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From Kelly:

I’m sure you already know far more spraying diversions than I do, but perhaps someone else can use this tip (or if it works for Joe Bob to have his house in the yard…yippee!)

When Norman died, Ruby had lost both him and Clara (to adoption) in a week and she was considerably stressed out. So stressed that she started using Charlie’s dog beds as litter boxes. Imagine my stress at trying to figure out what smelled until I saw her doing it… twice! I read that cats hate the smell of citrus and won’t pee where the smell is. So I washed the beds in vinegar to neutralize the pee smell and then again with a cup of lemon juice. She hasn’t used them since.

And Noelegy added:

You can buy concentrated orange oil on Amazon. When we were having a problem with inappropriate peeing on the floor, we washed the floors first with Spic & Span (safe for pets) and then rinsed with water with white vinegar and orange oil in it. Definitely helped the smell and seemed to help with preventing the pee-er from returning to the same spots. And the orange oil smells really good.

Thanks, Kelly and Noelegy!

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Did anyone ever tell you that there is a name for those pretty 2 colored eyes? My kitty has a different colored spot on one of hers so I looked it up on the internets.

If you scroll to the bottom there are some really neat pictures of eyes.

That is so cool! Thanks for the link!

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I saw this little kitten on the top banner today. SO CUTE. Who was it?

And did you ever find out who was spraying the side of Joe’s backyard house? I’ve never had experience a “sprayed” area before, but I imagine it would not be pleasant.

That’s Razzie from the Nominees, last April – you can see the post with that picture here. She was a character – and she sat at Petsmart forEVER last year before she was finally adopted (which still amazes me – she has a tiny little stub of a tail and was ADORABLE!) on her 6-month birthday.

I suspect it was either Sugarbutt or Tommy who was spraying Joe Bob’s house. They are not overly fond of poor Joe Bob, for some reason. Cat spray is awful – but as long as they keep it outside and don’t bring it inside, then I can handle it!

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My sister was telling me about a TV commercial she seen for a cat toy — some sort of round plastic toy, like the ones with holes in it and a ball inside. The one she saw had something resembling a rat’s tail that would go round the outside of the container, driving cats wild! Anyone know anything about that? Would love to buy one for my cats.

From Shakatany: Could this be it?

I was actually thinking it might be this toy. Cara, what say you? Are either of those the toy you’re looking for?

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How are the kitties at Petsmart? WHY have they been there so long? They’re so beautiful!

I was actually at Petsmart on Wednesday and peeked in at Leia, Buttercup, and Khaleesi. They are doing just fine (Leia gave me the Ears of Annoyance), and were all relaxed and looked happy. I don’t know why they’ve been there so long – all I can guess is that with the glut of cats and kittens available right now, and with adoptions being a bit slow, their forever families haven’t come along just yet. I know it’ll happen for them – I just wish it would happen sooner rather than later!

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My cat Lucky (8 years old) hasn’t been using the litter box and prefers to use the bathtub. She seems healthy in every other way…any thoughts or ideas on how to get her pissing in the proper place again?

My first thought is always to give Cat Attract litter a try. In addition to that, you could try adding another litter box to the existing one(s) she has, of a different type (if hers is covered, try an uncovered, or vice versa).

I am having a hard time concentrating right now, because Fred has the next 10 days off and he keeps walking through the room as I’m working on this post, so my mind is blank. I know there are other things to try! If you guys have other suggestions on this one, could you chime in? Thank you!

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HA! Sheriff Mama is in hot pursuit of a snack! Is that Corbie she almost ran down trying to get inside?

YouTube link.

That is, indeed, Corbie sitting by the bottom of the steps, wondering what’s going on as Kara zooms on by!

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Are we going to see some Dragons/Starks action soon?

Hopefully! First Scorch wasn’t feeling well, so I was afraid that whatever he had was contagious (apparently not, as none of the other Dragons got sick), and then Arya started sounding a bit snuffly, so I wanted to wait and be sure she was over that. At the moment, everyone seems healthy, so there might be some introductions going on in the days to come.

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One late-arriving comment on the banners… I didn’t realize some of them have the names on them until today. When Dorothy came up. Which happens to also be MY name. Robyn, at first I thought you were a technological genius who managed to code something to add the reader’s name to the banner! I know the calendar says Friday, but dang if it doesn’t still feel like Monday to me! 🙂

That made me laugh out loud! 🙂

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So Jake is weirdly obsessed with Maxi AND Stinkerbelle? Basically, any cats he doesn’t see very often?

Any cats he doesn’t see very often, who run from him. If Stinkerbelle and Maxi didn’t run (thus allowing him to chase them), he’d probably just head-butt them and go about his day.

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You’ve just blown my mind. Digital cameras used to take FLOPPY DISKS?!

Isn’t that crazy? I’m pretty sure this is the one we had. Please note that it took .3 megapixel pictures (that’s POINT THREE), and you could fit a whopping TEN pictures on each floppy disk.

We got that digital camera when Tubby was our new kitten, so it would have been sometime in 1997ish. I took this picture with that camera.

Not bad for a picture taken when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, is it?

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Where did you get those fantastic cat trees with hammocks? Seeing Ember looking so comfy makes me think we need one immediately.

The one in my bedroom, we got from Amazon – it’s this one – and the one in the front room, we got off of eBay.

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I was thinking of you yesterday, Robyn, when I heard a story on NPR about keeping chickens. The basic gist of the story was that people, particularly urban chicken-farmer wannabes, can rent a couple of hens for a while to see if chicken-keeping is for them. One woman (she may have even been in Alabama!) expressed her concern that chickens are a “gateway animal” to people keeping ducks, pigs, and — god forbid — goats.

(She may not have mentioned ducks and pigs. But she definitely mentioned goats!)

I love that there’s a place where you can rent hens! And they are CERTAINLY gateway animals. I doubt we’d have pigs or ducks if it wasn’t for the chickens. (And yes, we occasionally talk about getting goats, but neither of us really wants them.)(Hush, Richard!)

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I have a cat behavior question.

A few weeks ago, a friend had a cat scratch at her door demanding an in. Once inside, she proceeded to find a spot and have 5 kittens.
No one knows this cat in the neighbourhood.

How unusual is this because I’ve never heard of it before.

It’s unusual in that the cat seems to have targeted your friend’s house – she must have sensed that good people live there! – but I think it’s pretty common for non-feral pregnant cats to seek a safe place to have their babies. And if they’ve been around people and have been inside houses before, they probably won’t hesitate to go inside if they think they’ve found a safe place. Except for Emmy, all of my mama kitties were ones who showed up at someone’s house pregnant, super-friendly, and looking for a safe place.

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Reminder to other cat owners: if you have inside cats, leave your number with neighbors. My condo neighbor’s cat escaped unnoticed this morning, and now he’s sitting, yowling, outside her door. He won’t let me handle him (but suuuure, I can give him all the Temptations he can eat), so for now I have an open carrier with towel and a fresh litter box sitting in the hall with him. It’s an odd sight, but better than a cat pee incident! And I posted signs on the outside doors. The condo association is trying to contact her, but they have outdated info!

He’ll be fine, but let’s hope the condo president, Mr. Grumpypants, doesn’t have a fit!

That’s a good tip – and that kitty (and his owner!) are lucky to have to look out for him. 🙂

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Have I been posting a lot of pictures of Puff from this angle this week? I can’t help it – he’s such a pretty boy! Fred (who, I am sure I’ve mentioned, doesn’t learn the kittens’ names) refers to him as “Mr. Gorgeous.”


Four of the five! I have no idea where Ember was.


Norbie in the sun.

Another shot of four of the five. Scorch and Ruth are having a fight over who gets the box. Everyone always tries to kick Ruth out of the box, but she isn’t having it.

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All four Starks!

Oh, Hodor.

Stop showing off. No one’s paying attention to your silly disco moves.

Another shot of all four Starks!

Pretty (and smug) Miss Arya.

Jon Snow (and to answer the question, yes – I do think he’s going to keep the blue eyes.)

I love it when kittens carry toys around.

Jon Snow in profile.

Yesterday, I switched the rooms so that the Starks have the bigger room and the Dragons have the smaller room (the room where they were born, actually!) With the Dragons out in the house all day long, I thought it only fair to switch them so that the Starks have more room to run. The Starks thought that the big tree in their new room was AWESOME, and every time I went into the room, they were all four curled up in the condo, sound asleep. Arya likes to sit and watch the traffic go by.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Corbie, in his favorite spot. That thing he’s got his head on is the base to a scratcher. If he’s not outside, he’s usually laying there, which makes him easy to find!


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  1. I, too, love it when kittens carry toys around – especially when they meow with their mouths stuffed with a puff ball! Ha.

    I think someone should adopt Jon Snow and Arya together. You would have the prettiest “set” of kittens!!!

    • See – those are the two I want most from that batch!! I’m with you on the prettiest “set”! But – I have to admit that I love love love little Mr. Hodor also. I can’t adopt any though because my two are so territorial and my apartment is too small to add any more.

  2. Oh man, those kittens are going to make my head explode from teh cute!

    For Lucky the peeing kitty-
    More litterboxes, and change up the litter in one. Also, check where your litterbox is, and if it’s somewhere that she can be startled or snuck up on.
    Also, I’d be remiss not to add that you should take the cat to the vet and have her checked out. Often the litterbox issues are signs of other things (Even if she does seem healthy otherwise). For example, one of my cats only ever pees outside the box when she has a UTI (and she hardly ever shows any other signs of one.)

    • I second the vet visit. I had a female who was prone to UTIs and bladder crystals (before they had the healthy bladder cat food they do now) and peeing in the bathtub was her signal to me that she had one again. Something about the cold porcelain made it hurt less to pee.

    • Yes, please take Lucky to the vet first to see if there’s a medical reason for this behaviour. Once Lucky is treated you may find everything goes back to normal very quickly, including litter box rituals.

      If it’s behavioural, do give Cat Attract a shot. I’m using it with my foster Penny, who was previously doing her number twos on soft surfaces (sofa, rug, bed). She’s taken to the Cat Attract like a duck to water.

  3. Thanks for the info/links to the tail chasers! (That sounds weird, ha!) Anyway, I believe it was the “as seen on TV” and soon it’ll be in the local Dollar Store, will try it then. But the other link/toy looked interesting too. I have a 15 year old cat, and a younger one just taken in a few weeks ago. The young one loves to play, of course, and the elder one…gets annoyed with him!

    Jon Snow is gorgeous! And I cannot believe someone hasn’t adopted Leia; I thought she’d be the first kitten to go to her forever home. Someone very special will come along soon to adopt her, I hope.

  4. Speaking of adopting – and I know everyone on here already has more than they can take forever but maybe you know someone who needs one or two? – My friend at work has a best friend (M) who had a stroke last Friday and is now paralyzed on her left side. M owns 6 sr. cats that she loves very dearly. But M will never be able to live on her own again. She has no family and few friends (my work friend being one – and she’s HIGHLY allergic to cats). So if any of you know someone in the Atlanta area (or a couple of hours either way – I’d be willing to meet you) who’s willing to take on a couple of senior kitties – we’re looking to place them.

    • So sad to hear about your friend’s friend, and I’m sending positive thought along for her and her cats. Thanks for all you’re doing.

  5. I saw Hodor, and immediately heard “Thriller” start in my head. He’s totally dancing to Michael Jackson.

  6. The question crossed my mind as to what do they put as eye color on the drivers license for people with different colored eyes….?

  7. How can people look at those whiskers on Buttercup and not be smitten?

    And Norbert, if I could I’d run over and pick him up now. What a sleek little stunner.

    I can’t believe how fast the Snow’s have grown. I remember when they still had those fuzzy heads and Hodor looked more like the Heat Miser than a kitten. Now they’re unbelievably adorable.

  8. Kelly and noelegy-What great tips! I had used a commercial orange spray when Oreo peed on the loveseats a while back but had never heard of lemon juice. I would be afraid it would bleach fabric though. Anyway, I also ended up using a mixture of diluted vinegar (water) and just a drop or two of BLUE Dawn dish soap. That stuff apparently cleans EVERYTHING (even lice out of hair but that’s another story). So as a cheap alternative your readers may want to use it. The orange cleaner did not work very well for me really.

    • YES… lemon juice can bleach, so use care with fabric and test a hidden area first. Since it was a dog bed and I was dealing with pee, I didn’t test the fabric first. Everything came out just fine, though (lucky for Chuck… or whatever, he doesn’t care what color his bed is 😉 )

      Blue Dawn is a miracle detergent. It’s great as a flea shampoo too. Even the tiniest kittens can be bathed in it, so that’s what I use on fosters who come in creepy and crawly before 12 weeks old.

  9. Re: heterochromia iridium. I once saw a complete stranger, at a car rental place near Dulles Airport in Washington DC, who had light-colored eyes, I’ll say a blue-green, except one of them was about half brown. I had to tell myself not to stare. The man’s eyes were just so interesting. But I’m sure he got that a lot.

    Also, my sister has a Dachshund mix named Elvis, with one brown eye, and one eye half-brown, half-blue.

  10. I love it too when kittens carry toys around 😀 My youngest kitty, Maya, did that a lot when she was a wee one. She had this toy she loved more than anything, a little sparkly fish with sequins and stuff. She used to patter around the house with the toy in her mouth, trying to hiss at the same time to let my other two cats know it’s HER toy. She just wasn’t very good at hissing with something in her mouth, so she was more like… going around making this “ppttthhff ppphhhttbb” sound.
    Needless to say, it was adorable.

  11. Greetings! First thing to say is that I love your blog and even more, I love what you and Fred do for all of the wonderful kitties. For the past few weeks I’ve been catching up to this current post after having run across an old link about the True Blood Six from The IBKC site. I’ve been spoiled by having so much to read but it will be nice to be up to date on things. (And there are older posts before the True Blood Six to read!)

    Secondly, I wanted to comment/ask about the diatomaceous earth. You mentioned it about a week ago when you used it to get rid of some ants. I am owned by several cats and I’m trying to battle a mild summer flea infestation. I have and will use chemical treatments rather than let them suffer, but I would love to find greener ways to combat the pests. Through a lot of internet research, it seems that food grade DTE is a good way to keep the pests down. I’ve read that you can brush it into your carpet and even dust the cats with it to kill the fleas. Apparently, you can even put a little into your cat’s food on a daily basis to help kill worms.

    I am always cautious with my beloved furballs, and from everything I’ve read this seems like judicious use in the house could be a great long term way to keep the fleas from ever getting too bad. I am curious if anyone in the community has tried it and if so, how did it work? The one drawback I have read about putting it into the cats’ fur is that it can dry their skin, but for short term relief, I am still tempted. I recently moved from Florida to Pennsylvania and the fleas up here are making some of the cats have small hot spots/bald patches. Also, both for combating the dry skin in this scenario and just for improving their skin condition overall, I’ve been trying to look into feeding them fish oils and/or brewer’s yeast. If anyone has advice, I’d love to hear it. Thanks!

    • I have used DE in the past in an attempt to deal with a flea issue that my fosters brought into the house. It was not exceptionally successful in eradicating the whole problem. It seemed dirtier than I was willing to put up with for the slight benefit I might have received from it. But then again, perhaps the conditions weren’t right in my house at the time either. It’s certainly worth a try (and safe, if you’re worried).

      • Delaney-see above the wonderful powers of Dawn dishwashing detergent (the blue color).

  12. “I am having a hard time concentrating right now, because Fred has the next 10 days off and he keeps walking through the room as I’m working on this post, so my mind is blank. I know there are other things to try! If you guys have other suggestions on this one, could you chime in? ”

    Hmmm. Get him to paint the chicken coop again? Have him come up with a list of names for the next dozen litters (maybe that way he will remember them)? Ask him to drain the pond and fill it again? Send him on errands a long way away? Sorry – I don’t have a husband, so these are all I can come up with at the moment!


    Happy weekends, everyone – and that includes Fred!

    • Send him off to adopt a couple of pygmy goats — they’re cute, smart, and tons of fun. Either them or a Shetland pony and a donkey. Not happening? In that case, I hope you and Fred will get to do some flea- marketing and other fun summer stuff, Robyn.