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Toes and Teefs and Tongues Tuesday.

Catelyn, curled up in my lap and showing off her toeses.


“This a much more fabulous house than the last one,” says Trader Joe, toothily. “It gots a skylight!”

Ralph, complaining half-heartedly and showing off his teefs.

The teefs of PW, biting Ralph, who had the misfortune of being within biting range.

“Rawr!” says Trader Joe.

“Hallo, hi, I gots toes! Lots of them! They’re not in focus, but they’re there!”

Eyes askew? Tongue all curled? Teefs peeking out? Check, check, and check.

Teefs and floofs and tongue, that’s our girl.

“This is an outrage!” Ralph proclaims.


I don’t know what I like more – the toes in the center of the picture, or the gritted teeth of “THIS WILL NOT DO!” over there in the right corner.

(I’ll make up for the lack of Winn Dixie and Von pictures in tomorrow’s post, promise!)


Newt’s favorite place to hang out after all these years is still atop the fence posts. He hangs over more than he used to, but hey – don’t we all?


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10-21-14 — 23 Comments

  1. Love today’s post!
    ….and noticed Newt’s extra bits straight up! Looks like he is storing up for the winter! 😉

  2. I checked out the 2009 link and OMG HYDROX!! He was my fave cookie! I wonder how he’s doing… I bet he’s still super cute!

  3. Aww. They are so so so cute. As usual. Last night we took in “Jewel” (it sounds like “Jooool” when I say it). She is a calico/white kitten and we are introducing her to the others per instructions. Her real name will be Callie (creative! My husband thought that up!). She is very active, fierce, and as of last night and this morning very talky!

  4. That really doesn’t look comfortable Newt, you’re not uh, staying on your side of the fence there.

    At a glance I thought he had thrown a leg OVER the fence and was still trying to balance it on the stump. Ouch.

    Hydrox had the best muzzlepouch I’ve ever seen on a kitten. Absolutely ridiculous.

  5. Hahaha! Oh Newtles 🙂

    Now, I think the word of the day should be “Sugarbuttliness” (from the Previously links…)

  6. What I want to know is…can I come visit and just hang out in the kitten room for a few days? However, when I leave, you have to promise to NOT do a kitten head count. Just say’n.

  7. I’ve been doing a lot a substitute teaching lately, and checking in here a couple of times a day makes the day so much better. High school students can be a challenge, but your babies are so sweet, it makes the day tolerable.

    • Ha! If I was a teacher, I’d make visiting L&H once a day part of the class curriculum.

      *sets up projector*

      “OK students, this morning we’re going to see what has outraged The Grocers today.”