10-24-09 – True Blood 6, the Wonkas & the Cookies.

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Last night I went to Petsmart to pick up some supplies for the little ones from the shelter manager. While I was there, I took the opportunity to snuggle and kiss on Hoyt, Bill, Lafayette and Sam. They were willing to let me hug them, and Hoyt gave me a few of his patented super-loud meows (he is SUCH a bigmouth, he makes me laugh). I trimmed their nails, and snapped a few pictures, and kissed them about a million times.

And I’m glad I got to see them – because HOYT AND SAM GOT ADOPTED TODAY!!!!

Not by the same people, but both guys were adopted by people with other cats at home (Sam’s going to a home with another kitten around his age and some kids to play with; Hoyt’s going to a home with another cat who likes cats, so he’ll have someone to play with and snuggle up to!).

This is good news, but sad news, too – that means there’s room for Sookie and Terry at the adoption center, so they’ll be going on Tuesday. I am going to miss those two so much – if I wake up for one moment in the middle of the night, Terry squirms up against me and demands that I pet him. Sookie curls up behind my knees every night, and I can always feel her purring back there.

If someone isn’t charmed by Terry’s old-man gaze and wonky paw and Sookie’s gorgeous stripes and sweet face by next weekend, I’ll eat my hat!

Hoyt, hanging out in the cage.

Sam, hanging out in the other side of the cage.

Lafayette says “You rang?”

Bill says “AGH. I remember you. You’re the lady who always sets off that flashy thing in my face!”

Hoyt. I swear he gained five pounds since I dropped him off last week!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We weighed the Wonkas this morning. Except for skinny miss Violet, they’re all over 2 pounds – and she’s just under 2 pounds. Ordinarily, that would mean that they’d be ready to go off to be spayed and neutered in the next couple of weeks. But since their FIV retest will take place on or around December 9th, they’ll be fixed after that. Which means they’ll be here for longer than they ordinarily would have, and have I mentioned that it just breaks my heart that I get to love and snuggle them for that much longer? NOT.

Girls, asleep on the cat tower.

Miss Violet in the sun. (Fred accidentally called her “Veronica” this morning, and it made me laugh.)


Gus loves that little bag of catnip. He’s a ‘niphead!

We’ve had this Ba-Da-Beam rotating laser for a year or so. The BOLT is a better laser toy, because it uses varying patterns. The Ba-Da-Beam just goes around and around in the same circle. Most cats are drawn in by the Ba-Da-Beam the first several times, but after a while they get bored with the same old pattern. Gus was drawn in by the laser light for a little while the other day.

“I don’t know! I don’t know where the red light went. I thought I HAD it, and now it’s just totally gone!”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I put a litter box in the Cookies’ cage, and some of them are using it. Some of them are not. We’ve got diarrhea going on with some of them, which is the bane of my existence. Laurie ain’t just whistling Dixie when she says that happiness is a well-formed poo!

We weighed them this morning, and their weights range from 11 (Pink, the smallest) to 14 ounces (Orange and Blue). They weighed in at 9 – 11 ounces on Monday, so they’re doing well!

And now, without further babbling from me, how about an adorable kitten video? You wanted wiggling ears? You got ’em!

YouTube link


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  1. So happy 2 of the True bloods have been adopted but sad too. I have become ridiculously attached to this group via the internets. When nobody adopted them the first weekend it made me kind of angry :0 “How could they not be adopted immediately! Who could possible resist them?!”. Gus is my new love, his floofy head reminds me of Gene Wilder in “Young Frankenstein”.

  2. When you’re bottle feeding one, do the others patiently wait their turn or is there clamoring for the milky?

  3. That video just killed me with the cute! Soooo sweet! I love the pattern on your pants/pjs? too. Lafyette needs the other two for company! I know there are other cats there-maybe he will get adopted even before they get there. Gus has beautiful eyes and fur.

  4. OH! Who is that petting the one suckling at the end? How cute is kitten-on-kitten petting action?!

  5. Glad the two got adopted! And watching that video make me literally itch to get my hands on those CUTE kittens. I luv me some kittehs!

    Enjoy them, they are adorable!

  6. HOORAY Hoyt and Sam! It must be so wonderful to get some goodbye cuddles in, Robyn =)

    We’ll be rooting for Lafayette, Bill, Terry and Sookie and appreciating our daily dose of Wonkas and Cookies.

    PS Apologies for misspelling your name in the previous comment. I KNEW your name was spelt with a y, and I could have sworn on the slackers’ snoozies I did spell it right. Sorry.

  7. So I am glad that Bill and Hoyt were adopted but I can’t believe that means that Sookie and Terry are going so soon! I will be sad to see them go, but glad when they find their new homes!

    The Wonkas are adorable as always – no surprise there!

    And the ear wiggle is so cute – is that normal for kittens or is this a special group?