10-23-09 – the Cookies and the Wonkas.

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Embarrassing confession time: it was literally IN THE LAST WEEK that I realized “meezer” = “siamese.” Before that, I’d seen the word, but just thought it was a bastardization of “mouser.”


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Dear God:

Why, when I say “I’d like to not have any more bottle babies” do you laugh and immediately send me more of them, BUT when I say “I’d like to see more poop”, you grant my request? Could we have some CONSISTENCY, please?



There’s poop. There’s plenty of poop. These kittens? Champions of the pooping. Which would be great if they only pooped when I was stimulating them before or after mealtime, but they specialize in ninja pooping. I’ll walk through the room, and all will be clean in the cage, and then I’ll get to the door of the room and turn around to look at the sweet sleeping babies, to find that in the three seconds my back was turned, two of them pooped in opposite corners of the cage, and the other three tromped through it.

I’m getting somewhat decent at giving wee babies baths. They don’t like the bathing, but they enjoy the cuddling afterward – and they forgive pretty quickly.

I love how well this batch of kittens eats – most of the time, they latch on immediately, and eat until they’re full. It’s nice to not have to dribble formula into their mouths and wait for them to swallow, or squeeze the bottle slowly while they swallow.

My favorite thing in the world is when they latch onto the bottle and their ears start wiggling. I’ve got to get a movie of that, because it’s so cute, and I know these guys will be eating on their own before I know it!

Please note that the sides of the bottle are sucked in because he’s got such suction going on. We have to occasionally pull the bottle out of his mouth to break the suction so he can get more food in his mouth. Hydrox is the super-champion eater.

Orange (I think she’s going to be Lorna Doone. I’ll be assigning names this weekend.) I adore that thousand-yard stare they get when they’re really eating well.

Orange WILL NOT eat while laying on her belly. She MUST be standing up, this is the position she prefers, and don’t you try to convince her otherwise!

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Mike’s sweet little face just KILLS ME DEAD.

I don’t remember what he was looking at, but it must have been quite something!


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10-23-09 – the Cookies and the Wonkas. — 14 Comments

  1. I have no idea how ou manage to take so many pics, and write such great posts, but keep it up, you’re one of the highlights of my day!

  2. I love that round little belly on Orange! Obviously, you’re doing a great job getting the fed…

  3. Oh they are too cute when eating! And I agree about the adorable belly on Orange. I bet that is why she stands – because she knows it is so cute!

    And Mike is such a cutie! I love the baby claws in that last picture!

    As far as the poop – well, that is why kittens are so cute – because they do gross stuff like that. I have to say that I have been lucky – even the youngest kittens (Virgil was 4 weeks, Barney 4 1/2 when we got them) we had were already pretty good at using the litter – sure, Barney would play in it but still, at least they were getting the poop in there (and he usually didn’t play once it was – usually). I am sure that soon they will be using the box like champs!

  4. Oh Hydrox’s tiny mouth with milk dripping a bit from the corners is just killing me…the meezers are adorable too with their teeny tiny claws, clutching your hand…if I had this many kittens in the house, I would get absolutely nothing done…especially if Mike looked at me with those huge eyes…

    As for stepping in poop and lots of baths, I had to laugh…been there with our sweet Poppy even though she was an adult when we adopted her…before she was rescued, our Poppy had spent 8-9 years in a small cage so her leg muscles had completely atrophied…when we brought her home, she could take a few steps before collapsing and a lot of times she would just drag herself around using her front paws…still with all this trouble walking, my sweet girl was so conscientious about trying to cover her poop in the litterbox…which normally resulted in her stepping it, then dragging herself out (along with the poop) and smearing it all over…boy did we give her a lot of baths and I became the expert in carpet cleaning πŸ™‚ Thank goodness she can walk now πŸ™‚

  5. Oh the cute… I love Si-abbies. Yes I made a word! Woo! I had one growing up and she was the cutest. But come on cookie names? You gotta go with Nilla Wafer and Pecan Sandie. Nummmm… or Nutter Butter….. ok make not that last one, but now I want teh cookies.

  6. Aaaaah Mike’s blue eyes and kissable nose just killed me!
    And then I looked at the tiny meezers stuffing their little faces…
    Friday’s been cancelled!

  7. Yay for kittens that eat well! We love that Orange must eat standing up and wow, look at those claws on Mike in the last picture!

    Happy weekend,
    Charlemagne and Tamar

  8. hey! I am a new foster mom (for cats!) and while I am quite comfy with the older cats, I feel a little under-prepared to take care of babies. Can you recommend a good place to learn about care for underage kittens??? Or offer up some tips of your own? Things I am unsure about: 1. do you just keep them in a cage until they get box-trained? 2. more info on this “stimulation” please.
    Thanks for any help you can offer!