Is it just me, or does this totally look like a picture you’d see advertising a new series? “In a world where kittens use the litterbox and then don’t cover up what they left behind, one small task force led by a kitten on the edge has taken it upon themselves to enforce the cover-it-up law. Join them every week as they follow leads bringing them to the deepest, darkest, stinkiest, most crime-ridden areas of the country. Litter Enforcers! Coming soon, to KittenTV.”

Jesikat hangs out in here most of the time when I’m in the room. If the spirit moves her, she might come out and play, but she makes sure there’s plenty of room between me and her. I love how her eyes are the exact color of her orange fur.

Rhian up close.

Spooky up close.

Peyton up close.


Snoozin’ Boogs.


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