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“Hey! Lady! You comin’ in here for a snuggle? You need a snuggle? I be right down! Wait for me! Don’t go anywhere!”

Silvio supervises Carmela’s cat tree dismount. I’m not sure if she’s doin’ it right, but it got her down to the floor so she could run over to me for a snuggle. I give it an A+++++.

“Um, no. No snuggle needed here. You go about your business, lady. I’ma take a nap.”

I love little whiskers in the sun. SO cute.

Wee Tony loves to lay in the sun and have belly rubs.

It looks like our boy Paulie Walnuts may end up with some gorgeous golden brown eyes (of course, at this point his eyes might go through three more color changes before their final color, so who knows?)

Silvio’s all “What DOIN’, lady?”

Silvio takes a chomp out of Tony. Everyone’s always picking on that little boy (okay, to be fair Tony picks on them, too. They all pick on each other.)

Pretty pretty pretty Adriana.

Mama keeps Tony clean.

Adriana hanging from the little cat tree and trying to get her mouth on that hook in the wall (after I saw her do this, I moved the tree away from that part of the wall. I’m sure she’d be fine, but I’d rather not walk in and see her hanging there like a kittenfish.)

Carmela shows off her delightful little belly.

I weighed all the kittens yesterday and weighed Livia, too, while I was at it. I’ve noticed that she isn’t allowing the kittens to nurse much – she’ll occasionally let one or two latch on and nurse for about 30 seconds, and then she is OUT of there. I thought maybe she was letting them nurse when I wasn’t in the room, but given that she has gained 13 ounces in the past three weeks (I am not even kidding!), I suspect she’s not letting them nurse much at all. The kittens keep trying, of course, but more often than not she bunny kicks them away from her.

The kittens are gaining weight like crazy, Tony is already just under one and a half pounds. The girls are all around one pound, 12 ounces, and Silvio’s right behind Paulie Walnuts, just under two pounds. They are fantastic little eaters, and now will come running (some faster than others; Tony’s usually first at the plate) when it’s snack time.

Their weight chart is at the bottom of this page.


I love Jake’s pointy little head.

And his weird, very long fingers. Loony Jake, you are just the total package.


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10-24-13 — 14 Comments

  1. Jake has fabulous fur!!!

    The top two snuggliest kittens….just box them up and ship them out to me! 🙂

  2. Aw, another cat with long toes!

    My big cat (22 pounds of tabby, and yes, he’s overweight, but he’s not obese, he’s just a really, really big, muscular cat) has the longest toes I’ve ever seen. I call them Fingoes because they look so much like fingers.

  3. Do you have any over-kneaders in your adult cats? Both of our boys knead like crazy. Two different breeds, ages, and upbringings. Just wondered. Peanut likes to knead people, and Zombie goes crazy on our bed. Oh, and Peanut drools like crazy when getting ear scratches. Then he shakes his head like a wet dog, and sprays me with cat spit. Gah. Every male in this house is annoying like that!

  4. Adriana and the hook…it always amazed me what my kittens could find that horrified me when I thought about the potential consequences! Of course nothing topped when either Sabrina or Samantha (can’t remember who now) got her head trapped between the posts on bed’s headboard. Thankfully I was home and heard her terrified yowls, not to mention her mom Tabatha’s, and got there before she hung herself!! After that, I had pillows stuck between every post on that bed…Actually, I think I finally removed the last small pillow just recently – almost a year and a half after the fact!

  5. Jake has a tiny mohawk!!! 🙂 My foster Jake (and have I mentioned how much he looks like your jake?) had a ridge like that running up his belly – I told him it looked like a zipper.

    I have had some “runts” before and feel all bad about them being picked on – until you see them run up and start something. MOL

  6. “whiskers on kittens and .hums…these are a few of my favorite things” yes!! and Adriana has stolen my heart.
    Soooo cute, all of them. Hooray for Livia, too, some mamas don’t wean babies easily. And Jake toes.

    btw Chewy.com has a litter sale going on. I have no idea what is a good price on some of the products but I know I’ve seen some of ’em mentioned here. I know they have some of the best food prices.

    • Yes, they have the Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat 40lb bags for $11.24! Free shipping over $49. I had already ordered food, then noticed the litter sale after I hit checkout. Called them up, and they kindly added the litter to my order. This will be my first time with Precious Cat, and I’m hoping it lives up to the good recommendations. Have always gone with ScoopAway, because while it’s as dusty as Kansas in the 1930’s, it is the best for not having urine stink. I now don’t live near a PetSmart, which is where I would get the 42lb bags (the 35lb boxes drive me crazy–two boxes in another box, and you can hear all that litter shaking between the cardboard layers when it’s empty). Costco was carrying it, and just stopped (a month after I joined Costco, thanks Costco…). I tried Costco’s house brand. Super cheap, and way dustier than ScoopAway, which I didn’t think was possible. I’ll never buy it again. Just picking up a clump sent clouds of dust wafting everywhere.

  7. Every single time I read Paulie Walnuts it comes out “Paulie Wallies” and then “Wallie Peanuts” (which I recall someone else saying before.) There has never been a single time I’ve read it properly the first or second time. My brain must move too fast over the words. You’d think by now I’d have it!

  8. Adriana is so gorgeous !!!! I hope when she goes to her forever home you get picture updates. I really would love to see how she grows into all her beautiful markings !!!!

    Loony Jake only you can pull off the mow-hawk and long toes !!!

    I thought of all your Momma cats when I saw this picture.

    The Mommas are all singing “Calgon take me away !!”