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Y’all know I don’t usually do this until all has been said and done and the kittens have gone home, but so many of you have threatened to jump in your car to drive here and get Winn Dixie or Von that I feel compelled to tell you – one of those sweet girls has been adopted!

Wait. I mean they’ve BOTH been adopted.


That’s right, together! They still have to have their last vaccinations and their spay surgeries, so they’ll be with us until mid-November.

I love love LOVE it when kittens don’t have to go to Petsmart at all!

“I like it too, lady.”

Von the floof.

Floofy Winn Dixie.

Sweet girl.

I love the tangle of whiskers.

Winn Dixie loves her some sunshine.

She also loves to lay down on top of things: toys, beds, my knee, her sister’s head. Doesn’t matter, she’s not picky.

Von actually hasn’t done this particular maneuver much – I think she started kicking that toy she’s snuggled up to, and decided that a box of toys made a fine bed.

Bunny kickin’.

Feather teaser grabbin’.

Sweet, gorgeous girls.


Such a little lady, with her neatly crossed paws.

Couldn’t you just squeeze her?


Let me direct your attention to 2008’s post, wherein I said “We now have 10 cats” as part of announcing that we were adopting Kara. I cannot believe she’s been with us for 6 years!


I’m sure I’ve said it before – I think Maxi is part chicken, because she sure does like her dust baths.


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10-22-14 — 34 Comments

  1. Oh, my stars! I’m so happy those two girls are being adopted together! Von, especially, stole my heart. I hope these two darlings will have a lifetime full of happiness and love.

  2. I am soooooo jealous of Von’s and WD’s new parent(s). They HAVE TO GIVE US UPDATES WITH PHOTOS FOR YEARS TO COME….or we will KICK THEIR BUTTS!!!

    Von, my love, Auntie G. wanted you soooooooo badly!!!!!

  3. Yaaaay for Von and WD!! I am not surprised about their early adoption!! Awesome they’ll be together!

  4. Dang, somebody beat me to it, adopting those girls together. I confess that I daydreamed a little about it, and the only bad part of that daydream was my husband divorcing me because MORE CATS.

    • For some reason, the phrase MORE CATS makes me laugh like crazy. I already have a ton of cat pictures in my cubicle; maybe I should make a fancy little sign that says “MORE CATS” and add that to my collection.

      Also, maybe you could “arrange” for your husband to meet Fred. If he can handle MORE CATS, maybe it’ll rub off on your husband? πŸ™‚

  5. OMG, I just about splurted my sip of coffee everywhere when I read that BOTH had been spoken for!! That’s amazing news! Was it an L&H reader? How did they know about those floofybabies before they went to Petsmart?

    Also, why have I never noticed that our Vonnie has a freckle on her nose?! SO CUTE!

    This is a great start to my Wednesday!

    • I also wondered how their future humans knew about them. Good news if they are going to an L&H reader. That gives all of us hope for future adoptions πŸ˜‰

    • Well I can claim a little credit for sharing their pictures with their new Mommy and Daddy. I get to be an Auntie as they will be living just a mile or so away from me. We will make sure to send progress notes. They will now be living very close to Starsky and Hutch if you remember them. I am such a lucky Auntie.

  6. I predict that any of these babies who does end up going to Petsmart won’t be there long! Yay for Von and WinnDixie! I hope their new family will give us plenty of updates!

  7. I predict that any of these babies who does end up going to Petsmart won’t be there long! Yay for Von and WinnDixie! I hope their new family will give us plenty of updates!

  8. Does Von have a freckle on the tip of her nose? I hadn’t noticed it before and frankly, I’d have to kiss it. A lot.

    So glad to hear about the early adoptions. Love that these two have already found forever homes.

    • She does have a freckle on her nose – it’s how I often tell the difference between her and Winn Dixie in close-up pictures. πŸ™‚

    • And they will have an older sister to share the house with. The girls’ new Mommy and Daddy will spoil them rotten. These girls just hit the jackpot!

  9. I can’t believe 2008 was six years ago.. geeze..

    Congrats to their new person/people.. may they want to get the cute vaccine so they don’t end up killing them with the cuteness

  10. Those who’ve seen us
    Know that not a thing could come between us
    –“Sisters,” by Irving Berlin