There’s this pretty little gray and white cat (though looking at the picture, I guess it’s really a brown tabby and white, rather than gray and white) who wanders through the back forty every once in a while. We’ve never been able to get close to him (or her) at ALL – as soon as s/he sees us, s/he runs for the hills. The other day I looked out in the back yard and saw Tommy watching something intently. It was the gray and white cat, and s/he was headed for the food bowl on the side porch. I managed to get this picture (that red thing is the smoker) before s/he saw me and ran for the hills.

My suspicion is that s/he is Bob, the catnip connection who’s got my cats (and the fosters) hooked on “the good stuff.” Maybe s/he’s got a grow spot out in the back forty somewhere?


The foster bunch is doing well. Apparently they really like it when I go into the kitten room in my nightgown, because they all gather around and try to climb up the inside of it. Rhian (the tortie) has started sitting in my lap – she’s been the friendliest from the start, and she’s continuing that. Most of the rest of the kittens will put up with occasionally being petted as they run by (with the exception of Deuce and Jesikat, who run at the very suggestion of a petting), but Rhian will sit and purr while I pet her. She’s so freakin’ adorable, she kills me.

Fred’s gotten further with the two scaredest kittens (Jesikat and Deuce), because he’s got more patience than I do. They’ve both approached me and sniffed at my hand when I hold it out to them, but then I jump the gun and try to pet them and they go running off. Fred, due to his patience and his cat-whispering skillz, has actually been able to pet them on the head.

They’re a sweet bunch and they should be around for at least a while longer, since they have a case of the diarrhea and need to get over that – besides, adoptions are a little slow right now, so it’ll probably be a while before there’s room for them.

“Moooooooom! Rhian is sitting on top my condo and she’s dangling her paws over the side and it’s really BUGGING ME! Make her STOP!”
“Who, ME? I’m just laying here! Not touching you. Nooooot touching you. Not touching you!”

Malley is such a pretty boy.

Spooky is skeptical of your motives.

Jesikat, posing.

I love Peyton’s swirly stripes.


Malley can DANCE.

The whole bunch of them.


While Tommy makes himself at home in MY chair…

Sugarbutt digs around in the trash, messing with the bubble wrap I accidentally threw away.


2006: Maddy, wild thang.
2005: The bad boy look.

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