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So who did you guess was going home on Saturday? Did you guess Jon Snow, because there were so many pictures of him? Well, it wasn’t Jon Snow. In fact, it wasn’t any of the Starks – they haven’t been spayed and neutered, and they won’t be done with their vaccinations ’til the beginning of September.

This cat got a lot of interest since the day he (yes, HE) was born, and in fact I got (I think) emails from four different people who were interested in him. Someone even came to the house to meet him, and I thought they were going to adopt him, but I guess they decided not to, since I didn’t hear anything else from them, and they didn’t go by Petsmart to fill out the application.

Then last week I got an email from Selena, who adopted the beautiful boy who’s now known as Flynn (he was Kohle when he was with us). She was curious to know if any of the Dragons had been spoken for… and after a few emails back and forth, we made plans to meet at Petsmart on Saturday so she could officially adopt him and take him home.

Who went home? Have you already guessed? The cat who went home on Saturday is….

That’s right, Puff!

Selena reported that things are going well – Flynn is curious, but hissy (which sounds about right at this stage of the game!) and Puff is a happy boy.

Luckily, I got some great last pictures of Puff with his brothers and sisters.

Awww, a last shot of all five of those sweet Dragons. (Ruth is cracking me up, with the one squinted eye and the “Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” look on her face.)

Hangin’ in the hammock.

A snuggle with Ember (this looks very Glamour Shots, doesn’t it?)

A snooze in Fred’s chair.

Some Ruth torture.

A little of the Ears of Annoyance at Ruth.

Some cavorting with the Tickle Pickle.

A bit of “I’ma kick your BUTT!” with Norbert.

And then a nap with Ember. This is literally the last picture I took of him before we went to Petsmart – in fact, Fred had to get out Da Bird to lure him down so I could put him in the carrier!

The rest of the Dragons seem to know that something’s different, but they aren’t quite sure what it is. I’m sure that on some level they miss him, but kittens adapt pretty quickly to changes like that, so don’t be sad. Be happy that Puff has his forever home and that it’s a great one – and that he’s got a big brother who will succumb sooner or later, whether he wants to or not. How could he possibly resist that silly boy?

Most of all, be grateful that Selena has promised us updates! 🙂

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hey, speaking of the Dragons – do you remember this girl?

Though maybe you remember her looking more like this….

Well, in a surprising turn of events, on the very same day that her sweet boy Puff was adopted, Khaleesi was also adopted! She went home with a man whose parents actually adopted from Challenger’s House several years ago (Perry & Paloma – not my fosters (they were from before we started fostering), but other Challenger’s House volunteers might remember the names!) She apparently liked him a LOT, and it sounds like true L-U-R-V-E.

It was a good weekend for the Dragons. Now, if those last two Royals (Leia and Buttercup) would just turn on the charm and snag themselves a home, then that would be great!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Oh noooooo… yet another sad case of Melting Kitten Disease. When will we stop this insidious and entirely made up disease that takes down millions of kittens every year? WHEN?!

Arya works on her Ears of Annoyance.

After recovering from his bout of melting, Brandon decides that I make a pretty comfy bed.

Jon Snow agrees.

Okay, LOOK, Arya. You can sit there and look annoyed by the fact that I cannot stop kissing you, but the fact that you purr up a storm every time I even look your way kind of negates the annoyed look.

“I suppose the kissing isn’t the WORST thing ever. I GUESS.”

Jon Snow’s pretty sure I need a pedicure. And he’s going to take care of that for me. With his CLAWS. (I don’t think you know how pedicures work, JS.)

Truly, I just cannot stand how beautiful that boy is.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Turn off the LIGHT, I’m trying to SLEEP, JEEZ.”


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8-12-13 — 26 Comments

  1. “A snuggle with Ember (this looks very Glamour Shots, doesn’t it?)” – Yes it does! It could be a postcard or something!!!!

    Congrats Puff and Khaleesi! I sure hope Khaleesi’s daddy will send updates, too!!!!

  2. I’m going to miss Puff, and his half-handlebar moustache, but I’m happy he has a loving forever home. ❤

  3. Happy for Puff! But drats! When will princess Leia be adopted? She is such a doll, and I just know someone will come along soon, fall in love with her. If I didn’t have a full house (seriously!) of cats AND dogs, I’d adopt her. As it is, I swear I am constantly doing “pet work.” But don’t know any other kind that brings such satisfaction!

  4. HOORAY! for Dragon adoptions! I wonder if Khaleesi’s new dad & Puff’s new mom will keep their names? I hope so!

    And I’m still keeping my fingers crossed the Embert (that’s Ember & Norbert) get adopted to together!

  5. Aw, Mr. Demi-Moustache! So happy for Puff. I hope the rest of his adorable family is lucky enough never to have to spend a second at PetSmart too!

    And seriously, if someone doesn’t adopt Leia and Buttercup soon I’m going to have to take drastic measures. I don’t yet know what those will be, but they’ll be drastic. Maybe whining about it in your comments some more?

  6. Yay for Puff and Khaleesi! I was looking at her photo yesterday and huffing and puffing about her not yet having found the right person. Many congratulations to her new father, and here’s hoping that her charmer of a son will be snuggling with Flynn in no time. (I expect Puff already has Selena well under his thumb.) Fingers crossed that the Dragonettes remaining will be out of Petsmart soonest! And Robyn, that picture of you and Brandon is a delight.

  7. So glad to hear about Khaleesi and Puff!! He is a real cheese/beef cake kind of guy, isn’t he?

    Sort of expected Nortbert to go first, he is such a sleek little beauty! Although Ember is such a little love.

    Anyway, now people need to realize the wonder of Buttercup and Leia, and frankly how could any one not?

  8. Of course I’m thrilled for Khaleesi, and I’m happy for Puff, but I am sooo going to miss that pretty pretty boy! Thank GOODNESS his new mommy will provide pics. Because otherwise WE WOULD HAVE TO HUNT HER DOWN. 😉

  9. YEAH!!!! We love great adoptions like that (and repeaters too – MOL).

    And we don’t know where Miss Andrea gets that nip, but we can attest it is potent stuff. 🙂

  10. Congrats to Khaleesi & Puff on their new forever homes. It’s always a good day when that happens. I’m really pulling for Norbert to find his family soon as well, as he was the ‘orphan’ if I remember right.
    Good work Robyn.

  11. I KNEW it! I said to myself, “Self, that little Puff has a forever home already!” Something about that magic little dragon just screamed, “early home getter” to me. So glad that he and Mama Khaleesi have found their forever homes. I’m sure the rest of the dragons will soon be on their way!

  12. I remember how playful Kohle was and I’m sure he and Puff will be BFFs very quickly. And Yay for Khaleesi! I love seeing the adults get adopted before the cute little kittens. I can just picture her turning on the charm, too.

  13. Thank you for not only mentioning our Summer FUNdraiser but also putting it on your sidebar!! You’re right about the potent nip, I always picture mailmen all over the country being followed and maybe taken down by hoards of nip-crazed kitties!
    So, is that a cat bed or does Fred’s chair have a purple with black kitties cushion on it just for him??
    Goodbye Puff! I’m going to seriously miss you and your ‘kiss me here’ sweet white swoop on your whisker hump! That half a mustache is just too cute!

  14. I always seem to have a favorite kitten from each litter… Puff was my favorite from the dragons, and Jon Snow is my favorite from the … thrones? can’t remember what their collective name is. Anyhoo… glad he went to a good home, I’m actually kind of looking for a grey and white kitty for our home now 🙂

  15. YAY for Puff’s people. and for Khaleesi’s people too.. Such very smart and beautiful people!! (yes, blatant complements to Selena in hopes for a quick update.. )

    I thought “oh no, not another melted kitten” before I scrolled down and saw your caption and I actually laughed out loud..

  16. I don’t get why Princess Leia has not been adopted yet. She was “my cat” of that liter (there’s almost always one cat in each set where I say “Oh! If only I could adopt that kitty!”) and just gorgeous! Not that Buttercup is not lovely as well, but Leia was the one with whom I feel in love.

    As you were going through the story about which kitten had been adopted, I happen to glance over to the “In Residence” section and notice that Puff was missing, so I knew who it was going to be. Yay for Puff!

    I know you have no control over this, but if Pearl/Dandelion’s new mama sends more pictures, could you tell her that we also like the pictures of Duke? I LOVE Cavalier King Charles spaniels.

  17. Thought I might ask here – but does anyone have a cat that does or has done this? I have a female cat – she either has to be on me, or if she can’t be on me she will jump from the floor to the top of a door and then balance on the door. The problem is she falls asleep on top of the door, forgets she’s on a door and falls off – she then scrambles to catch herself – which she’s gotten pretty good at. I am just waiting for her to land on her head or injure herself though but I’m not sure how to break her of it.