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There was some confusion yesterday over my saying that Purslane and Thistle would be ready to go to Petsmart after they’re spayed later this week, since the Pickles are older. The Pickles are actually all ready to go, too, we’re just waiting for a big cage to be available to them. If the Weeds go before the Pickles – which is a possibility – it’ll be because they don’t need as large a cage as the Pickles, and there are more of the smaller cages at Petsmart.

But adoptions have been slow lately, so who knows when anyone will be going? Not that I’m in a rush for any of them to go but, y’know, the smaller they are the faster they tend to get adopted. I’d love to see them all in their forever homes as soon as possible.

Joe and Petey, snuggly brudders.

Joe, worrying about his taxes. Such a stressball.

Dandelion, snuggling with Polly and Percy.

I love it so when the Weeds girls use the Pickles as big ol’ body pillows.


This is Fred’s room, and though you can’t see it in the picture, he’s got a desk in the corner where he writes. Over the weekend, I went upstairs for something, and glanced into his room (where he was writing) and saw all these Pickles sprawled out on his bed. They really like that blanket (and they really like keeping Fred company. Joe Pickle, especially, likes to stand on the back of Fred’s chair and lick his head as encouragement.)

Pretty Polly.

I love Magoo like you wouldn’t believe. In fact, just looking at this picture, I had to go track him down and kiss him on his little ratbat face.

Dandelion’s ear floof is floofier now that it’s not gummed up with ear medicine.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That is one seriously grumpy Jake. Clearly he needs a nap!


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10-23-12 — 20 Comments

  1. Joe Pickle licks Fred on the neck while he is writing? No wonder he is campaigning to keep him! So cute!

    Grumpy Jake is killing me.

  2. Does Dandy & Magoo ever cuddle? Their colors and beautiful eyes would make some outstanding photos if you can get them together.

    • It’s usually Thistle who snuggles with Magoo – I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a Magoo/ Dandelion snuggle, though. That certainly would be a good picture. 🙂

  3. Funny Jakes face looks exactly like mine when I woke up yesterday and realized it was Monday…

  4. Hearing about how slow adoptions are made me realize that Sungold, Mr. Stripey, and Dingwall Scotty are STILL at Petsmart! Any chance they will come home for a “break”?

  5. Aww, I loved reading about Kara coming back again. I’m glad she has stayed “Kara/Sheriff Mama” instead of getting another name. But funny to see that you had “Magoo” down as a girl kitten name. Don’t worry – I won’t tell Tony RH Pickle on you!

  6. Jake, Jake my looney friend! Are you upset that your toons lost their loons? Are you debating the best way to show off your looney side? Are you, in fact, trying out a serious face just to see what it’s like? Are you hoping to draw attention to you from conserned kitties and people alike so that when they stop and exclaim “Jake, you lost your loons!” you can jump their unsuspecting selves and merrily laugh yourself away before they know what’s happened? Hold on, I have to kiss you between your air plane ears.. don’t jump me, k?

    So is that how Fred finished his book? By kitten lick power? What will he do when Joe goes off to be adopted?! He’ll lose his kitten juice jou jou!

  7. Jake looks to be plotting some revenge on someone. But who? And why? Need a story, with photos, plz.

  8. I love all of the Pickles and Weeds so much!!! Sometimes I come and look at their pictures 5+ times a day, the number of times increasing with the number of times I need respite from dull and tedious tasks at work 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. P.S. I didn’t mean to exclude the permanent residents — I love their fuzzy little butts too!!!