I hope you people who wanted to know what happens when Maddy’s sleeping on the printer and I need to print something out are happy, because you’re all going to hell.

This is what happens:

YouTube link.

Poor Maddy. She hasn’t been back up on the printer since. She’s still feisty as ever, though. Last night I thought the calm, unflappable Tommy was going to tear her in half because she would NOT leave him alone.

Poor cats, tortured by a feisty little monster.


It was a tiring day to be a Maddy yesterday, apparently.


“Hey, BOB! I hear you’re the go-to guy when it comes to the ‘nip!”

“I say, BOB! Where ARE you, man?”

Cleanliness is next to Maddliness.


“Hey Pipsqueak, pipe down over there! All that slurping is giving me a headache!”


2005: There is nothing on god’s green earth that makes Sugarbutt happier than eating.

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