8-10-05 – Rambo & Jodie.

I don’t know what impressed me more yesterday, the fact that I was able to give the kittens their medicine (amoxicillin; slight upper respiratory infections) all by myself (I usually require Fred’s help, but decided that I need to learn to do it by myself, since he’ll be incommunicado incapacitated after Friday (shoulder surgery) and won’t be able to use both arms to pick up squirming kittens and force their mouths open), or that Miz Poo was trying to play with Jodie. Unfortunately, Miz Poo’s idea of playing with another cat involves laying down on the floor in a submissive position, and then smacking the other cat if it gets too close.

We kept the kittens out for most of the evening last night, and at one point, right before bedtime, Rambo climbed up in my lap and arranged himself so that I could rub his back with one hand and his ears with the other, and then went to sleep. He was so darn cute I had to restrain myself from squeezing him ’til his guts shot out his ears. So cute, these two. Especially when I had Rambo on my lap, and Jodie flopped over onto her back and fell asleep next to me.

Cat and mouse.

Mister Boogers, mid-yawn. I think he doesn’t actually know that Jodie’s right behind him.

Taking her life in her paws…

“RAAAAAAWRRRRRRR!” (Really, a yawn.)

Keeping a wary eye on the babies.

Pretty girl in the sun.

Pretty boy in the sun.

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