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There’s that silly girl, hanging out in her hammock.

Norbert and Puff, snuggled up for a long afternoon nap.

Such such SUCH a pretty boy.

Four of the five. Sooner or later, all kittens decide that my desk is the most awesome place to hang out.

Puff and Ember. More nappin’!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ever had one of those days? (This picture made me laugh out loud when I first saw it.)



“No, seriously. What’s up? How’s your mama and them?”

That Jon Snow is just a wall-climbing fool.

“Ehn! EHN!”


Jon Snow reflects upon his awesomeness, not realizing that his little sister is climbing the wall without breaking a sweat.

“I know how to climb a wall! So I do know SOMETHING!”


Reflecting upon his awesomeness some more.

Arya decided to stop halfway up the wall for a nap.

Jon Snow needs a nap too.

Look at Arya with her Ears of Annoyance. And Hodor, with his back feet not touching anything.

He might not have an extensive vocabulary, but Hodor’s no dummy. He knows to flee from the annoyed Arya.

Arya in her basket.

Brandon wants a snuggle.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Stefan, asleep in a bed of leaves. This was taken several weeks ago; I’m not sure I could get a picture of him outside, these days. Like Newt, he spends most of his time inside. And if he wants out? Well, he’s figured out the cat door and can go into the back yard.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

PSSST! Someone mentioned in this post today is going to his or her forever home in a few hours. No details yet, I don’t want to jinx it! But you’ll get the story on Monday. Feel free to guess (or not guess) who it is; I’llllll never tell! (Well, not ’til Monday, that is.)

PS: It’s a kitten, not Stefan. Just in case you thought I was trying to trick you.


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8-10-13 — 27 Comments

  1. I’m gonna guess Jon Snow, both because I imagine his colouring is striking and not all that common, and because he seemed to star in today’s episode (although that could be a mark against, since you might want to save a feature for the day you announce the adoption). I do so love his expressive face–especially the SO THERE pic. Such a mutinous little face!
    ETA: I totally forgot the dragons were even in this post! Jon Snow completely drove them from my mind! Now that I think about it, are the Starks even adoptable yet? I can’t remember if they already had their bits taken care of or not. If it’s a dragon, I’d guess Puff. Or Ember. Or Norbert. Oooooh, I think it’s Norbert.

  2. Norbert – because he’s just that awesome! Or Puff. Because he has cute eyes and would be able to put dragon spells on anyone and make them want to take him home. (I would love it if it was Norbert because he’s black – your cats break all the rules about black cats – it was Charming and Jareth who were adopted first while Leia the “pretty” still waits.)

  3. I’m guessing it’s either Ember (mini spanky) or Puff, because they are both gorgeous and awesome!

  4. Oh is it one of the dragons? If I lived on the same side of the world as you I would dream of adopting Ember and Puff. Ok, so I still dream of that lol. I love Puff’s half moustache!

  5. NOT PUFF!!! I AM NOT READY TO SAY GOODBYE TO PUFF!!! Okay, fine, I’m not ready to say goodbye to ANY of them BUT DEFINITELY NOT PUFF.

  6. I’m hoping that by EOD “someone” will have transformed into “several Dragons and Starks, everyone at Petsmart, and those kitties in Atlanta.” OK, while we’re at it, I’m wishing for a great adoption day everywhere. Thanks for the Saturday post, Robyn!

  7. Aw, crap. Someone’s leaving already? I’m SO not ready for that. These two litters have been my favourite of all time. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with myself once they’re all gone. ::CRIES::

  8. “How’s your mama and them?” *snorts* You gotta love them Southern kittehs!

    Awww, I’m not ready for any of da bebbehs to leave yet! But I bet it’s Puff. He’s such a pretty boy!

  9. My first instinct is to say Norbert, but all those Dragons are gorgeous so I have no idea. I could never pick just one. I’d need at least two, maybe three. Four perhaps. Just gimme all of ’em.

    • Took me a minute to realize the H was inked on – at first I thought, “What an unusual marketing alliance!” derp

      • Actually, it’s printed. Seriously! Pictures of Hodor and Bran included! The back bag is more clear.

        • Oh, double derp – is it really? It looks like it was drawn on with a Sharpie. (and since the caption says “fun with cat litter at home,” I figured it was something the photo-taker had done.) That’s clever, but still falls under “unusual alliance” for me!

          ETA: I can’t find anything on Google about it; do you have a link or pic of the back of the bag? I’m all intrigued now!

  10. Oh my the John snow captions are awesome! The wall climbing one had me cracking up, then the little face and the “I do know something” had me in tears (tears from laughing, not crying). Good thing the napping one came after, or I might have peed myself!

  11. Aww, those senior kitties… I wish I a) could have cats, b) had room for the lot, and c) weren’t half a country away! Keep us posted on those fuzzies, please?

    Ooh, an adopted kitten! Let’s see… I’m tempted to say Jon Snow, given all the pictures of him in this post, but I’m going to buck the trend and say it’s mini-Khaleesi Ruth. Or maybe Hodor. Or wait, are the Starks adoptable yet? Maybe it’s Norbert. Or Ember? I have no clue! 🙂

  12. I almost forgot, and how could I forget this? Heaven, if you spot this, how is Velcro/Stiki doing?