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It was about 10 seconds after I took this picture that I yelled for Fred (in his office at the other end of the hallway) to come help me. Carmela got her head and shoulders inside the toy, and then couldn’t get back out. It reminded me very much of when one of the Nominees climbed inside the same toy a year and a half ago, like such (forward to about the one-minute mark if the video doesn’t automatically start there) :

YouTube link.

I really need to just keep that toy out of the foster room when there are little ones in there (it’s been put away for the time being). I can just imagine having to break the toy apart to get a kitten out, and I’d rather not!

Leapin’ Adriana (Paulie Walnuts got out of there in the nick of time!)

“I’m busy getting my paws UP, Y’ALL Paulie, so stop harassing me!”

Paulie’s the sheriff in charge of cleanliness, apparently.

Brandy mentioned in yesterday’s comments that Tony bears a resemblance to Stompers. I think he does, and I think it’s the big eyes in a little face thing that a lot of runts have. (Of course, other runts – hello, other runt-of-his-litter Tony – have the alien thing going on, which is also a look I find super appealing. See Beulah for a second alien-runt comparison.)

Livia peeking in from the closet to make sure those monsters were behaving themselves. (They weren’t. They’re WILD now, and just have no manners at all. But they do put up with me kissing them and I’ve only taken one claw to the eyelid this week, so things are progressing nicely.)


I’m not sure what it was that skeered her, but something made Adriana go all floofy.

Pretty Paulie Walnuts.

There’s a screw on either side of the doorway to the closet that holds the barrier in place (when the kittens are very little, I prefer that they not go into the closet, because they tend to pee in corners, and also if they can’t get in there, that allows me to have a litter box with scoopable litter in it for the mama kitty of the moment), and now that the barrier’s no longer there, Adriana likes to use them to develop her upper body strength by doing pull ups. (Also, Livia’s face over there in the lower left corner of the picture, KILLING ME DEAD.)

“One hundred and three! One hundred and four!”


Joe Bob would like to know,”How YOU doin’, laydeez?”


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10-23-13 — 23 Comments

  1. wow joe bob is a charmer!

    I assume you got Carmela’s head out of the toy easily enough? I’d never seen that old video either – so cute that that little guy could fit in there!

      • Cool. Glad that was no drama. I can imagine a frightened kitty clawing up her rescuers (actually I saw it once with my cat at the vet when i was a kid lol).

  2. Joe Bob is so handsome. I think he might be able to replace Spanky in my heart. Well almost.

  3. Any image of Joe Bob is a joy, and I keep coming back to floofy Adriana. So ADORABLE. Rather less adorable: taking a kitten claw in the eyelid. Yikes, Robyn!

  4. Adriana’s floofed tail looks like a pipe cleaner! Kittens wearing floof suits are just the cutest.

  5. I won’t laugh….I won’t laugh….. ok – I laughed. the mental image was enough, but then the video (which I don’t think I have seen before)…. oh my. 🙂

    How YOU doin’ Joe Bob???

    Love the Livia in the corner…..all tongue

    BTW – went back and clicked on the 2008 entry about Kara and laughed myself silly reading the “NO DOGS” part of it.

    • I know, right? This is why I no longer make bold blanket statements, because the instant I say “We are NOT keeping this kitten!”, the universe becomes determined to turn me into a liar!

  6. Oh, that stance in the “HII MAMA!” photo! LOVE that! Also checking and measuring all kitten heads now against all toy openings. Boy, if that ain’t fun, nothing is!

  7. I do realize that the toy was removed for reasons of safety, but what will the poor things play with now? :p