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As a side note, I am currently recovering from surgery, so I wrote this entry ahead (wrote it on Tuesday) and scheduled it to post. Who loves ya, baby?

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Sights from around Myrtle Beach (from when I was on vacation last week!)

I always try on hats when I’m shopping on vacation. I have no idea why.

2011-10-20 (1)

2011-10-20 (3)

2011-10-20 (4)

2011-10-20 (5)

2011-10-20 (6)

2011-10-20 (7)
Saw this van at Barefoot Landing. I don’t think it runs.

2011-10-20 (8)
Huge patch of basil (which I only recognized because of the smell). Isn’t it pretty? It was covered in bees.

2011-10-20 (9)

2011-10-20 (10)

2011-10-20 (12)
“Do you MIND?”

2011-10-20 (13)

2011-10-20 (16)
On Tuesday we went to Charleston so I could see Kiawah Island (where my parents have spent a couple of winters). We stopped at The Boulevard Diner and I had the BEST shrimp po’ boy EVER.

2011-10-20 (15)
(It wasn’t one of the specials.)

2011-10-20 (19)
I took a picture of myself in the bathroom because, well, why not?

2011-10-20 (17)
Then we stopped to see the Angel Oak Tree, which is believed to be about 1500 years old. It’s HUGE.

2011-10-20 (18)

2011-10-20 (37)
One of those people is me (picture taken by my Dad). Another of those people is my Mom.

2011-10-20 (38)
The picture of my Dad taking a picture of me unfortunately came out blurry.

2011-10-20 (20)
Boardwalk to the beach.

2011-10-20 (21)

2011-10-20 (22)

2011-10-20 (23)

2011-10-20 (24)

2011-10-20 (25)
Horseshoe crab shells.

2011-10-20 (26)
Looks very Morning Glory-ish, no?

2011-10-20 (27)

2011-10-20 (28)

2011-10-20 (29)

2011-10-20 (39)

2011-10-20 (40)
I called my father the “PaParazzi” and then laughed and laughed at my hilarity (the grandkids all call him PaPa.)

2011-10-20 (30)
Any idea what kind of bush this is? We saw a lot of them, and I’m curious.

2011-10-20 (31)

2011-10-20 (32)

2011-10-20 (33)
My favorite kind of shell.

2011-10-20 (34)

2011-10-20 (35)

2011-10-20 (36)

2011-10-20 (41)

2011-10-20 (42)
I love taking pictures of the clouds from the plane window.

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2011-10-20 (43)
Molly may have a bit of a crush on Spanky.

2011-10-20 (44)
Sally the wild thang.

2011-10-20 (45)

2011-10-20 (46)

2011-10-20 (47)
Everett and his white whiskers.

2011-10-20 (49)

2011-10-20 (48)

2011-10-20 (50)
Just call her Trouble.

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2011-10-20 (51)
Tommy, hanging out in the basket in the kitchen.


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10-20-11 — 14 Comments

  1. 1) Al ot of your pictures remind me of Cumberland Island in Georgia.
    2) Molly is starting to “get around”. Her reputation may now be in question.
    3) At first, I thought the bush was an Oleander. But then I leaned in closer to my monitor and I think not. I have seen them before, also, but I don’t know what they are called. I wonder if they are related to the oleander? Hmmmmmm…

  2. Great pics! Ah seafood, I miss you so…*sniff* (I’m allergic.)

    Love that cat under the car! He/She really does look offended.

  3. Great vacation pictures! I love the gigantic tree.

    Forgot to say it yesterday, but I wish you a speedy recovery, Robyn! With lots of kitty hugs!

  4. I think the bush is oleander — I googled it and found pics that looked exactly like it.

    Looks like good times!

    Best wishes for a quick recovery.

  5. Great pictures! Thank you for marketing South Carolina so nicely! (I work with the tourism industry, by the way). And the shrub is an oleander. Very poisonous to humans and animals! In fact, the carriage drivers in Charleston often tell the story of a Boy Scout troop that was accidently poisoned by using the oleander stems to cook hotdogs over a campfire…

    Hope you’re doing well today, even if it’s better living through chemicals, as they say! 😉

  6. I agree with the others who said that your mystery bush is an oleander. Very common in the south. And your beach pictures are wonderful! My husband and I honeymooned in Myrtle Beach (22 years ago) and I just love that beach.

  7. Dreamy pictures, Robyn — hats off to you! Hope the kitties are vying for the role of best recovery nurse.

  8. Most seem to agree it is an oleander bush. However, none seem to have mentioned they’re supposed to be poisonous. (Though as a kid, I ate the tiniest part of a leaf to see what would happen. Nothing. Then later I think I heard it’s the flowers that are poisonous. I don’t think I’ll repeat the experiment, being older and wis- well, older, anyway.)

  9. I second (or third or fourth) the motion that it is indeed oleander.

    Also, you look great! Hope all healing is going as planned.

  10. Thanks for creating some posts for us while you’re away. Don’t feel like you have to rush back, just take your time to get a full recovery.
    I loved today’s post. That tree is, wow. The hat pics are hilarious (I do the same thing – hah). The crab shells creeped.me.OUT. And that wonderworks place is too cool! Last, I love Sally.
    I hope you’re feeling good today after your surgery! Get lots of rest!

  11. beautiful mb pictures, thanks for putting them up – i miss the southeastern beaches, a lot (i was born and raised in blacksburg, va and spent time during every summer of my childhood at the beach – va beach, nags head, cape hatteras, annapolis, md). did you eat hush puppies while you were there? people out here (utah currently) don’t know what a hush puppy is. 😛


    sad to hear about buster, but you are a good cat owner so i know it’s best for him. i pray he’ll find his home and his family. he’s such a beautiful cat and sounds incredibly sweet as well.

  12. Wow, that Angel Oak Tree is superb – just think of how much fun your cats could have in it! You could build them a little cubby house and everything.
    I don’t know what that bush is but we have them here in Oz, too. Oleander you say, people? Sure, why not!
    Are the trees around Wonderworks real? Why they no fall out of the sky? Now they would freak the cats out!
    Happy healing!

  13. “Covered in bees!”

    Gorgeous photos — especially the ancient tree.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  14. That sign for the dogs is hilarious! I love your beach photos – Myrtle Beach is high on my list of places I want to visit. And feel better soon!