10-23-14 – Myrtle Beach Thursday

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Pictures from my trip to Myrtle Beach!

The sun didn’t shine much while I was there – but that’s okay, I much prefer a dark and stormy ocean to a calm and sunny one!

Sunday morning fishing. I’ve seen people fishing on the beach during previous trips, but never so many!

I have no idea what they were fishing for, but I did see a bucket full of what looked like bait fish.

Plovers. (Am I the only one who sees Plovers and thinks of an episode of “Who’s the Boss?”)

Looking for fish.

Got it!

We were too close, and I think it made him nervous, so he flew off.

Goat Island at Murrells Inlet. (In case you missed the explanation in last Saturday’s post: 20 years ago, they discovered that someone had planted marijuana on that island, so put goats there knowing that no one would plant more, because goats eat EVERYTHING. They put the goats there in the spring and move them to a farm in late fall.)

That’s my father way over there, taking a picture of me and my mother. I assume he’s got the corresponding Robyn-with-camera-in-front-of-her-face picture.

On the beach, waiting for the sun to rise.

Sky, lightening.

I only took 200 pictures of this sunrise.

Here it comes.

Here it comes!

That’s not the sun, that’s a seagull. Duh.

There it is!

And there it is.

It’s still there!

Sunrise over the ocean, dog running by.

Such a pretty sunrise.

That sun is good and risen.

We went to Charleston one day, ate breakfast, went to Kiawah Island and walked on the beach. I love this boardwalk through the woods.

My parents have spent several winters in Kiawah, and the beach is just gorgeous.

The sunrise on Tuesday (I think) morning looked like it was going to be gorgeous. But then Mother Nature said “Didn’t you take like 200 pictures of the sunrise the other day? Get outta here!”, and the rain came down. Note to self: bring raincoat for the camera next year.

Panoramic picture at Murrells Inlet (click on any of these pictures to see a larger version over at Flickr.)

And a panoramic picture on the beach at sunrise (both panoramic pictures were taken with my phone.)

One last sunrise picture (also taken with my phone.)


After-nap stretching.

Catelyn has been with us for a week now, and things are going great. I haven’t seen her curled up asleep with any of the other kittens, but there is definite play. The kitten who was scaredest of her (Trader Joe) seems to be her go-to playmate, but I’ve seen her playing with all of them. She loves to play with all of their tails, and none of them seem to mind at all.

Bowl full o’ Von.

PW in the wall basket. I’ve seen him and Ralph curled up together, napping, several times. And NOT coincidentally, PW is missing all his whiskers. I wonder who could have possibly chewed them off.

Sweet, silly Trader Joe.

I love the look Von is giving Catelyn.


If you look closely, you can see that Von just came from the water bowl.

Winn Dixie, clearly thinking “SIGH. I wish he’d stop doing this.”

Bed full o’ kittens.

Winn Dixie looks more amused than outraged.

Floofin’ in the sun.


Please note that not ONLY is Stinkerbelle curled up on the couch with her Tommy (in other words, not hiding out atop the cabinets), but Alice is sound asleep on the other end of the couch, and there are no hysterics going on (Stinkerbelle does NOT like Alice.) It’s a miracle!


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10-23-14 – Myrtle Beach Thursday — 12 Comments

  1. My two favorite things ~ Beach & cats. Love sunrise pics..never too many and all so different.

  2. I love how Alice is oblivious to Stinkerbelle’s annoyance and how Stinky has just squeezed as far up against her beloved Tommy as she can. She’s probably thinking “The things I do for this boy. He better appreciate it.”

    The look Von is giving Catelyn makes me think she’s saying “She may be floofy but she’s an INTERLOPER.”

  3. Catelyn is sooooo booootiful!!!!

    Stinkerbelle knows that she has to act classy and like a lady in front of her man! She will kick Alice’s butt later when Tommy is not looking.

  4. Gorgeous sunrise!

    I love Catelyn’s little baby loaf position! So sweet!

    I’ve noticed that little dot on Von’s nose a few times now, is that messy kitten stuff or a permanent freckle?

    Stinkerbelle knows that if your in the arms of your guy, it doesn’t matter what other annoyances are around!

  5. Great pictures of Myrtle Beach and SC! I feel like we need to put you on the marketing payroll here! 😉

    As happy as I am that Von and Winn Dixie are already spoken for, I’m more surprised no one has called dibs on the blue-eyed boys yet!

  6. I love a dark and stormy beach, too. I am waaaaay jealous of your vacation!!!

    Now, go play with pretteh kittehs for those of us who can’t. 😉

  7. I love how Catelyn’s whiskers almost make a full circle.

    How can anyone not love Alice and for that matter Stinkerbelle?

    Tommy’s a playa, true that.

  8. Wonderful photos!

    I don’t like to carry around a lot of kit for my camera anymore, but two wee things that are always in my pocket are a small square cut from a shammy (to clean the lens) and one of those shower caps you get in a hotel. I’ve never, ever, used one on my head but have many a time use it to cover my camera whilst shooting outside (it rains a lot here in Scotland). Ziploc bags work in a pinch too, especially when going inside somwhere warmer than outside. Put your camera in the bag before you go in and you’ll keep your lens from fogging up.