10-22-08 – Kara.

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I have news. About Kara. It seems she’s found a home.

2008-10-22 (17)

We now have ten cats.


More about that tomorrow.

2008-10-22 (16)
Clearly she’s thrilled about it.


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10-22-08 – Kara. — 9 Comments

  1. I agree with Jaime. It isn’t Thursday yet so Fred had to have gone and got her. Good thing you’ve got the room, patience and love for kitties. My mom is softening up on getting two kitties. It’s been a good 10 years since they’ve had a pet. They travel alot and pets haven’t been in the plan. With the bad economy, so many pets are available and nobody is picking them up. Mom is definitely softening.

  2. Yeah!!! I am so glad. I just love the little girl. And having gone through the childbirth and growing up of the babies with her I feel like she is family. 10 huh, makes getting another one to take us to 3 seem like a piece of cake.

  3. Aww… warm fuzzies!! I am so glad she with you two and the rest of the furry bunch. She looks like Garfield in the second photo. 🙂