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The Peppers Gang is doing well. They still flinch when I reach for them (which I hate – don’t they know by now that I only want to pet and kiss them??), but if they’re on the cat tree when I walk into the room, they sit up and peep at me and clearly want me to come over and pet them. If I lay down on the bed and talk to them, they’ll all eventually come from the cat tree to the bed. I’d say they’re definitely coming around.

Harlan Peppers, as some of you pointed out, does bear a certain resemblance to Corbie. You know I love me some brown tabbies!

The Many Moods of Harlan Peppers.

2011-08-09 (5)
Contemplating that he’s got an awful lot of ear floof for a little guy.

2011-08-09 (8)
Snuggling happily with Lucy and Sally.

2011-08-09 (6)
Warming his ear floof in the sun.

2011-08-09 (7)
“I am but a wee baby kitteh who needs you to give me pettins, why are you all the way over theeeeeeere?”

2011-08-09 (9)
Sleeping smugly.

2011-08-09 (11)
Getting ready to give Molly Peppers a whoopin’ for being so forward.

2011-08-09 (1)
Making plans to take over the world.

2011-08-09 (2)
Making plans to take over the food bowl.

2011-08-09 (3)
Making plans to make plans.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Best! Box! Everrrrrrrrrrr!

2011-08-09 (14)
“I do find this box rawther awesome.”

2011-08-09 (13)
“This is a most excellent box.”

2011-08-09 (12)
“Also, tasty.”

2011-08-09 (15)

2011-08-09 (16)
I sure wish we could figure out a way to calm Ciara down. She’s so STRESSED, it breaks my heart. Do they make Valium for cats?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Attila, I knew that if I skipped reminding y’all for one measly week, you’d completely FORGET who the MOST BEAUTIFUL CAT EVERRRRRR is. So here you go. Maybe you should make a note somewhere so you’ll be reminded every day. I’d hate for you to forget again!

2011-08-09 (18)

2011-08-09 (17)
(He’s helpless against the siren call of the Best! Box! Ever!)


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8-9-11 — 18 Comments

    • Yeah, Connie (who I stole the names from!) named some of her in that theme. When I was trying to think of more girl names (I decided on Molly pretty immediately), I happened to read her site and fell in love with the names. 🙂

  1. Harlan, you may take over my world. Actually, you’d probably do a better job than most world leaders right about now.

    Man, that Corbie is a handsome lad alright. How does he live with himself?

  2. Buddleia I thought the same thing. He looks like a Sand Cat! Harlan is exceptional! Oh yes he can take over the world or anything else his little heart desires. Hopefully at least a furrever home with a great fambly.

  3. thanks for the reminder about Corbie’s beautifulness – i almost forgot!
    Harlan looks like Clove to me -could we have a side-by-side comparison? Photos are enough, since I know the Peppers still can’t enter Gen Pop.

  4. More great cat photos…and captions…”making plans to make plans.”

    So is Ciara the last of the McMaos?? I have been very bad at keeping tabs lately…reading has not been a strong point for about 2 weeks. Fergus Simon, adopted??

  5. Is Harlan Pepper named after the Christopher Guest character in Best in Show? If yes, you have gone up 1,000 cool points!

  6. Boxes are cool, one of our cats lives to climb in every box, condo and cubby hole he can find. I am amazed at how he fits himself into some of them.

  7. >Do they make Valium for cats?

    Actually, they do…

    When my folks moved to FL from Boston, Mom, Grandma and the cat flew while Dad drove the car down. Mom got prescriptions of valium for both Grandma and the cat. It was the first time on an airplane for both of them. Turns out, the cat didn’t need it.

    • Yeah, when I was a kid we drove from, oh… Michigan to Maine, I think? And we brought our cat with us, and she was doped up to the gills. In retrospect, I’m surprised my parents didn’t feed some of it to we kids. 🙂

  8. Robyn, when you order your sandcat can you order me one, too? But can it stay with you till I can come and get it? 🙂 And you know, from the ‘warming his ear floof in the sun’ photo on, Harlan reminds me of Dorfy when she was wild and whacky. Not that I can tell Dorfy…

    • PS: stop picking on Ciara, would ya? Talk about mean, the little girl can’t get a moments peace!