October 22, 2008 – Lem, Delmar, Marion & Claudette.

2008-10-22 (25)
Marion’s got such pretty markings.

2008-10-22 (24)
I think Delmar looks like a little bobcat.

The foster kittens continue to relax. Claudette still isn’t approaching me to be petted or anything (though if I make the effort to reach out and pet the top of her head, she allows it. She’s a benevolent ruler.), but she’ll come down out of the cat tree and hang out on the floor with her siblings and I. That’s progress. Also, Delmar no longer runs for the cat tree when the door to the foster room opens. That’s progress, too! (Of course, the other three hightail it for the tree as soon as they hear the door handle turning.)

Every day, there’s a little more progress. I’m really enjoying watching these kittens come out of their shells and turn into friendly little purring monkeys.

2008-10-22 (23)
Pretty Lem.

2008-10-22 (22)

2008-10-22 (21)

2008-10-22 (20)

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