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The first thing I did the day after I got back from vacation was scrub down the foster room and move the litter boxes into the closet. I also moved the big cat tree into the foster room. It took about 30 seconds before they started racing up it like little monkeys.

Tony shows off his stripes.

Adriana is still a fan of the scratcher. I walked in at one point over the weekend, and they’d totally flipped it upside down. At least now they’re big enough that I’m not worried about them getting crushed under it if someone flips it!

Paulie Walnuts looks for his caffeine.

“Hey! How do I get in THERE with that good-looking kitty boy? He looks like a lot of fun!”

“Awww, yes. I lubs a good ear rub.”

Silvio loves that track toy.

Mama keeps an eye on the babies.

If you look closely, you can see that Melfi has a tiny mustache. Maybe that’s why she spends all her time in my lap, out of range of the camera.

Paulie Walnuts likes to stick his paws under the door (I have no idea why – there’s nothing out there but the barrier to the hallway). Tony had to run over and see what was going on.

“What you DOIN’?”

“Is time for you to back off and stop bugging me,” says Paulie Walnuts.

“Allllrighty, then!” said Tony, before skipping off to find somewhere else to be.


Sheriff Mama (Kara) sees what you’re doing, and is thinking about giving you a ticket. STOP. IT.


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10-22-13 — 16 Comments

  1. I love how the little ‘guard hairs’ – the hairs longer than regular fur – shows up on the kittens these days. Tony is a character, but I still heart Adriana.

    Report from Cagney’s ‘senior wellness’ exam: after several months on Liqui-tinic she is doing terrifically – the vet says all her levels are stable and within a good range (after several exams when they were not so good) and that her coat looks fantastic! Cags will be 20 in April.

    Thank you Robyn (and Fred) for bringing it to my attention! Are any of the permanent residents on it now?

    • That is fantastic news! I’m so glad Cagney is doing well. 20 is amazing. πŸ™‚

      None of the permanent residents are currently on it, but we’ve got it in stock in case we need it! We’ve been lucky lately, everyone’s doing really well.

  2. I’m wondering if you’re friends with Oliver Donovan and Em Mette on Facebook. They’re so darn cute, and I think you would like the way they talk. Just something you might look up. πŸ™‚

  3. I don’t see the Melfistache. You mean she has a bit of the kitler look because of the black nose?

    • No, it’s a very thin line right above her upper lip. Here’s a closeup with some arrows pointing to it (let’s see if WordPress will let me imbed a picture in the comments).

  4. Uh-oh: Paulie Walnuts may be channeling Gene Hackman’s character in “The Conversation.”