5-17-17 Field Trip Wednesday

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So, in order to stretch the kittens’ boundaries – and that’s not hard since the foster room is where they’ve spent their entire lives so far – I thought I’d take Roux and Praline on a field trip to my bedroom. I had Fred go up and grab them and bring them downstairs, then I shut the bedroom door and sat down on the floor with them.

I honestly didn’t realize that Stefan was in the room because he was sound asleep on the bed, so when he jumped down and took a look at Roux, I wasn’t nearly as fast with the camera as I’d have liked.

This is the moment Roux realized that the big cat she’d excitedly run over to was NOT, in fact, her Mama.

::squealing brakes::

So tiny, so fierce.


::hard look::

“I was just napping, and decided I’d go get a slurp of water. How’d I end up in this situation, lady?”

She ain’t kiddin’ around.



Watching for a reaction from Stefan, who was just sitting there waiting for this whole situation to end.

I know we’re supposed to be shivering in fear and all – but I have to note this: isn’t Roux GORGEOUS with her stripes and white boots?


In all, the big confrontation lasted about a minute, and then Stefan decided he wanted out of the room. Roux very vigorously sniffed where he’d been sitting, and then went looking for her sister.

Praline had no idea anything had gone on, and was all “Hey, look! Isn’t this cool? Where ya been? How come you’re wearing that suit?”

Something smelled good.

I had no idea Dewey was in the room either – he was hanging out on the cat tree – and he was interested in Roux, but not so interested that he approached her. Which was probably a good thing – I’m not sure she wanted to put her Floof suit on a second time.

They stayed in my room for about half an hour and then went back to tell Andouille and Beignet all about their adventures. I’ll be continuing the field trips, and will likely make them longer. And of course Andouille and Beignet will get their turns, too.


Video! All four sections of this video were recorded last night just before bed time. Those kittens? Completely nuts!

YouTube link


Maxi hanging out on the side stoop all day long? Must be summer!


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5-17-17 Field Trip Wednesday — 19 Comments

  1. Absolutely ADORABLE! I think the look on Roux’s face was saying, “HOLY SHA_SNIZZLE!” If Dewey had introduced himself, Roux may just have had a heart attack. Those kittens are truly just the cutest!!

  2. My Peppers were the banner when I started reading this. The floof suit was huge.

  3. Wow, that is an impressive floof suit, back arch and scrunched up angry face. Love this litter so very much.

  4. I love these kittens so much and I haven’t met them in person!! I will miss them when they aren’t regulars.

  5. Stefan, aka Morris, aka Eeyore…says “Doesn’t matter anyway. You’re just a kitten and I am-well-bored frankly. May I be excused from this drama Lady?”

  6. Oh my goodness! What a FIERCE little tigress Roux is! I’ve never seen a kitten quite that angry before! Roux! Take a chill pill little one!

  7. LMAO! Ok those first two photos have made my day, i am cracking up laughing here. 😀

  8. Oh man that is too funny! Look at her little face, all bunched up. Part of her was probably all “well, he is kinda cute…and he kinda smells nice…girl, stop it! He’s a stranger and probably one of those creepy weirdos Mama warned us about…”.

    (This has to go into the Fav Posts file!)

  9. HaHaHa!!!! Roux!! Crazy cute… I mean, skeery! Obviously Stefan was skeered.

    (I love Stefan so very much!)

  10. ROUX!!! She haz the fierce!!! Those pics are HILARIOUS, Roux all mortally offended and Stefan all “WTF?”

    BTW, if you could bottle that kitteh energy and sell it, you’d be a wealthy, wealthy woman, indeed.

  11. I have tears and my stomach hurts from laughing so hard !!!! This definitely one of the best play by play you have ever posted !!! Going into the favourite stash !!!!
    Thank you Robyn and kitties, I really needed that laugh !!!

  12. Roux’s head is so tiny and her neck disappears when she dons her Stranger-Danger Suit… plus those baby hairs standing on end… she looks like some sort of mythical, prickly creature… the stuff of nightmares… BEWARE THE ROUX !!

  13. Her floof suit is AMAZING. What a pretty baby. Those pics Robyn are so good!!! She looks like she’s modeling in some of them. <3

  14. That first picture of Roux and Stefan sent me into a giggle fit and it only increased as I looked at each new picture and caption. Laughed so hard I had tears rolling down my face. Definitely needs to go into the fav file.

  15. I realized this morning that I hadn’t visited yesterday – this is great! Roux’s floof suit is impressive – and poor Stefan! Just tryin’ to be friendly!