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I’m off to surgery in a little while. The surgery will take about three hours, give or take, and I expect I’ll be home by early afternoon, and snoozing in the recliner shortly thereafter! I’ve pre-written entries for tomorrow and Friday, which will post automatically at 6 am. I expect entries to resume again on Monday as normal, but don’t be too surprised if I decide to take a few days off. We’ll see how it goes.

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From Karen –

I volunteer with a small rescue group near Raleigh, NC named Alley Cats and Angels. We were recently contacted by another group looking for help with a very bad neglect situation. We took in three kittens and three adults, all in very poor shape. They’ve all been to the vet now, and though at first one vet thought at least one of the adults might be too far gone (she feared the foot wound infection had gone into the bones), we are now hopeful that all will be able to make it with proper care. But we could really use some help with the medical expenses for these cats, so have started a chipin campaign.

Our blog will be updated with ongoing status for these guys as they progress. The initial post about them is here.

Once again, the ChipIn for these poor kittens and cats is here. If you can help out, please do. Always remember that every little bit helps!

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I got this email from Rachael the other day, and am posting it (along with the picture) with her permission, because I just love the story (and the picture!) so much.

My cat LOVES car rides. He just sits in the back seat and purrs and purrs and purrs. Surprised his little head doesn’t become loose and fall off with all that purring. Usually I just take him for a spin around the neighborhood but Saturday, I took him to Petsmart. He walked on the leash a little bit before he got lazy and laid down. We decided to put a bed in the cart (needed a new one anyway) and put him in there. He was an instant hit. Everybody wanted to pet him and ask questions (mostly what’s his name, how much does he weigh, where did you get him // Scrilla, 19 lbs, shelter cat). He stared at the goldfish and then was stared at by a young orange & white kitty in the adoptions area. When we were checking out, all the cashiers came over to say hello to him and all the little kids swarmed him. HE LOVED IT. They said they don’t get many cats in the store, pretty much 99.9% all dogs.

I’ve enclosed a photo of him loving life in the cart.

Funny – when he was at the shelter (at 6 months old) nobody wanted him because he was missing hair and was really smelly. Now everybody wants him. I used it as an opportunity to tell people that were loving on him to adopt from the local shelters – because he’s such an awesome cat ambassador!!

(And that’s a dog harness on him because none of our kitty ones fit him anymore)

2011-10-15 13.15.51

Is that the cutest thing on earth, or what? I love it!

Rachael reported that Scrilla got a new brush (he chewed his Zoom Groom something fierce cause he’s in love with it), some cat grass, food and a new bed. He’s a happy boy. Too bad both my girls are fraidy!

PS Don’t tell Scrilla he’s a cat… He thinks he’s a dog!

Thanks for sharing, Rachael – and give Scrilla a kiss from me!

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I’m starting to think that Miss Molly has a bit of a crush on little Charlie Peppers.

2011-10-19 (15)

2011-10-19 (1)

2011-10-19 (2)

2011-10-19 (3)

2011-10-19 (4)

2011-10-19 (5)

2011-10-19 (6)

2011-10-19 (7)

2011-10-19 (8)

2011-10-19 (9)

2011-10-19 (10)

2011-10-19 (11)

2011-10-19 (12)

2011-10-19 (13)
It’s hard to tell from the picture, but she was actually rubbing her chin on him.

2011-10-19 (14)
And here she is denying it. “Who, me? Rubbing on that little brat? I’d NEVER.”

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Corbie the Gorgeous. Is he the most beautiful cat on earth? I suspect he is.

2011-10-19 (16)


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10-19-11 — 14 Comments

  1. Wishing you best of luck and a speedy recovery.

    I don’t think Charlie was objecting! Why would he? Molly is lovely! 🙂

  2. I can’t remember thinking it before, but Mr Corbie looks like he may have a bit of Bengal in him. He has black on his feet, the white chin, the cheetah stipes on his eyes, and the flecked coat.. They do look a little more like stripes than spots, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t….?

    • Those characters are all just part of the standard Tabby pattern, not something unique to the Bengal.

      The Bengal does have a rosette spot pattern that is inherited from the wild genes.

  3. Best of luck with your surgery and hope you have tons of rest after!
    Hugs to all the kitties! Take care

  4. May Scrilla go on many more goodwill tours/buying sprees! What an excellent Molly/Charlie sequence — and Miz Poo is the perfect hall monitor, making sure those awkwardly flirty adolescents don’t go too far. Corbie worship 24 hours in advance?: we are lucky. But all the luck should be with you today, Robyn. Best wishes.

  5. Best wishes for good drugs and a speedy recovery, Robyn! I love the Scrilla story and photo. Wish my cats did that instead of howling in their carriers as if they were being carried away to their doom!

  6. I love the story about Scrilla. He makes a wonderful ambassador for shelter cats — and he’s orange too!

    Poor Charlie’s “what the…?” expression (pictures 6 and 7) is too funny!

    All the best for your surgery and recovery, Robyn.

  7. Aww look at Scrilla 🙂 I can’t wait to take him back out again. He sleeps in his carrier but when we take him out, we take him on the leash. He’s chill about everything.

    Thanks for posting Robyn. Good luck and wishing you a speedy recovery!!!

  8. Charlie and Molly, sittin’ in a tree…(or on a weight bench??)… 🙂

    Good luck today and I hope you have a quick and easy recovery!

  9. What an excellent ambassador for cats dear Scrilla is! Most animals visiting PetSmart are dogs or small animals such as ferrets. It’s wonderful he’s so laid back about the trip. I wonder if his owners have considered working with him to be certified as a therapy cat?

    Hope you have a quick recovery, Robyn! Are any of your cats good bed (or recliner) partners when you’re recovering? My two cats love to be in the recliner with me.

  10. Why Miss Molly, you cradle snatcher! That boy’s eyes are still blue – get away from him! 🙂
    And that Miz Poo looking on all disapproving like. Of course! Hope it all goes well for you, Robyn and you have a speedy recovery.