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I am still over the moon about Angelo getting adopted, and got the scoop from Kathie, who did the adoption. His people are planning to wait until he’s good and settled in, then either get another cat or possibly a puppy. Maybe we’ll get an update – I sure hope so!


So, in case you missed it in Saturday’s post, we have a new Grocer.

Her name is Catelyn, and she is floofily fabulous.

(No, Catelyn is not the name of a grocery store (she came pre-named), but she’s still going to be bundled in with the Grocers.)

Her story is that she was trapped alongside a bunch of other ferals, was spayed and ear-tipped and was going to be released with the other TNR cats, but it was realized that (1) she’s friendly and (2) she’s way too little (just over 2 pounds) to be out there on her own. Kathie called me about her the day before I left for Myrtle Beach, and Catelyn stayed with Kathie ’til I got back. I picked her up Thursday and brought her home, and let her out into the foster room with the other kittens. She’s about the same age as the rest of them, give or take a week, and she needed to have kittens her own age to be around. And, I mean, LOOK at that floof. It’s like she was meant to be with this litter!

I am SO SAD that I didn’t take the camera into the foster room with me when I first let her out, because it was HILARIOUS. The Grocers were all floofed up and walking around slowly, not making eye contact with Catelyn, and Catelyn was just bouncing around the room with her tail straight up, checking out the toys. By the time I thought to go get the camera, the best of the floofiness was over, and they were all just kind of watching her from a distance.

PW was the least scared of her, and made several approaches. She’d hiss and he’d run off, then he’d approach again after a while.

Winn Dixie was all “What the WHAT is THAT?”

And Ralph made this face a lot.

Von said “Excuse me, there’s a stranger in my favorite litter box. Do. Not. Like.”

Catelyn sniffed every inch of the room and kept an eye on the ceiling fan.

Trader Joe was super freaked out by Catelyn. SUPER freaked out. The other kittens were a little interested and concerned, but Trader Joe was just all “Um. NO. ::FLOOF::”

Ralph said “I’m backing you up, bro. You do what you gotta do.”

“I gotta ::FLOOF::,” said Trader Joe.

Ralph watched from under the doll bed.

Catelyn checked out the food and declared it good.

Trader Joe thought to himself “That’s a NOPE if I ever saw one.”

Ralph watched her drink water and thought “Huh. She’s not that skeery.”

And when I left them alone for the night, PW and Catelyn were hanging out in the closet, taking turns jumping at each other, and then hiding beside a litter box.

Friday morning things were still a little tense, but over the weekend things calmed down. Saturday morning when I was sitting in the foster room, the Grocers were taking turns sitting in my lap, and Catelyn would run across the room, smack ’em on the head, and then race off. By Sunday morning she was playing with their tails and they were playing with hers. Lisa came to visit for a while Sunday morning, and at one point Winn Dixie (or possibly Von, I’m not completely sure which) and Catelyn were on either side of a track toy, batting the ball back and forth. I figure, a few more days and they’ll be playing like they’ve always been together. Trader Joe is alternately scared of her and fascinated by her, which I think means they’re fated to be BFFs.

I had originally planned to let the kittens out into the rest of the upstairs over the weekend, but given the new addition I decided to wait on that. Assuming that all goes well this week, I’ll probably start giving them the run of the upstairs next weekend, and hopefully Dennis will be interested in meeting them (or at least eating their food.)


Videos! These were taken before Catelyn was part of the gang, obviously.

In the first one, there’s fightin’ going on. Poor Trader Joe just wants to hang out and snooze, and everyone keeps jumping on him.

YouTube link.

And in the second, the Grocers at half-speed. That Ralph sure does like to pop up in the air for reasons known only to him.

YouTube link.


Tommy, hanging out on the back of Fred’s recliner. He is such a gorgeous boy, isn’t he?


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  1. Catelyn is just soooo pretty!!! In your first post about her, I thought her ear was tipped. Thankfully, they didn’t do it severely. I wish they would check out the temperaments of the cats that are to be TNR’d as there are always a handful of “pets”. Her ear floof hides it well.

    Poor TJ (in video #1). Ha. I wish I could snuggle and kiss all those babies. What a gorgeous bunch!!

    • I wish they’d check out the temperament of the cats before they tip them, too – but due to all the floof, her tip isn’t super obvious, at least. 🙂

  2. Hahahaha. Floof suits on kittens that are floofy to begin with are adorable.

    She really is a beauty, isn’t she? Floofilicious. Here’s to an easy settling in!

    Also, you simply must check out the 2009 post. Awww Cookies.

  3. Maddie on the printer is one of my favourite videos ever!

    Stranger Danger is the best reason to introduce new kittens to the litter! So long as it didn’t cause them too much distress, of course. I would love to know what Catelyn thought when she saw TJ all floofed up! Probably the same as we all did! AW!

    • I think Catelyn totally took it all in stride! Ha! The other kitties were concerned. She just kept going about her business!

  4. Looking forward to hearing more about burgeoning friendships — and to Uncle Dennis’s thoughts. That is indeed a wondeful photo of beautiful-on-the-inside-and-out Tommy. Is all well with his eye now?

    • Yes, his eye is fine – the vet checks it out every time he sees Tommy, just to keep an eye on it (ha), and so far, so good!

  5. Cute as usual. Commenting because I have a question please. We are getting a kitten (rescue) – have 3 cats already, one about 9 (may have cancer, is holding his own) and two 3 YO sisters. Since I can’t get 2 (not yet anyhow, husband will need more convincing) what is the success rate with an older kitten integrating into the group? I know that older ones are harder to place. Would not try a full adult, but maybe about 6 months or so? Or are we better off not trying and just going with younger? I would hate to get one and try and not work out due to age issues! My heart would break.

    • as long as you take your time and wait for the resident cats to accept there is a new cat in the house before you introduce them, it can go very well. Do lots of site swapping and lots of treats and extra food and more attention paid to the resident cats and do your best to ignore the new comer when they are all around.. it can be done (google cat introductions, there is a lot of great advice out there)

    • My first two cats came in about 5 years apart and got along very well. The next introduction was a kitten with a 15 year old cat and was a little more of an issue but still went fairly well. Then about 5 years later I integrated another kitten with the younger survivor and that went well too.

    • It can absolutely work out, as long as you introduce them slowly, as Connie mentioned. 6 months old really isn’t that old, and in my experience a 6 month old kitten is still fairly flexible and deferential (depending on the kitten, of course).

  6. Poor Trader Joe just wants to take a nap, and those hooligans jumping around and wrastling…

    Catelyn is just gorgeous. She has the same coloring as a cat I used to have who is now over the Rainbow Bridge. So glad she’s here to hang out with the Grocers!

  7. Poor little Trader Joe – first his brother and sister jump on him, then he’s terrorised by a scary new girl 😉

  8. I just CANNOT get over how beautiful this litter is!!!! Catelyn included. What gorgeous coloring. All of that floof… I keep showing my husband pictures of these guys and saying ‘WE NEEEEEEEEEEEEED ONE MORE!’ … I firmly believe that if I was fostering this litter I would end up adopting them all. <3

  9. “Cue the distant laughter of GOD.” Yeah, there’s no better way to make him laugh, is there than to make plans.

  10. Trader Joe in his floof suit is beyond ADORABLE.

    SO SO glad that Catelyn wasn’t released… what a fortunate girl she is 🙂