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Is Trader Joe cross-eyed? Not sure if it’s those ridiculously ineffective ears of annoyance but he kind of looks it.

Trader Joe’s eyes are just a tiny bit crossed – I like to say they’re slightly askew or off-kilter!


Ralph apparently enjoys himself some tasty slippers! That tongue is killing me D-E-D DED from the cute.

Ralph likes to lick EVERYthing. Toys, the cat tree, the cat beds, his sisters. He just can’t hold his licker!


Is PW feeling better, or does he still have the trots?

PW is feeling much better – he was just quiet, not wanting to play, and not feeling well for a couple of days, but he bounced back quickly.


If there were ever going to be a Rapture, this would be the poster for it.



I just read the Tommy post… I guess in awhile we’ll get to read about how you ended up keeping Sugarbutt? ๐Ÿ™‚

You can read the post where Sugarbutt came back (he went to Petsmart, was adopted, and then returned) right here. And then the post where I announced we were keeping him is here. (I wanted to rename him Doo McGillicuddy for some reason, possibly because the name makes me laugh and laugh.)


Tommy’s how old?

Tommy and Sugarbutt both turned 9 at the end of June.


You will have to make a mini movie or something with these pictures !!!

Here ya go:

YouTube link.

The best part about those photos is how the fluffy toy in the foreground looks like a cartoonish puff of dust/ rocket exhaust from kitten lift-off.

That toy – which is a wad of dog hair, tossed into a pillowcase and then run through the washer several times – is a favorite toy of the kittens, but I totally didn’t notice it until you pointed it out!

One of my favorite parts about this series of pictures is the way, when PW pops up into the air, the toy goes up with him. LOVE it.


Is Fred going to share his breakfast plate while you are away ?

Are you kidding? Fred pretty much gives those cats anything they want, whenever they want. I’m surprised sometimes that I don’t come home to find all the cats rolling around in a pile of cat food cans that they convinced Fred to open for them. It’s slackery here while I’m gone, I’m telling you.


Dennis insists that Monday make her way into the โ€œAdopted in 2014โ€ณ zone, next to her forever brother, Marshall. He can, however, wait until you return!


I know that Monday never โ€œofficiallyโ€ was your foster, but I think her picture belongs in your sidebar under 2014 with ADOPTED on it, because you were her hero. You and Fred took her in, got her fixed, and got her set up at Petsmart (through Challengers House) so that she could find her forever home (WITH Marshall!!!!) and get her off the streets. Without you guys, who knows where sheโ€™d be now, so I think you should get the credit, and another check mark for the year for giving a stray/unwanted cat a happy ending!

Well, okay – I can do that! But honestly, all we did was pop her in a carrier and take her to the vet. From there she was spayed and got her vaccinations and then was at the shelter for a few weeks before she headed off to Petsmart. Susan really did all the work!


Inquiring minds want to know: will this work on kittens?

I’ll have to try it out and report back!


I noticed that last year’s post was about Paulie Walnuts. You had a PW then and you have a PW now!

And they’re both orange! Well, Paulie Walnuts was orange and white, but close enough!


OMG, I just about splurted my sip of coffee everywhere when I read that BOTH had been spoken for!! That’s amazing news! Was it an L&H reader? How did they know about those floofybabies before they went to Petsmart?

Winn Dixie and Von’s new Mom is friends with longtime readerfriend Elaine, and she pointed her in this direction. You might remember that Elaine’s friend Jennifer and her son Kiefer adopted Starsky and Hutch.

Obviously Elaine needs to start charging a finder’s fee! ๐Ÿ˜‰


I checked out the 2009 link and OMG HYDROX!! He was my fave cookie! I wonder how he’s doing… I bet he’s still super cute!

I wish we’d get an update on him, he was such a character! I remember the time I had to take another kitten to the vet, and I brought Hydrox along as a travel buddy. I made the vet hold him so she could feel the weight difference between the two of them. One of Hydrox’s many nicknames was Brick Brickman, because that boy was SOLID.


Cute as usual. Commenting because I have a question please. We are getting a kitten (rescue) – have 3 cats already, one about 9 (may have cancer, is holding his own) and two 3 YO sisters. Since I can’t get 2 (not yet anyhow, husband will need more convincing) what is the success rate with an older kitten integrating into the group? I know that older ones are harder to place. Would not try a full adult, but maybe about 6 months or so? Or are we better off not trying and just going with younger? I would hate to get one and try and not work out due to age issues! My heart would break.

Connie said: As long as you take your time and wait for the resident cats to accept there is a new cat in the house before you introduce them, it can go very well. Do lots of site swapping and lots of treats and extra food and more attention paid to the resident cats and do your best to ignore the new comer when they are all around.. it can be done (google cat introductions, there is a lot of great advice out there)

Oldcat said: My first two cats came in about 5 years apart and got along very well. The next introduction was a kitten with a 15 year old cat and was a little more of an issue but still went fairly well. Then about 5 years later I integrated another kitten with the younger survivor and that went well too.

It can absolutely work out, as long as you introduce them slowly, as Connie mentioned. 6 months old really isnโ€™t that old, and in my experience a 6 month old kitten is still fairly flexible and deferential (depending on the kitten, of course).


I’ve noticed that little dot on Von’s nose a few times now, is that messy kitten stuff or a permanent freckle?

That is a permanent freckle – which makes it easier to identify her in the closeup pictures (I have a hard time telling her apart from her sister when it’s just their faces.)


If you look under Von, you’ll see a little of Trader Joe’s face sticking out. He and Von are so casual – “Yes, my sister has me pinned down. Why you ask?”

Inspector Ralph checks out the house. “This skylight is not up to code!”

“Well, what can you expect? My contractor couldn’t even cut a straight line for the doorway! Shameful. And I KNOW my insurance isn’t gonna cover fixing this mess!”

Such a pretty boy, that Ralph.


Ralph, looking long and sleek.

PW, with the ENTIRE room at his disposal, prefers to lay down on the cord that leads to the air purifier, thank you very much.

Sleepy Trader Joe. Oh, I could just squeeze the stuffing out of that boy.

PW is clearly 100% OVER Trader Joe’s shenanigans.

Floofy Catelyn, watching the other kittens play.

Sweet, floofy girl. She is definitely a lapcat.


Uh oh, here comes the Sheriff.

And she is NOT pleased with YOU.


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10-24-14 — 28 Comments

  1. I’ve been carrying on about Von so much that I’ve failed to mention how much I also love PW. My 22 year old cat, Caesar, may be headed to the Rainbow Bridge soon and PW looks so much like him when he was a kitten that it brings a tear to my eye. And the jumping! Caesar could leap and do somersaults in midair and it was awesome! Looking at PW together with Von just breaks my heart. I’ve got plenty of other kitties to love, but Caesar and Pepper are/were my very special friends.

  2. Just finished the post about where you and Fred decided to adopt Sugarbutt. I guess the contract didn’t really happen, since you have adopted a few more fosters since then, and Miz Poo is still alive and kicking. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • No, see – the contract was ME saying that I couldn’t ask to adopt more fosters. It said NOTHING about Fred wanting to adopt them. Grrr, loopholes! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. saw the first Kara picture and thought “uh oh” before I ever saw the caption….hahaha

    and seriously – 2005 “no, we are still not adopting him” meaning Sugarbutt…..you so lie ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I know! That’s why I try to never flat-out say “We are not keeping this kitten”, because as soon as I do, that’s a sure sign that we’re keeping him or her!

  4. I swear, Sheriff Mama’s perma-frown does not intimidate at all but instead makes me want to love on her SO HARD! lol

  5. I think Elaine is using her friends to get her kitten fix. Just saying. lol!!

    Jennifer and Jack and Percy

  6. Robyn, I talked to Dave about a finder’s fee and decided kittens would be great currency. However, Dave was less than enthusiastic as we now have 4 furbots. But I will work on him. I am so excited about Von and Winn Dixie. This is going to be so good for them and their new Mommy and Daddy. They have had a rough couple of years and these babies are just what they need to bring some sun back to their lives. And these babies will be spoiled, oh so spoiled.
    I strongly reccommend Feliway when adding kitties to the mix. We have used it for blending two sets of cats when we got married and moved into a new house and we have used it when we added cats , twice. No issues. I agree that keeping new kitty isolated is a must but allowing the resident cats to know new kitty is around is also a must. I also tried taking a towel and rubbing it on new kitty and then on the resident cats and vice versa. I don’t know if it helped but it did not hurt. I also suggest keeping the litter box and food station set up for new kitty in the segregated room for a while after kitty has moved into general pop so it has its own stuff for a feeling of safety and security.

    • Oh Feliway! Why didn’t I think of that! We have the kind you plug in to outlets and the spray also. I just haven’t had to use it in so long.

  7. Thank you so much for making the mini movie of the jumping bean kitties !!! Not sure how many times I have watched it !!!

    Little Catelyn is so precious !!! Other than being a lap cat and floofy, what is her personality like. Is she a talker ?

    • Oh, this is a good question! I think I’m going to save it for next week, and do a brief description of each of the kittens!

  8. Looking for feedback. One of my cats has out of the blue started licking. I’m not talking about just licking me, which rules out the salt craving, I mean just about anything e.g. mirrors,furniture, front of dishwasher etc…
    I’ve had cats all my life, have never seen this behavior. Has anyone else experienced this? I worry about her ingesting cleaning residue.

    • How old is she, and how long have you had her, dee?

      The thing that immediately came to mind is that Connie‘s cat Fleurp licks cement when she’s anemic. I wonder if it could be something like that. In any case, since it’s a sudden behavior and she hasn’t done it in the past, I think you probably ought to get her to the vet.

      • She is 3 and had her since she was 12 weeks. She was just at the vet for not eating her treats 3 days in a row and “just not being herself”(I’m a bit of a paranoid pet parent). They did a blood work up on her and took X-Rays. Her blood was fine. The X-rays only showed her bowels were full so I was told to add pumpkin to her can food. She started acting herself within 36 hours. Didn’t think to mention the licking to the vet, was upset about the other issues.

        • I think that I’d advise waiting to see if she stops – maybe it’s a temporary thing and will pass, but I would think that it’s probably not an urgent rush-her-to-the-vet type of behavior. If you can go to using natural cleaners – vinegar – for the time being, that would be best.

          I’m going to post your question in Friday’s post, in case someone out there has dealt with this before and has some advice, too.

          • Thank you for the input. It seems that part of the time now she’s doing it for attention. She knows now she’ll get a reaction out of me,if she licks me- I’ll pet her because it feels icky. If I catch her licking a different surface I call her over to stop her. How I wish we could get into their little brains to better understand what goes on in there.

  9. Oh, I love the Sheriff!

    How much do I love this litter?!! I mean, I love all the litters you foster, but these guys seem to have that perfect balance of personality and dorky charm. No wonder you kiss them like 84 times each when you walk in the room. Is sweet Miss Catelyn settling in nicely?

    • She is settling in very nicely – she and Trader Joe seem to be becoming buddies, and I’ve seen her playing with all of the other kittens. And it’s only been a week!

  10. Mrs. Anderson I was in pet smart last Friday night and got to meet sweet fuzzy Catelyn. I wandered if she was still for adoption. the lady at Pet Smart told me about your blog here. I have one other female calico kitty named Cleo who is nearly five years old now. I’m looking for a playmate for her and a lap kitty for me. I adopted Cleo about five years ago from the Arc. I was looking to adopt another shelter kitty. Please let me know if Catelyn is still available and what I need to do in order for a possible adoption. Regards Jennifer Baker oh I live here in HSV