he said that his sister fosters kittens too, so I felt safe in admitting the number… just for him.

  13. For the poster who had concerns about her kitten/cat stealing food, I’ve only ever heard of this happening to one other cat, and he turned out to have a thyroid problem. She should definitely take the cat to the vet and discuss throid issues/hormone levels.

  14. Did I miss something with Tony RH Pickle? What’s wrong with the skin on his back and rear left leg?

    • It’s not a skin issue, it’s a fur issue – his fur isn’t very thick and that combined with the fact that he’d recently had a bath and the flash on the picture makes it look like there’s a skin problem when there isn’t. It doesn’t look like that in real life!

  15. Mssr. le Corbs is my current desktop wallpaper. His gorgeous ennui is just what I need on this Friday. ♥

    • Thanks for the Corbie desk top suggestion. I have had Newbery’s sweet face for quite sometime, but now that he has happily found his forever home, Corbie now graces my desktop.

  16. Ennui! That’s the perfect title for that Corbie picture! I love it!

    Brandywine in the tree with the kittens is too cute for words! I’m glad she’s a little nut while looking like such an elegant lady!

    Love those new kittens! Hope they become UNpoopular soon!

  17. Nothing I love more than spotted kitteh belleh! I just love the pictures of Tony RH in Fred’s hands. So sweet! (Both Tony RH AND Fred.) You gotta love a man who is so sweet with little bitty kittehs.

  18. Robyn, did you mean Upstairs Upstart?

    I think Tony Rocky Horror is a cute name. I would love a Rocky Horror themed litter too. Would be great for a late October one no?

    I like the song “Brandy” sexist or not. I also love Todd Rundgren’s “We Gotta Get You A Woman” (..they may be stupid but they sure are fun…) and Everything Gary Puckett and Union gap sang and they are incredibly sexist too. I blame it on the times. Strange because current lyrics degrading women would infuriate me. I am dating myself too. The Gary Puckett came from a boyfriend who was nine years older than me. Also I remember Rhoda and Carlton the doorman in prime time too. Bit of useless Trivia-Barry Mannilow’s first hit Mandy was originally done as Brandy by another artist (in the UK?). The popularity of the Looking Glass’ Brandy prompted the name change to Mandy. It was more uptempo in the first version. I love the slower Mandy and I am an old fart because I adore Barry’s music.

    • I thought I was the only one who was getting “RH Picture Show” out of that, over the Tony RH reference. I think that would be a great naming theme for October! Dr. Franken-Furter, and Riff Raff!! Come on! Perfect.

  19. I love the pictures of Brandywine playing! For some reason, her life seemed harder to me than the previous mama kitties (maybe it’s the burns on her back that make me feel that way?), so I love seeing her get to be a kitten!

    Also – I see someone has already suggested Maris and Carlton for kitten names — I love the idea of a litter named after invisible characters! Maybe their surname could be Invisible…

  20. oh man does joe pickle have gorgeous eyes – he just might give the corbs a run for his money (NAHH WHO AM I KIDDING <3 corbie!)

  21. Do you have any tips on how to deal with scaredy cats? We have two (unrelated) female cats that are almost 5 years old. We got them when they were 5 months old from a local rescue, and both had been found on the streets when they were 2 ish months old. As long as we’ve had them, they’ve been very skittish. They’ve definitely warmed up to us and can be total lovebugs (to the women in the house, that is–the men scare them) a lot of the time. But if we’re sitting at the table and one of us moves a chair a few inches and it makes a noise, the cats are off like rockets. Is there anything we can do about this, or will they always be scaredy cats?

    • I hope Robyn features this on Friday so I have a chance of seeing if anyone had suggestions. One of my cats – she’s now about 6 and we’ve had her since she was a tiny thing, probably no more than 8-9 weeks old – is absolutely terrified of just everything. If I walk too briskly into a room, she freaks. If she is sitting on the same piece of furniture and I move to scratch an itch, she freaks. She gets up on the bed at night and perches next to my pillow, but never relaxes or sleeps – if I make the tiniest movement or noise, or if any of the other cats move, or if the AC kicks in, she freaks. I can’t really get her acclimated to petting and loving because I can’t get her to come near me long enough to start any of it! She managed to unhook her collar about 6 months ago, and I can’t get her to come close enough, for long enough, to be able to put it back on.

      My fear is that she’ll get sick like another cat, Mr.T, did, and that (like him) she’ll be so successful at avoiding me that I won’t notice the weight loss until it’s too late. She won’t even stick around long enough to eat canned food, chicken, fish, turkey, etc – she’ll hang around on the perimeter, but as soon as I try to toss a scrap her way, she scrambles like it’s an incoming H-bomb. I’ve tried shutting her up in the kitchen with a plate of gushy food all to herself, but she’s too busy freaking out about being locked in to eat. Needless to say, she is a perennial target for the other cats’ aggressions. It makes me sad… and irked.