8-9-05 – Rambo & Jodie.


The kittens didn’t spend a whole lot of time out running around in the house yesterday. I let them run around for about an hour, then they started getting whiny, which I’ve come to see as a cue to put them back in their room, so I did (whereupon they ran over to the food and began eating as though they hadn’t eaten in a month) and left them there for a few hours while I ate lunch and did some errands. I let them out for another hour in the afternoon until Mister Boogers began whining to go outside, so I put them back in their room for an hour or so, then we let them out for most of the evening.

Mister Boogers can’t seem to decide what he thinks of them. Sometimes he’s fine with them, and then sometimes he does this growly-hissy thing which indicates that he’s not so thrilled at their existence. He’s smacked them both a few times, but he hasn’t attacked them. But when he starts with the growly-hissy thing, we separate them from him, because if he attacked them I’d have to kill him.

I think he might be all talk, though.

Climbing around on Fred.

Warning: Cat cannot hold his licker.

More spooning… and more spotted belly!

You can’t tell from this picture, but she’s got her foot over her head, as if she’s doing kitty yoga.

She sure is a pretty thing, isn’t she?


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